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...................Since january 30th 2020, Fairyland English is offline forever.......................................................................Ironwolves is hosted by Forsaken Games.....................................................................................


Goodbye Fairyland English

UPDATES 2013 - 2024

June 11th 2024: In the process of converting all pages to PHP. This takes some time. If you get a 404 then replace .html or .htm with .php. or vice versa. Sorry for the inconvenience. ~Moiraine
March 2024: Updates to: Pet Info Pages Sorted the species in the pet search engine alphabetically for a better overview.
And fixed the pagination. Apparently this hasn't been working since launch.
October 22nd 2023: Updates to: Pet Info Pages I guess better late then never. Finally introduced the Pet Search option. (incomplete, but fully functional), and fixed some grapical effects in the menu. ~Moiraine
january 2nd 2020: Updates to: Over Kars, Desirable droplist (dollbox added to Over Kars) ~Moiraine
january 1st 2020: Updates to: Thumbelina garden, Nicholas Steppe, Over Kars, Coconut Island, Skywalker Sea, Fixed link to Oxygengum making guide ~Moiraine
December 31st 2019: Updates to: Nameless cave, Goldburg Lake ~Moiraine
December 30th 2019: Updates to: secret plains, rosen lake, hachoo island, guru island, bluebird palace underground, bluebird suburbs, candy mountain, mountain climbing trail, cape of flying fish, dreamland, moonglow, crystal mountain, snowwhite forest, secret tomb b1, b2, big bad wolf lair. ~Moiraine
December 29th 2019: Updates to: Dreamland, Desirable droplist. ~Moiraine
December 26st 2019: Updates to: Rose Garden, Southern Kitty Forest, Northen Kitty Forest, Rabbit PLayground, Chamber of Doors 1 and 2, Bath Catacombs B2, Oni Palace B2, Poppy Maze 1,2,3, Skywalker Sea 2. ~Moiraine
December 21st 2019: The new Pet pages are 99% finished but will be introduced after the new year, because of the birth of my daughter on december 19th! ~Moiraine
December 15th 2019: Updates to: Misc items page, Pet related item page, Work related item page, Gear related item page, Ancient Ruins B5, Ancient Ruins B7, Momo Island, Over Tutu Island, Over Baghdad. ~Jonas, Laelyne, Barak, Kinuii, Moiraine
December 4th 2019: Updates to: Canaan Valley, Mithra Island, Syrian Plateau, Kars Mountain, Over Baghdad, Flying Palace floor 1,2,3 . ~Moiraine
December 1st 2019: Updates to: Ilium, Dwarf hill, Puppet hill . ~Moiraine
November 30th 2019: Updates to: Valley of Fear, Rat cave 1, 2 and 3 . ~Moiraine
November 29th 2019: Updates to: Southern Grasslands . ~Moiraine
November 28th 2019: Updates to: Western Grasslands, Northern Grasslands, Gion Suburbs, Frog Swamp, Mysterious Cave, Rainbow City Suburbs . ~Moiraine
Fairyland will close for good on December 30th 2019. The end is coming. This is very sad news. No new English version has been announced. We don't expect any soon, if at all. Thank you all for playing, for using Ironwolves Fan Website all these years and supporting us!

Ironwolves will stay online after december 30st. More news later.
August 30th 2019:Fixes on pet levels in Lethean Catacombs and Thundra Cave maps. Thanks DeRafael
July 1st 2019:Fixes on more pet levels in the Candy House Patch maps and pet pages. ~Moiraine
June 30st 2019:Fixes on several pet levels in the Candy House Patch maps. ~Anxious87 and Moiraine
may 4th 2019: Success in getting Fairyland to work in PlayOnLinux 4.2 in Linux Mint 19.1. Guide updated
may 3rd 2019: Small updates to various quests. And trying to get Fairyland to work in WinHQ new version in Linux Mint 19.1. No luck yet. Anyone?
December 10th 2018: Update to quest "The playful little mermaid" ~Thanks DeRafael
December 8th 2018: Added quest "Open the peach" to Western grasslands ~Thanks Anxious87
December 7th 2018: Some updates to the Dragon cave B1 and B2, The Peach quest and Boss page, more coming ~Moiraine
August 6th 2018: Picture of odin metal corrected ~thanks Anxious87
August 6th 2018: Fixed Vulture petskills ~thanks GeminiSunfall
july 18th 2018: Made sure all rare pet encounters are listed at the map pages.
Added reference to the Linux Guide to FAQ menu ~Moiraine
july 13th 2018: Fixed an error in the level requirement for sacrifice pet skill ~Moiraine
june 24th 2018: Updated to Catch the thief prizes ~thanks Anxious87!
june 10th 2018: Ironwolves welcomes Dazza to the team! Dazz will be helping us moving from being a plain text website to an interactive one :)
may 29th 2018: LagerNetworks has closed the account registration for Fairyland Online English. Furthermore they announced the stop of the top-up service on Cherrycredits and through the Fairyland Mall (paypal). HK and TW servers close this month. It is to be expected that Fairyland Online English will close too.
At the moment it is unclear what LagerNetwork's plans are. Several players have asked and received different answers.

Be assured Ironwolves is trying to get clarity on this topic on your behalf.
I know our hearts are filled with sadness by the idea of a life without our beloved Fairyland. So many people started the discovery of the joy of the MMORPG's with Fairyland back in 2003. 15 years we have been allowed to enjoy the game.
Eventually all things that have a beginning have an end. Sadly that counts for Fairyland too.

UPDATE: LagerNetwork has no plan to close the server this year. But they leave room for the unknown. Meaning they say that things can always change and nothing is for sure. ~Moiraine
April 25th 2018: Some minor updates. ~Moiraine
Januari 25th 2018: Update to "tricks" page on how to fix the broken images ingame. ~thanks Seraphim and Nishihara
December 3th 2017: Minor updates to item pages and desirable drop list. ~Moiraine
november 7th 2017: Updates to A complete new page HOWTO Fairyland on LINUX!. ~Grious and Moiraine
May 1st 2016: Updates to Tin Can Tunnel B1 drops. ~Moiraine
January 27th 2016: Updates to Blue war prizes, and Purple war Dex list. Thank you Laelyne,D mentia, Nishihara and Seraphim
January 2nd 2016: Wrote a little guide about forced pet mutation . by Moiraine
November2015: Drop list of Kirihari Island, expirements on the new pet pages. by Moiraine
October 2015: Drop list of Aoba Hill and Dreamland 71-80 and Desirable droplist, by Moiraine and Laelyne
September 2014: updates to Purple war points to next level list, Thank you D°mentia
Januari 2014: updates to Slime Maze 3 map (drops), Garden of Live Flowers (drops), several armor/weapon sell prices. ~Moiraine
November 2nd: updates to weaving page. Thanks MrGoodbar; Updates to several other workskill pages.
October 21st: updates to Pet discoloring page. Thanks Aliciayeng
August 20th: Fuse Only Pet page finished. Page loading may be a bit slow due to the size. A solution is in the making but will take considerable time to implement. In the meantime you can now at least view the current information.
Some names might be incorrect, these will be updated when screenshots prove them wrong.
August 19th: Updates to Fuse Only Pet page.
August 18th: Updates to Fuse Only Pet page.
July 13th: Updates to Fuse Only Pet page.
May 29th: Revised Pet Fusion pages!. Thanks Antevorte & Helreginn
April 20th: Updates to: Bath Catacombs B1 drops, Jewelymaking page. Thanks Aliciayeng


To do list:
-Update workskill pages with exp and sell info ~in progress
-Update boss page
-Update NPC list ~some progress made