Ok,I have to tell you first before making a pet toy that it is a tedious and troublesome process if you do all the steps manually; by yourself or have no money to buy all the stuffs.


What is a Pet toy?

Pet toys are items which you can equip on your pet and the toy will appear on the head of your pet when you set it to walk or combat. Not only that, it can be equipped on ALL pets unlike "Pet accessories" (not available in FL ENG).

Take note that you can only have one thing in your pet’s slot, meaning you can only equip either a carpet or a pet toy, not both. Each pet toy has their own level requirement depending on its quality. Over here, quality means how good or bad the pet toy is; the max cap of stats possibly to be enchanted into it.

List Of Pet Toys

Level 15 and 20 pet toy25 stats max
Level 25 and 30 pet toy30 stats max
Level 35 and 40 pet toy35 stats max
Level 45 and 50 pet toy40 stats max
Level 55 and 60 pet toy45 stats max
Level 65 and 70 pet toy50 stats max


So why make a pet toy and what good is it for?

A pet toy could be enchanted and add stats for your pet up to 50, and you can decide what stats to add into the pet toy for your pet unlike carpet that only adds dex.

Not only that, your pet toy will stay with you forever and will not disappear when your pet dies like a carpet does.


Making a pet toy!

Now, after much annoying talks we get down to the real stuff finally. To start, a pet toy comprises of 4 parts:
- a pet part
- a pet card
- 2 raw materials
The 2 raw materials you can just get buy it from the warehouse. The hard part is the pet part and pet card.
To get a pet part, you have to buy a MUST-OWN toy box from fairymall with tokens, or exchange with pwar points. Another way is to buy it from the market or people.
Depending on the quality of the toy,the price can range from a few hundred thousand to millions. If you want to check how good a pet toy can be made from the pet part or what card/doll it needs, check at Baghdad Toy Shop at 31:126 with Timmy.
Each different toy needs a different pet card ( in our example a mystic mimic card) and you either have to hunt it yourself or buy from people. Depending on the card’s use, the cost may vary too. It will be more expensive if it’s a clan card as well or something.
Now, after you get all your stuffs, you are ready to make your pet toy. Go to Baghdad Toy Shop at 31:126, talk to Timmy, choose your pet toy and make it.



Enchanting your pet toy

Now, if you think it’s over, it’s not yet! Now the real annoying part comes. After you make your pet toy, it is just a empty shell for show. To let it come to use, you have to enchant it by giving it stats. How? To enchant a pet toy, you need pet dolls and gems(cut from ores). Dolls, you have to hunt for them or buy from market as well at a few hundred thousand per doll. As for the gems, they are more expensive and rare on the market so probably you will have to hunt yourself for the ores then get someone to cut for you.


Each type of gem will give the pet toy a different stat.

Topaz oreLuck
Turquoise oreConstitution
Ruby oreStrength
Sapphire oreDexterity
Opal oreCharm
Obsidian oreIntelligence


Depending on the pet toy, there is a limited number of pet dolls it can have. The pet is the same as from the one you needed to for your card. For example, mystic mimic card and mystic mimic doll. Each doll allows you to put 5 gems. You can only put one type of gem and not able to mix with another kind. An important note is that once you enchant your pet toy you will not be able to do it again! So be wise!



now finally you own an awesome pet toy that gives stats! Congrats!

Written by: HeRoPigHeads.
Feel free to correct any mistakes or fill in any information that I missed out. Thank you!