Common Abbreviations

Name / Meaning




RBC / RC Rainbow City
PWD Power Work Doll
LDFD Long Duration Fighting Doll
AFD Advanced Fighting Doll
AFK Away From Keyboard
pp party please
tp teleport
OOM Out of mana
NTP Need to Pray / Need To Pee
NTPEE / WC Need to Pee
LOL Laughs Out Loud
ROFL Rolls on Floor Laughing
SWF Snow White Forest
WG Western Grasslands
NG Northern Grasslands
SG Southern Grasslands
SP Secret Plain
MG Moonglow
CM Crystal Mountain
SM Slime Maze
A-Man Axe Man
SW Swords Man
BLM Blades Man
BM Beast Master
AOL Acolyte of Light (Thx Amy)
AOD Acolyte of Darkness (thx Amy)
FL FairyLand
LMAO Laughing My Ass Off
BRB Be Right Back
TY Thank You
WB Welcome Back
LVL Level
EXP Experience
TNL Till Next Level
BGD Baghdad
PP Port Pebbles
VOF Valley of Fear
COT# Cave of TrialsB#(#=1-3)
LC# Lethean Catacombs B# (#=1-3
GOC Garden of Cards
E. Woods East of woods with no name
W. Woods West of woods with no name
N. Kitty North Kitty Forest
S. Kitty South Kitty Forest
QOH Queen of Hearts
GoD Garden of Dreams
PK Player Kill
PONT Pontifex
KFM Kung Fu Master
AM Arch Mage
123 Pine Grove
456 Pine Forest
SS Swordsage
TTYL Talk To You Later
G2G Got to Go
AKA Also Known As
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