Tips and Tricks

Fix broken images
After downloading and installing Fairyland from Lager's website some images ingame remain a "?".
This can be fixed by Replacing the following files:
Put the file Items.lpq in the folder Lager\Fairyland\data.
Put the file title.lpq in the folder Lager\Fairyland\Spell


Alice in Wonderland Patch
There are a few "tricks" That not everyone in Fairyland Knows about.

1)Kill the daisy monster in garden of life flowers and you get daisy emblem to take the shortcut in bunny playground to north kitty forest. Otherwise you pay a sum of money to the teleporter lady. (Teleporter located at the bottom right corner of Bunny Playground)

2) Upon completing the mad hatter's quest you get access to quick tp to east of lost woods from inside the mad hatters house under his bed. Just right click the bed and you are in garden of Dreams. Right click the teleporter there and you are back inside his house.
3) After you complete all the quests for the Alice patch there's a new boss to kill.

The person that has completed all the quests can now take in a party of people.

First you can fight the queen. She is ready to kill. She does around 3k wrath of the land. If you kill her you can move on to the Poker Captain. He's lvl 95 and does 14k+ dmg for his water spell and 4k dmg or so with his earth spell.

If you beat him you can get cap4, exp seeds 100k exp and 50k exp, attribute tuners, which allow u to take away 1 stat from each point and give u 5 more points to spend, pranker which is another type of point tuner but its all random. You can get a bank vip card which allows you to access your bank from anywhere in FL including wars.


(Blue) Wars

Wars go "Village" followed by City"

Ie: Gion (as village) Rainbow City (as City) alternating.

Village = Level 30 or below
City = Level 31+

Once one war has appeared it will not appear for 8,10, or 12 hours later.



When you level up on Day and Clear you get the maximum amount of Hp's
When you level up on Night and Rainy you get the Maximum amount of MP.
If you lvl in the month of your element you get better lvl ups,
and having food bar full helps on con (tried it not sure if it helps) clear weather seems to help on aol (this i know from exp)..
Thank you ayris and CIruSChan


Pasting a URL in Fairyland
To paste a url into Fairy Land hold down the Shift key and click on Insert key on your keyboard your text will auto insert
Thanks for Entropy for the update.
Mass Pigeon
Open up message; open up clan list right click on every name you wish to send, type your message. (maximum of 10 at a time can be sent)
Trading Tip

If you are working you can "trade" while you work to a person, as long as they are not also working, this way if you are doing a production skill, and need a bit more material and just don't feel like stopping you can have another character trade to yourself without stopping.

Dye Your Hair

Not many people know but you can dye your hair with some spare ingredients and 10k cash.
Go to Genie Desert, and speak to Lira (64:33).
Black: 20 Night Herbs, 10 Dipsacus
Yellow: 20 Golden Herb, 10 Honey
Blue: 20 Rootless Lotus, 10 Honey
Pink: 10 Mandrake, 10 Dipsacus
Brown: 20 Dipsacus, 10 Honey

Hidden from Clan
Appear hidden from clan; (only in logging in and logging out of game) click on the talk options and click on the mute clan then exit game) - Your log out will not be noticed nor will your log in unless someone's watching the clan list when you come in.
Dye Your Skin

Kailin in Rosen Lake. She will talk about the skin dye only after doing the Mysterious Potion quest, and there is only 2 options, fair and tan. The ingredients are as follows:
Fair: 10 Moon Herb, 10 Rootless Lotus, and 10,000
Tan: 10 Moon Herb, 10 Honey, and 10,000

Chatting Screen
This is a tip on viewing your chatting screen. Don't you hate it when multiple guild mates are talking continuously? Well, most people don't know this, but you CAN see more chat lines. Just click on the icon (if you're talking on guild chat it would be the house icon) and notice that X/20 at the bottom part with two arrows? If you move the arrows, you can see more/less chats.
Chat Mask
Sometimes it's hard to read the text. There is a Chat Mask option Available under SYSTEM's Menu that will put a blackish mask behind the wording making it easier to read. Note: It doesn't work in 16bit mode.
Pet Intimacy
Submitted by: Bastard24
You might of all known this but if u don't here is a good tip to raise your pets intimacy. go to a small room where u can see all the sides and let your pet walk. then usually u can go to sleep and the next day your intimacy would zoom up from like 1 to 30. *please don't use the Goldburg store for this. It's annoying to other people. There are other locations.
Shield Leveling
Submitted by: Robert B Gibbs III
I have found that for leveling the shield ability for soldier class fighters, fighting Woodies in the Slime Maze works best. Make a LOT of potions, then go there and fight 5 or 6 alone, just keep dodging while in the back row. This allows you to level shield approximately once per battle.

Boss Titles

Upon deafeating the Super Slime, little Rat King, Rat King, etc, there is a minor chance on getting a boss title.
You can get the title only once and it is non-tradable.

Repeating Messages Previously Typed

Using your up arrow on the area you type to chat you can scroll backwards to previous messages you've typed.

*Submitted from Swammy

Increase Mana and Hp's from Potions
Using a Medicine Ring helps to increase the amount of "mana" or "Hp's" you get from one potion. (example: you have 1000mana, using dragon spirit you'd normally get 800, and don't quite fill up your mana bar. Use Medicine ring and you'll receive at least the 1000 mark maybe more depending on the % of the ring.
Reading Chat
without Clicking on the up and down arrows with your mouse, and
Accidentally walking and getting into a battle.
We've all done it, and all find it annoying, you are clicking the arrows to scroll upward or downward catching what was said in chat and you start walking. and :( next thing you know your in battle. Well try this, the PG UP and PG DN (Page up and Page down) buttons on your keyboard allow you to page up and down through the whole chat window making all that frustration useless. Also Have you ever been Disconnected or logged out while AFK, and you want to see what was written to you? Well Before when you click on the arrow keys nothing happens cause you have to click the log out button. Well use the PG UP and PG Down button to allow you to read the chat. Neat hunh.
Credits: MeFisher
Creating Public Chat rooms

In Fairyland there are some items that are sold by the NPC Seller in any major town. They are Public Station and Private Station, Public Intercom and Private Intercom.

Public Station: Upon right clicking you have the option to type in a Name. Once you type in a name you have Made a "Public Room" By that name. This allows anyone in fairyland to join that room. (Examples I would expect to see: Quest Help, Looking to level in "whatever,) You see the potential.

Next is the Public intercom: By right clicking the Public Intercom a Window appears allowing you to scroll through all Public rooms that are available, once you click on a room, you are able to Join that room (thus using the Radio chat option).

Creating Private Chat rooms

Continuing from Above is the Private Station and the Private intercom.

Private Station: By Right clicking on the Private Station A dialog box appears requesting you to type in a Name: This Name will be the "Private Chat Room Name" You have Created a Private room for you and your Friends.

Private Intercom: By Right clicking on the Private Intercom you have a small window Appears type in the "name" given to you by your friend/other characters. ExAcTly. You will now join the "Radio" Channel Once you Join the channel you can speak privately with your friend(s).

Benefits: If you are like me you have friends in multiple clans whom all talk to each other at the same time. (My case 4 Extremely good friends). This way if you
1) Do not have to switch whisper names so many times and save on your fingers)(If your like me I am constantly swamped in whisper messages.) and
2) If some people are in one clan and some in another clan, you can have them all join your Private Channel to speak with each other / if your going on a group with a number from both groups etc.

* Notes: you use 1 durability of the item every time you connect / make a room.
*Note: As long as you are online and do not disconnect from the "radio" you stay connected. you can place the headset into your bank.
*Note: If you are disconnected from the game / Leave, You leave the Radio, and you are the maker of the the "room" you have to use a Public/Private intercom to get back into your Private/public room. Note: You may mute yourself it will not say you have left the chat room, however when you un mute it says you have rejoined.
Faith Point Quests
The Higher Luck you have the more points you will recieve.

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