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Clan Own Arena

Location: Rainbow City (195:266), top-right corner

Go left and talk to the bottom guard standing at the stairs.

Now you've entered the clan arena area.

what kind of place is it:
The arena is a place where clans can come to fight eachother. Every clan can only open 1 Arena at the time. (our own arena) However you can accept more than 1 challenge at the time (away matches, in other clan's arena's)

How to set an Arena:
When in the Clan Arena area, buy an arena at the counter in the left bottom corner. The Arena has to be set to on an hexagonal slate. When you put up the Arena you have to put in a trophee, (minimum 1 coins) Everyone who enters needs to pay that amount. Whenn you set up an Arena, you are the home team, all contenders will be sent to the lobby of the home team. The Arena will be available for all Clans to join.

How to join an Arena:
You can join Arenas visable on one of the hexagonal slates. You can represent your clan and take the challenge, you do have to pay the trophee costs if you want to join the competition. Don't enter the contest alone, make sure you have some clan members helping you, since most guys who put up an arena are good fighters. You can't join the competition unless you are in an ally. When you join a competition you will be send to the lobby of the guest team Once you've accepted the competition, you can't cancel the fight anymore. You do can leave the lobby, when no one left inside, you lose the fight and the trophee money is gone.

About the competition:
you can register at the in the clan arena area. You will be send to the lobby of your clan (home or guest, depending if you set up an arena or not). When in the lobby, you can team up with eachother. There is a maximum of 5 teams (less is possible). All the players who don't fight, can still join the lobby and watch the game through the crystall ball inside the lobby. When you challenge a clan, or a clan challenges you, you have 10 minutes to prepare. Within 10 minutes you have to be teamed and geared up, and ready at the entrance to the battlefield. There are 5 entrances to the battlefield, every entrance has a guard and a number (1,2,3,4,5) The team that is Team1, should go to entrance 1 and talk to that guard. Team2 talks to the guard of entrance 2, and so on... The teams will go to the assigned battlefield according to their fighting order and wait there untill battle starts. After the ten minutes preparing, the Judge will start the game. Team1(F) will fight Team1(X), when Team1(F) kills Team1(X), Team2(X) will join the battle. Team1(f) will keep fighting untill they are also dead, then Team2(F) will join the battle. The clan with a Team left on the battlefield is the winner. Strategy of teaming up and starting orders is a very important key to win.

About the trophee of the Arena:
The trophee must be atleast 1 coin, and max 100 milion. The founder of the Arena must pay for the home team, and the first contender will pay for the away team. Winner takes it all, its in a box held in the clan arena area at a guard, don't wait too long, the price will disappear if you wait too long.

How to watch the competition:
If you are not in one of the clans fighting, you can not enter the lobby. However, when the competition is started, anybody can join and watch. If you do belong to a clan, you can join the lobby and watch there through the crystal ball (when you are not fighting). You do have to click again for every battle, the battles are played 1 by 1.
Thank you: BlingblingTop


Clan Arena vs NPC's
To start:
*Talk to the Britney on the main desk and ask her to go to arena it costs 1,000 coins per player in the party.
*3 people at a time Max (All must be in same clan)
*Each round till stage 100 will get your clan 2500 points. (If you don't make it, you get points according to the number of kills)
*Monsters Start at level 27+
*Number of rounds: 100
*The person(s) NOT being the party leader can access their inventory in between battles and get healed in between battles by their regeneration boots.
*After 50 stages there is a short resting period
*Changing partyleader after the resting period will get you kicked out
*IF 1 partymember dies you all get kicked out
Rewards / Prize: Life Core
Collecting the Prize: You get from Britney once per week (On Sunday)(Only clan leader, or Minor Leaders can collect) and only if your clan has the most points in that week

Race 10 boss: dowel
lvl 38
742 HP
Class: Axeman
Spells/Abilities: Thunder axe, Quadruple combo
Race 20 boss: Linotile
lvl 44
1119 Hp
Class: Swordman
Spells/Abilities: Quadruple combo, Windy sword
Race 30 boss: Blas?
lvl 51
1707 HP
Class: Blademan
Spells/Abilities: Quadruple combo, Slashing blade (row attack)
Race 40 boss: Lance Ken
lvl 58
2453 HP
Class: Mage
Spells/Abilities: Spiritual Lance, Blizzard, Inferno, Forest strike
*Petskill weaken does not work on Lance
Race 50 boss: Renders
lvl 65
3378 HP
Class: Priest
Spells/Abilities: Pine forest (456), Giant Mallet, Deadly glimmer
Race 60 boss: Light Won
lvl 72
4499 HP
Class: Sword Sage
Spells/Abilities: Draco (3500 dmg), Quadruple combo, and some skill to boost his damage
Race 70 boss: Anna Lace
lvl 79
5836 HP
Class: Blade Master
Spells/Abilities: Quadruple combo, Phoenix
Race 80 boss: Malisons
lvl 86
7404 HP
Class: Berserker
Spells/Abilities: Quadruple combo, Haymaker
Race 90 boss: Derek
lvl 93
Class: Merchant Prince
Spells/Abilities: uses Cash rain for 3k+ damage the first turn and almost every turn after. (so dont let him have a turn)
Race 100 boss: MaryLou
lvl 100
20320 HP
Class: Kung Fu Master
Spells/Abilities: Fistwave, Qi Fist, fistbust
Thanks to Moiraine, Proxyma & Laelyne


Solo Arena

Location: Rainbow City (195:266), top-right corner

Talk to Janice.

In arena there are certain things you should know:

1) Cannot pray in between battles. Its constant battles.
2) Cannot use antidotes, except in break time.
3) Cannot use food inside battles.
4) You can use potions inside battles.
5) You can use a pet on defence, magic, soul, weapon and in battlemode.
6) You can only enter alone (hence solo).
7) You cannot get skill experience or experience from arena.

There are 100 stages and the pets start from lvl 15. Every 10 stages there is a boss. The bosses are easy at first but get harder as you go along. The pets also get harder with each fight.

When you reach the 50th battle (lvl 60+)there is a resting area for 3 minutes, which you can choose to use for prayer, antidote or put on new equipment etc. Before the 3 minutes are up you have to decide to either carry on or leave arena. If you wait too long, you auto-forfeit!

From then on up it gets harder. The lvl 60 boss is easy. He's a lvl 63 Martial Artist and just does smashing fist. Don't be fooled thinking there is no boss there, he looks like a bull. It is suggested to use a battle pet that can do "infest".
This way it would be a good meat shield, if you want something else getting attacked besides you.

Stage 10 boss: Lufra
Lvl 23
HP 321
Class: Axeman
Spells/abilities: Thunder Axe (decreases dodge)
Stage 20 boss: Papa Berg (snowman)
Lvl 31
HP 552
Class: acolyte of light
Spells/abilities: holy word, guardianship
Stage 30 boss: Loyar
Lvl 39
HP 875
Class: Swordman
Spells/abilities: Windy Sword
*Note that Poison Cloud does work but has an extra round delay!
Stage 40 boss: Holly
Lvl 47
HP 1339
Class: priest
Spells/abilities: Pine grove (123), Forest strike, Blizzard, Wave armor (protection from magic)
Stage 50 boss: Jake
Lvl 55
HP 2004
Class: Mage
Spells/abilities: Inferno, Wrath of the land, Spiritual lance, Flamehail
Stage 60 boss: Mino (red bull)
Lvl 63
HP 2833
Class: Martial Artist
Spells/abilities: Smashing fist, Fury
Stage 70 boss: Tam the Gold Blade
Lvl 71
HP 3839
Class: Blades Master
Spells/abilities: slashing blade
Stage 80 boss: Barbie
Lvl 79
HP 5040
Class: Pontifex
Spells/abilities: Regenparty, Pine forest (456), RegenEX
*She is always water defence
Stage 90 boss: Mina
Lvl 87
HP 6131
Class: Sword Sage
Spells/abilities: Air Sword, Quaker
Stage 100 boss: Hassedorff
Lvl 95
HP 11310
Class: Kung-Fu Master
Spells/abilities: Fury, Qi Fist, Fistwave
After all your hard work you get 2.5k points which will help for bidding on items. This takes place every weekend late afternoon server time.

There are several things you can bid on:

Bouquet Firework = 1k Points
Regular Fireworks = 1.2k Points
Heart Shape Fireworks = 2k Points
Cross Fireworks = 1.5k Points
Ripple Fireworks = 1.5k Points
Phalanx Fireworks = 1.5k Points

Access pass:
Access Pass Level 11 = 500 Points
Access Pass Level 31 = 1k Points
Access Pass Level 51 = 2k Points

Aid tickets:
Arena Aid Ticket = 500 Points
Arena Pet-Aid Ticket = 300 Points

Ensnare Stone (Cap 3):
7k Points

Element crystals
10k arena points

Pet nutrient
15k arena points

Pet Model
15k arena points

Capsule 4
20k arena points

Pet nutrient, pet model and cap 4 will always be there as well as the crystals. There are just different crystals each week. On the VERY RARE occasions there will be a life core! It allows you to control everything about the pet in a merge. I heard from someone saying it's 100k arena points, so that's alot of work. Best just to stick to getting pet nutrient.

That's the arena i hope this helped with people thinking about going there.

Arena pass can be obtained on the second floor. It costs 2k arena points and it allows you to go to diferent stages in the arena.

At lvl 50 when you get a resting period there's a healer. You give her a pet aid ticket to heal the pets health or aid ticket to heal your mp and hp. Just use potions and you're all good. It would be alright if they did not make it worth so much points, but they do like to rip people off as usual.. lol oh well thats just how arena is.

Thank you: JAy, Laelyne & Moiraine