Making Money:

In the world of Fairyland, players can learn all kinds of work skills.

These work skills can help you manufacture different kinds of products and earn you money which includes making of weapons, equipment, food, potions, etc. Using these work skills, you can make items for your journey, or ally with a friend to produce items for sale.

When players move around the villages, they will discover many NPCs (Non player characters) that will teach you different work skills.

There are a total of 6 basic (production) work skills. All basic work skills can be learnt and will not take up any slots.

There are more than 15 manufacturing work skills. To work on these skills, you need materials from the basic work skills to manufacture items. However, the most any one character can learn is 6 manufacturing work skills, so choose carefully!

Why work so hard to get these items? The reason is simple, not only can you get the best for yourself, friends, clan members to use you can sell to NPC at the shop or the peddler. However, the buying price will not be high. Of course, you can also sell in the marketplace to other players.

Examples on making easy money:
1)At low level you cannot go far yet, you don't have much money and you do need it to get gear, buy potions and food, you know the drill.
So what can you do? You can make rattan staffs. Learn the woodcutting skill and lumber first bamboo, make staffs with the bamboo at the Master of Equipment and sell them to the shop, until you can go for the rattan staffs. selling rattan staffs to the shop (preferably in Gion, because the shop, the armorer and the place to get rattan are close together), you will make about 1700 coins profit for every inventory filled with rattan, turned to staffs, sold to the shop!

2) You are a bit higher level, or you are a dwarf...
That's ok, as a dwarf you want mining and metalworking, mine coal and bronze, sell the ingots to the shop, will get you a minor profit. When you are high enough on mining and metalworking that you can make gilded gold, do so and from those let the Master of Equipment make golden charms. It's a lot more work, but more profit per item.

Of course selling rings, necklaces, books, potions, food, gems, or carpets in the market can also get you a nice profit. Take notice of the prices maintained by the Logistics (warehouse of every major city), look at what your competition is asking and try to offer your public the best deals :-).
Credits to Pipa's Forum, updated 2009 by Moiraine