Card Compendium V2.0

Brought to you by the combined effort of MeFisher and Majura
We hope you enjoy :)
A Very heart felt thank you to: Steffi, StarCatcher, TestBean, Alicia Yeng Crystaline, Shoukry, Genkay, ChaoS for helping complete the Card Compendium Pictures Collection I've been trying to complete forever. :)
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I attempted a few different methods for creating this page and following pages. unfortunately no real viable option presented itself. (I attempted a photoshop gallery which kinda worked but was not worth doing). I finally I settled on the current layout with each picture on a separate page, and back link at the bottom of each page. (I am still contemplating how to integrated a previous and next button to the pages. However that would involve adding coding and text to a total of 400 pages. so this aspect may never become completed well till next time.

Thank you,

Text based listing of card compendium available here: