Trader-Merchant Prince Guide

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Fairyland Trader/MP Guide
Written By ICatchPets

What can I do with a trader?

There are three types of trader: battle trader, luck trader and the work slave trader.
-The Battle Trader is basically a Warrior or Martial Artist built trader used for combat, this build will be considering the trader as one of your main characters and can become very powerful at higher levels when you become Merchant Prince and can use Cash Rain.
-The Luck Trader is mainly used for gem cutting or for finding rare drops and items, it is a good class to bring along for training but will be useless for combating alone.
-The Slave Trader is used to haul or make advanced work skill items, it is very basic and takes little effort to make.

The Different Traders Breakdown

-Battle Trader- It is advised to get a good armor for defence and the best abacus as possible with +Str, +Advanced Accounting and +Dex optional

Attribute Distribution:
Add con until it reaches 40 or 45.
Add 2str and 1dex untill about level 40, make up with the other in case you receive alot of random str or dex at level up, you should have 3/2 more str than dex.
After level 40 add all str.

What Skills to Focus:
Advanced Accounting

What Pets To Use:
For Arms use a Fire/Str pet such as Fire Elephant or Fire/Dex such as Fire Beetle.
For Armor use Earth Luck pet such as Earth Angel or Earth Con pet such as Earth Slug. Make sure the pet has skill Heal and Transfer HP, teach it to the pet as soon as possible
For using Good Will skill it's advised to get a Black Sheep as well.

-Luck Trader- Just some good armor should do for this one! If you want to make the extra effort, make all equipment with +Luck.

Attribute Distribution:
Add con until it reaches 40.
Add all into luck for the next levels.

What Skills to Focus:

What Pets To Use:
For Armor use Earth Luck pet such as Earth Angel or Earth Con pet such as Earth Slug. Make sure the pet has skill Heal and Transfer HP, teach it to the pet as soon as possible
For using Good Will skill get a Black Sheep.

-Slave Trader- No armor is recommended. Do not level pass level 10 for free teleporting.

Attribute Distribution:
Add all points into Str.

What Skills to Focus:
None, or perhaps trading if you want to make money buying and selling gems.

What Pets To Use:

The Trader Skills

The Dodge skill is very simple, it gains points as you dodge enemy attacks, the higher the enemy level the more dodge points you get. Equipping good armor and having a pet in armor mode is recommended for this skill, you should not worry much about it since it goes up as you train. A luck trader should make use of Play Dead, Hide and Invisibility skills that you get from dodge, but if you are the only member in your party those cause you to run from battle.

The Trading skill is expensive to train at first. The bribe skill causes the pet to attack someone else in your party at the cost of 20x the level of the pet in cash (unless its used on the boss), if you are alone in the party (no pets either) the enemy will attack you anyways but you still receive skill points.
After bribe when you reach trading level 15 you get the skill Treachery which causes the pet to attack someone in their own team instead of you at the cost of 40x the pet level in cash (except bosses) but like bribe, the enemy will attack you or someone in your party if he is alone in his party. When trading gets to level 30 you get the skill you really want Bargaining lets you buy items from shops for a reduced price and sell things for around double the price!

The Collecting skill goes up as you battle, there is nothing else you can do for this skill, when you get picking you can find items just by walking around the map, your party members can receive items and cash as well. Items can be anything mobs normally drops. That includes dolls, cards, weapons, armor, chocolate, green wormbread (Alice patch), coins, probably also crystals, ores, and other special drop items.

Advanced Accounting is the weapon skill of trader, even though you don't get other skills by level up advanced accounting, it increases the damage dealt with other attacks such as cash rain. You gain skill points by the amount of damage dealt with you abacus, you should make yourself a good abacus for your level that gives str and advanced accounting, also its advised to refine the abacus to increase effect, if you don't know how to make or refine abacus refer to work skills section.

Finally Merchant Prince!

If you got to this point you should know very well how it is to be a trader, so I will make this section straight foward.

To level Coin Strike you need loads of cash (see Journeyman Skill section for price), you gain skill points by the amount of times you cast it, not damage. Your goal is to reach Cash Rain, you gain as many points for casting Cash as you do with Cash Flow, so stick with casting Cash unless necessary. Those Mad Cows running around are a great target to train this skill, as they only get 1 damage no matter how strong you are.

The Fool skill paralyzes the enemy for one turn only, it gives you a set amount of skill if you succeed and none if you fail, at level 15 you get the skill Innocent that you can cast outside battle to decrease your encounter rate with monsters based on your level and luck (I think) and the level of monsters in the map, finally at level 30 you get Magnet which increases encounter rate with monsters greatly. Neither Innocent or Magnet gives you skill points while cast, but they are worthwhile getting.