Southern Kitty Forest

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South Kitty Forest

2. Entrance to Rose Garden
3. 6 cats and 1 Chesire Cat,
4. Becy - Teleports to Rabbit Playground for money.
5. Caravaner Parmah - NPC - Store Buys and Sells
6. Karl - Quest Particpant
6. Irrantional Buyer
6.Crazed Collector
Level Range:
Wildcat - 61 - 65
Earth Daisy - 61 - 65
Black Bell - 61 - 65
Note: If you are in a group, and all doing the "Chesire Cat" quest, DO NOT both do it at once, cause if quester 1 complets the quest before quester 2. Then quester 2 has to start over. When a quester complets the quest the "Chesire Cat" will dissapear. Queser 2 should right click the cats around them until they are able to start talking to one. (The new Chesire Cat).
Note2: Becy charges a fee to teleport you back to Bunny Playground.
Note3: Karl is part of a quest you have to bid on some "dye" refer to Alice Quest(s) page.
Drops: Silver Seed, titanium ore, crocodile skin