Desirable drops:

Item:Drops at:
Antidote ExAoba Hill, Wiki Maze B1, North of Dark Forest
Antidote Thief Lair boxes
Armor Upgrade EnamelWiki Maze B2(Water Robots top right box)
Weapon Upgrade EnamelWiki Maze B2(Water Robots), Desert Dungeon B2
Attribute PrankerThundra Cave, Grim Witch at Hasim Island
Attribute TunerZharpie Island, Wiki Maze B2(dark/light crocs: left column, middle box), Castle Dungeon B2, Dreamland 91+, Ancient Ruins B7, B8, B11, B19, B21 & B22 & Multiple bosses, Cave of Trials B3
Bank Vip cardWani Island, Lethean Catacombs B1, Cave of Trials B2, Ancient Ruins B3, Ancient Ruins B12, Wiki's Maze B2, Kiri Hari island, Dreamland 81-90
Capsule 3Castle Dungeon B1 (Dark Sword Level/Metal Chest Level), Tranquil Thundra
Capsule 4Castle Dungeon B1 (Dark Sword Level/Metal Chest Level), Ancient Ruins Bosses
Capsule 5Ancient Ruins Bosses
Capsule 6Ancient Ruins Bosses
Convenient Buyer CardWiki Maze B1, Candy Forest
Dark StabilizerSunshine Forest, Dreamland 51-60
Light StabilizerZharpie Island
Wood StabilizerCave of Trials B2
Water StabilizerBouquet Village
Fire StabilizerCave of Trials B1, Tanlin Plain
Golden StabilizerFlower Valley
Earth StabilizerCave of Trials B1, Colorful Farmland
Doll BoxFrog Swamp, Genie Desert, Moonglow, Hachoo Island, Mithra Island, Dragon Palace F1, Bath Catacombs 3, Thief Lair b1, Ancient Ruins B14,Over Kars
Glass SeedCave of Trials B2 - B3, Wiki Maze B2 top right box, Castle Dungeon 1, Ancient Ruins B20 & 22, Dreamland (Not Sure Which Dreamland Map)
Diamond SeedBoulder Island
Saphire SeedCave of Trials B1
Gold SeedOni palace B2
Silver SeedSleepy Hallow, Dreamland, Lotus Pond, South Kitty Forest
Steel SeedFlower Valley, Dreamland 51-60
Pearl SeedBoulder Island
Bronze SeedAoba Hill, Lethean Catacombs B3, Cave of Trials 2, Ancient Ruins B1, B2, B5, Ancient Ruins B6, B7, B10, B11, Ancient Ruins B15, Sunshine Forest, Flower Valley
Dark CrystalEast of Wood With No Name, Bath Catacombs 3
Earthen CrystalWiki Maze B1, Bath Catacombs 3
Fire CrystalWiki Maze B1
Golden CrystalTanlin Plain
Blue CrystalDreamland 71-80, Poppy Maze B1, Garden of live flowers
Wood CrystalBath Catacombs 3, Gale Desert
Shining (light) CrystalBath Catacombs 3, North of Dark Forest
Magic Carpet30dex (Lethean Catacombs B2 also)/40/50dex Cave of Trials B2 - B3, Also from bosses at Ancient Ruins
Oblivion WaterCave of Trials B1 & B3, Lethean Catacombs B2 (earth devil)
Pet Kiss CandyDreamland 71-80, Kirihari Sea B1, North of Dark Forest
Pet ModelCastle Dungeon B2, Wiki Maze B2
Pet NutrientCastle Dungeon B2, B3 & Castle Pernot, Wiki Maze B2 bottom right
Pet Sweetheart CandyOni Island, Sleepy Hallow
RingboneDragon Cave, Garden of live flowers, Slime Maze B3, Tutu Island, Thief Lair B3, Wani Island, Rat Cave B3, Pineapple Hill, Nameless Cave (Rice Bunny)
Ripple FireworkKirihari Sea B1
Smart CarpetCave of Trials B2, Cave of Trials B1
Spiffy CarpetCave of Trials B2
Cool CarpetCave of Trials B1, Cave of Trials B2
Store VipSouth of Dark Forest
Town PortalAoba Hill, Sleepy Hallow
Super Tele DustFlower Valley, Eswood Timberland
Tool Combo TicketAncient Ruins B3, B4, B5, B6, B8 & B9, South of Dark Forest, Wiki Maze B1 & B2
Stomach BoostTanlin Plain, North of dark forest
Delivery ticketDesert Dungeon B1

Credits to: J√łnah, Jay, KaeHow, Moiraine, ICatchPets, Confusia, GiganT, Endril, Lucif3r, Laelyne, aliciayeng, Ravenna, Anxious87, Tulip, Rainbo, Zplinter, Laun