Active clans in Fairyland

Clan Name:Clan levelRecruiting?LanguageIntroduction
Forsaken9YesEnglishWe are a global clan. Anyone from any level and any country is welcome, as long as you speak some English.
We use Ironwolves forum for communication and you can take a look at screenshots at our global gaming Website. We also run and administer Ironwolves website. Leaders:
Moiraine, Laelyne.
Ellusion9yesEnglishWe have alot of peeps from all over, so the clan is always active! Contact Major leader OyqStarCatcher. :)
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Shykids9yesEnglishContact pixie, Shyid, Demonz, Maryann, or Abuelita to join
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Rebirth?yesEnglishContact Zim, bruenor or mistress to join
forum on MMOsite
Shinigami3yesEnglishWe are helpful, funny, active and anyone is welcome to join. We also have our own profile at facebook. One of the good things about our site is you get to see the real life pics and profiles of our members!
To join contact:Major Leader: Amiel, Minor Leader: r3ign, Minor Leader: pollie, Minor Leader: cutielilshem.
|StreamyX|9yesEnglishClan for people living in the +8 GMT timezone

To join contact: major: MalaikatMaut, minor: AwangJahat, minor: Jindah, minor: davidoff, minor: HeavenlyBeast or minor: EMeLDa
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AnarchY3yesEnglishFounded by Pebbles/Bounto, this clan's main objective is to help the lowbie players. Everyone is welcome to join our clan.

To join please contact - Major Leader: Ahlysaaria, Minor Leaders: Pebbles, Beastbabe, Tapish
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EvilFuzzyDice5yesEnglishFounded by DuoMaxwell.

To join please contact: DuoMaxwell, TheTaco, Trivium69 or Veryl
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Fairyroses9yesEnglish, Chinese, MalayFeel free to contact BlueRoses or WhiteRoses to join this clan.
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x Alliance x9yesEnglishFeel free to contact Kiem to join this clan.
Fracture9yesEnglishFracture is basicly a clan for all the lost souls running around. [Aka the dark souls].
Its a kinda super un-serious clan, bt still very serious! (?) Its for all the alts to live in peace, talk shiet, jokin around and pwar.

To join contact Locura, or Antevorte.
Swannapoom5yesEnglish/ThaiAnyone can join us.
Feel free to contact Ninoy, NookerZa, Nong, or Amandra to join this clan.
Mudbloods4yesEnglish/MalayTo join contact Courtney, AreS, TAYLOR§WIFT, or SinisterSins.

Anyone can join. Activities we do: 1. training
2. clan card hunting.
3. sight seeing
Lifepartners4yesEnglishLifePartners is a very excited clan, who are friendly to all players. Our standard is to help new players, who needs a clan, to start playing, we help each others, in all way. We have our own social website, where there will be posted news at. Feel free to contact any of leaders or members if wanna join our clan: TmPoisenmT, Raixen, Schneider, KaZzn0bbA. Our homepage is:
-End-3yesEnglishAim of the clan:
1. To create a friendly community
2. To help people like newbie who in need in catching pets or lvling

Contact JuS4DR or KaeHow to join this clan.

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