Clan Info and Card Collecting List

General Information

To start a clan: To apply to create a clan you need 5k fame and be over lvl 10. Talk to the Clan Manager to start a clan.

To Recieve the Clan Bank page: (Accessed through the clan room) You must have 30 people in your clan minimum. Keeping it a minimum of 30.
Leaving/disbanding a clan: The Clan Hall NPC is no longer in charge of clan dismissing affairs, to do so you need to find the Clan Manager Minister located within the palace of each cities: Bluebird (107,373) Goldburg (76,306) Rainbow City (205, 496) Baghdad (51, 19). No payment is required to leave a clan but once you quit all your things in clan bank will not be accessible until you rejoin to another clan with clan bank.
Note #1: If your clan has a clan bank and the number of members in your clan drops to 29 or bellow, you will lose your clan bank. Your clan level will drop to a level 2 clan and you must acquire the black hole card folder, fill it up with all the cards and have over 30 people in your clan to receive the clan bank back at clan level 3. You will not lose the items from the clan bank, however you can't access them until you activate the clan bank again or you join another clan with a clan bank.
Note #2: If you left your clan but forgot to remove the items from your clan bank you will have to join another clan that has the bank space in order to gain access to your items.
Note #3: Whatever card folder is found on the Wandering Merchants for 100k
Note #4: The Clan Garbage Can (Level 4) is a 3 page public bank that allows you to store stuff for the whole clan, anyone may access these pages remove and add stuff so obviously don't store valuable goods unless you intend to share to anyone in the clan.
Note: Bad people are around in Fairyland that tend to take everything in the Trashcan and sell it to shop or market. Sadly this demoralizes people from sharing anything.
The Major Leader of the clan has the option to Lock as well as to Empty the Garbage Can. WARNING: if you empty you loose all items that were in the can.
Note #5: Clan Pasture is available from the Rancher Exhibition house in Emerald City 74:255. Only the major leader can activate it. In the clan pasture it is possible to release capped pets to gain intimacy, or just for fun. With a dance scroll you can make them all dance. The pets can only be retrieved with a code. The leader should keep restricted access. The pasture does not keep track who owned which pet! In de Rancher Exhibition house it is possible to set a stall, displaying cool pets. Anybody who wants to view it must pay a small amount of money (between 100 and 10.000 coins, the displayer sets the price). It works like in market, so you have to buy a stall and then put your puppet at the assigned squares in the building.

A clan can have up to 5 Clan pastures. Every additional clan pasture costs 300k
Note #6: 3th clanbank (Family bank) can be bought in Baghdad at the "3th clanbank" guy walking around the main square. Requirements are 1.000.000 coins and your clan MUST be level 9.

The Cards Needed for Each book.

Card name
Monster level
Start a Clan Level 1
5k Fame Required (Max Members in Clan is 30)

Clan Honour Level 2
50k Cash to purchase the book from the clan manager
Red Puppet 16-18 Puppet cave & Puppet hill
Gopher 16-18 Goldburg suburbs & Rat cave
Treefrog 16-18 Frog swamp
Water Slug 16-18 Rosen lake & Frog swamp
Light Beetle 16-18 Western grassland
Metal Slime 16-18 Slime maze
Evil Vulture 16-18 Western grassland

Black Hole Card Folder - Clan Bank (Level 3)
Random Drop from "Dark Monsters"
Evil Tiger 24-25 Secret Plain
Wood Eagle 24-25 Slime Maze 3
Slime 24-25 Slime maze
Flaming Pegasus 21-25 Rainbow City Palace Underground B1
Light Hedgehog 24-25 Genie desert
Golden Lion 24-25 Secret plains
Black Widow 24-25 Genie desert

Whatever Card Folder - Clan Garbage Can (Level 4)

Purchased off the wandering Merchant
Earth wolf 36-38 Pineaplle hill & Big Bad Wolf's Lair
Fire Aibo 36-38 Pineapple hill
Golden Monkey 36-38 Candy Mountain
Poison Skeleton 36-38 Moonglow & Kitty Maze
Draconian 39-40 Candy mountain
Gold Tiger 41-45 Coconut Island
Wood Spider 41-45 Coconut Island
Water Crab 41-45 Coconut Island
Apolion 41-45 Coconut Island
Earth Beetle 41-45 Coconut Island
Light Po 41-45 Coconut Island
Black Hog 41-45 Coconut Island
Water Ghost 36-40 Bath Catacombs B1
Mossy Rock 36-40 Bath Catacombs B1

Clan Hall (Level 5)

1 more minor Leader
Fire Crab 13-15 Rainbow City Suburbs & Southern grasslands
Wood Crab 19-20 Rosen lake, Frog swamp
Fire Clam 51-55 Bath Catacombs B3
Wood Hermit Crab 56-60 Poppy Maze B1
Bubble Octopus 61-65 Poppy Maze B2
Ruby 61-65 Poppy Maze B2
Golden Swellfish 66-70 Tanlin plain
Water Seahorse 66-70 Poppy Maze B3
Blue Whale 71-75 Skywalker Sea B1
Metal Lamplighter 76-80 Skywalker Sea B2

Clan Security Box - (Level 6)

70 Members, Clan Safety Box
Gold Llama 16-25 Kars Mountain & Secret Tomb B1
Hydro Tiger 16-20 West of Wood With No Name
Wood Griffon 23-40 Over Kars & Thief Lair B1
Wooly Dog 26-30 East of Wood With No Name
Nissa Camel 36-40 Thief Lair B2
Water Smiling Kitty 36-40 Rabbit Playground
Earth Skunk 40-45 Bouquet Village
Red Wing Monkey 40-45 Bouquet Village
Green Crow 46-52 Colorful Farmland
Wood Bat 46-80 Lethean Catacombs B1 & Momo Island & Cave of Trails B2
Golden Owl 56-60 Poppy Maze B1
Earth Elephant 56-70 Lethean Catacombs B3
Water Leopard 66-70 Tanlin Plain
Black Beauty 66-70 Poppy Maze B3
Wood lion 66-70 Poppy Maze B3
Green Koala 67-74 Wani Island
Earth Platypus 74-78 Ancient Ruins B3, B4
Earth Penguin 81-85 Ancient Ruins B8, B9

Clan Tunnels - (Level 7)
Tunnels to GB(Down)/RBC(Left)/BB(Up)/Baghdad(Right)
Metal Phantom 19-20 Goldburg Suburbs
Metal Skelleton 36-40 Bath Catacombs B1
White Skeleton 46-50 Hachoo Island
Metal Demon 66-72 / 83-90 Boulder Island, Cave of Trials B3
Grim Witch 41-47 Hachim Island
Phantom 26-28 Snow White Forest & Sleepy Lake
Water Ghost 36-40 Bath Catacombs B1
Fire Spirit 34-35 Sleepy Town
Earth Spirit 46-50 Hachoo Island
Wisp 4-5 Valley of Fear
The Haunt 31-33 Tanrana's Maze
Mummy 61-65 Poppy Maze B2
Blood Skeleton 31-33 Sleepy Town
Water Skeleton 24-25 Goldburg Lake & Sleepy Lake
Earth Skeleton 31-35 Sleepy Town
Poison Skeleton 36-38 Moonglow
Fire Succubus 82-86 Ancient Ruins B7 & B8
Wood Pumpkin Head 81-90 Ancient Buins B7 & Cave of Trials B3
Dark Tree 92-94 Ancient Buins B12
Hell Reaper 51-55 Sunlight Forest
Water Scarecrow 46-50 Colorful Farmland

Second Clan Bank - (Level 8)
Red Beetle 1-3 Dwarf Newbie Dungeon & Elf Newbie Dungeon & Human Newbie Dungeon & Gion Suburbs & Greenville Suburbs & Ilium Suburbs
Dark Beetle 4-5 Valley of Fear
Water Beetle 11-18 Pea Lake & Slime Maze B2
Light Beetle 16-18 Bluebird Suburbs & Western Grasslands
Wood Beetle 21-23 Rat Cave B3 & Snow White Forest
Golden Beetle 46-50 Hachoo Island
Earth Beetle 41-45 Coconut Island
Fire Spider 29-30 Snow White Forest
Black Widow 24-25 Genie Desert
Water Spider 1-3 Dwarf Newbie Dungeon & Elf Newbie Dungeon & Human Newbie Dungeon & Gion Suburbs & Greenville Suburbs & Ilium Suburbs
Light Spider 13-15 Bluebird Suburbs
Wood Spider 41-45 Coconut Island
Golden Spider 6-7 Northern Grasslands
Earth Spider 21-23 Secret Plains
Fire Slug 9-10 Smiling Forest
Black Crawler (Slug) 51-55 Tulip Island
Water Slug 16-18 Rosen Lake & Frog Swamp
Light Slug 61-65 Poppy Maze B2
Wood Crawler (Slug) 46-50 Hachoo Island
Slug 1-3 Dwarf Newbie Dungeon & Elf Newbie Dungeon & Human Newbie Dungeon & Gion Suburbs & Greenville Suburbs & Ilium Suburbs
Earth Slug 13-15 Puppet Cave & Goldburg Suburbs & Rat Cave B1
Large Red Butterfly 4-5 Smiling Forest
Black Butterfly 31-33 Swan Lake
Water Butterfly 39-40 Nameless Cave B-4
Angel Butterfly 9-10 Valley of Fear
Leaf Butterfly 11-13 Rosen Lake
Golden Butterfly 19-20 Dwarf Hill
Yellow Butterfly 6-7 Northern Grasslands
Earth Burrower 1-5 Garden of Dreams
Dark Caterpillar 26-30 East of Woods no Name
Wood Burrower 46-49 Garden of Live Flowers
Honey Bee 67-72 Wani Island, Ancient Ruins B1
Surf Bee 88-90 Ancient Ruins B10
Flame Bee 90-92 Ancient Ruins B11
Earth Bee 94-98 Ancient Ruins B13, B14

Clan Farm House- (Level 9)

Putting a password on your pets they can walk freely in this area. If you
Give the crystal in the center a dance scroll the whole farm dances.
Jungle Floating Sword 46-50 Sheep Horn Village
Silver Floating Sword 61-70 Desert Dungeon B1
Flash Floating Sword 86-90 Castle B2
Devil Floating Sword 91-95 Castle B1
Flame Floating Sword 55-60 Gale Desert
Stone Floating Sword 41-45 Windy Dale
Sky Floating Sword 61-70 Desert Dungeon B1
Mystic Mimic 61-70 Desert Dungeon B1
Underground Mimic 81-85 Castle B3
Gold Treasure Chest 101-120 Castle Underground B1
Puzzle Mimic 86-90 Castle B2
Biting Mimic 71-80 Desert Dungeon B2
Sea Mimic 71-80 Desert Dungeon B2
Greedy Goblin 81-81 Castle Underground 3
Shy Goblin 91-95 Castle B1
Trance Gobling 41-45 Windy Dale
Earth Goblin 86-90 Castle B2
Brave Goblin 61-70 Desert Dungeon B1
Tricky Goblin 71-80 Desert Dungeon B2
Wood Spirit (Genie) 71-75 Cave Of Trials B1
Flame Giant (Genie) 51-80 Lethean Catacombs B2, Cave of Trials B2
Genie Spirit 56-86 Lethean Catacombs B3, Cave of Trials B3
Earth Giant (Genie) 27-38 Secret Tomb B2 & B3
Flashlight Spirit (Genie) 32-37 Secret Tomb B3
Thank You Babyger, Phenix, Vellasca, Blingbling, Moiraine, Laelyne, ICatchpets, SmageX, Jins, GiganT & HeRoPigHeads for updates on names and locations