Acolyte-Schemer of Darkness Guide

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Fairyland AOD/SOD Guide
Version 1.0, 06/11/2009
(Revised version from website)
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What's AOD?

Acolyte of Darkness is disciple of the God of Darkness, whom follows the teaching of Dark and casts Dark spells. In this game AOD is made different from the rest, being strong isnt as easy. It might be a test of patience since AOD is also under the category of diviners.

AOD/SOD is totally different from few years back, because the spell at class advancement to Schemer of Darkness - Superburst will cut 1/2 of your total Dexterity (explained later), and spells before class advancement... all those weird tickles are not too very useful (however a lot of people own an AOD slave just for Dark Ritual), it's not easy at the beginning.

Recommended Race and Stats:
Human and elf are good, stats distribution is very balanced but easier to eat tuners, but if you do not have asset to tune your stats then just hope that your random AP at level ups go more to Int or Dex. About elves, your random AP go more to Int and Dex, which are prerequisite factors for AOD HOWEVER you do have much higher Charm, too. What about Dwarves? If you think you're rich, can tune a lot or just want to be special, make one, or its not very recommended as for diviners.

Things you need to have

Pets for AOD:
We kindly divide into 3 major groups so you just read the group that best suits your current condition.
the poor beginners: Black sheep is good enough, cheap, easy to get, and good.
the good and okays: A Dark Spirit (if not, stick to Black Sheep), a Pie Aibo
the well-beings: A Lv65+ Dark Spirit coffee reseted once or twice, an Earth Mushroom/Bomb
For more details about pet selection visit the Pet Guide page.

Suit yourself with what you can afford, fantastic equipments for the average if you can make it, and dreamy or dreamlikes with decent Int+ and Dex+ set, better yet, reinforce them to get the maximum bonus. If money is killing your fun at gaming, then just wear some crap gears and feel the intensity of near death XD.

Leveling up!

The explorers way:
Yea this section is for those beginners and penniless friends out there, if you're rich, why read a leveling guide? Fairyland is a good game to walk around and explore, skip this part if you are a exp-leech at Wiki Wonderland.

1-10 lv: Take warrior apprenticeship so you won't get killed too easily, do quests, fun and easy ones, u should put your lvl-ups AP all to CON
11-20 lv: Change ur apprenticeship to Diviners, and take Acolyte of Darkness class at the Bluebird Diviners Guild. A bit questing for good fame, and at this stage you'd already want Dark Magic skill Lv20 for your first attack spell, try at Slime Maze. Your stats should still go to CON since they'r just one time investment, if you think its enough (around 50), put some to Int too.
21-30 lv:Dark Magic should atleast be 30, try to get in a party if you think you can't handle too good, try at Crystal Mountain. Your stats can be 2 Dex 1 Int from now on.
31-35 lv:Same place, Crystal Mountain, Dark Magic should be hitting 40 or near at this stage.
36-40 lv:Try Moonglow if you can already handle well yourself.

And after lv41, its too hard for AOD to level up to get 60, so get in a party,
41-45 lv: Dark Ritual (DR)at Moonglow~
46-50 lv: Bouquet Village (best to DR)
51 and above: Beyond lv50 you need to pay to level up, refer HERE for the details. Try to be in a party and train together at Sunshine Forest now.

Class Advancement at Lv60!
IMPORTANT NOTE: You can continue level to Lv70 then only advancing class into Schemer of Darkness (falling back to Lv60), during these 10 levels you do not gain any lvl-up stats but only HP and MP gain, this is helpful if you have the effort to work to it as you will have more HP/MP.

After Class Advancement
SCREAMS at being Schemer of Darkness finally? No you're still not very good, now you have to level your skill (pity thing). It's better to have around 5millions and 5 Fighting Dolls (gives 2x skill exp) and crounch yourself at Newbie Basement spamming your spells...pity yea, but real effort comes real power.

Dark Magic

The long way of nightmare
AOD is hated, we do not have good spells to use at beginning stages, crap the game make us AOD suffer. Nightmare is what we have to use and use repeatingly from DM 15 to DM40, then its DR+Vampirism, it's going very slow and long, casting nightmare at the pity mob seems ridiculously boring, but no other way to work through this stage, hope you have a Fighting Doll to speed up a bit. Then when you finally gets DM53, grats, Paralyze is 60MP and gives much more exp than nightmare or vampirism, and it's totally FASTER to train. Oh well, it might still be slow but come on! DM61 is near!

How to train faster and better
Dragon Spirit, cash, Fighting Dolls and MP potions, maybe you want antidotes. Dragon Spirit adds 800mp to your total Mp, allowing you to have more casts and therefore more exp before u pause and refill/heal for the next round. If you're not using a Fighting Doll (FD), just heal at the nurse after every round to save praying time (praying is so annoying and slow), if you clicked a FD, try to stay in battle as long as possible and do not waste duration by praying or getting pauses in between, until you get overdosed and your potion effect is hell low. Wear Medicine Effect+ ring or neck can give more potion effects and prevent you from overdosing too early. Here's a small tips if you're using the Nurse method: Nurse charges a lot for healing, if you have an AOL with Rainbow Bridge and want to save on healing costs, use the healer inside Goldburg PK Arena, its a fixed 1k payment to enter and full heal your MP.

Story begins when you finally own Superburst
3k damage and above isnt a problem for you, but still do not stop leveling Dark Magic for more power. Now let us explain why do we need so much Dex for SOD: Superburst is a spell which gives Dex penalty, (dex/2)+1 is your real Dex when you cast Superburst, and that is why we need so much Dex...nice but pity hah.

SOD Dex bonus info

Additional info
Schemer of Darkness is neither an easy nor a tough class to build, enough cash and patience are the pre-requisite factors before choosing this class. Hereby we give you some dex guides for Superburst:
Zharpie Island outer-ring: 160dex
Sunshine Forest: 164dex
Zharpie Island middle: 196dex
Garden of Cards: 229dex

Purple War Info
It's not impossible for SOD to be faster than those insane high dex Water mobs in pwar, but you're a good SOD if you're faster than wood or better yet, light mobs. For a party with member max lv80, you need 360dex to be faster than wood and fire, 420dex to be faster than light, and 600dex+ to be faster than water. It's not good to get all points into dex instead of other important stats, now a piece of dreamlike eq can give 10+dex, so having a Dex set for pwar is just good for you, but that's ALL ABOUT MONEY! XD

Prepared by Midouban, corrections welcomed