Dawn's Box event


Dawn's box event was an actual event by Lager and intended as temporarely.
However they never removed it, so you can still participate in the event.


Quick reference guide:
*To pick up the item in the middle. Click "Confirm".
*To RE-TRY using the SAME KEY. Click "Go".
*To RE-TRY using DIFFERENT KEY. Click "Try Again".

Location of the bull :- + Snow White Forest
+ Smiling Forest
+ Valley Of Fear
+ Pea Lake
+ Dwarf Hill
+ Puppet Hill
+ The Secret Plain
+ Crystal Mountain
+ Genie Desert
+ Frog Swamp


How it works:

Fight the evil bulls (purple noses, walking around the cities and towns) to get the boxes from them

Don't be fooled by the bull's level, they don't do much damage. They always receive 1 damage, except from Poison which is an instant kill.

Note: They have 100% chance to hit you. Impossible to dodge, so take off all armor you don't want breaking soon.

Trade tokens (9) for Dawn's keys with Dawn Mary at gion (60:310)(near the lake).

Right click the Dawn's Key located in your inventory. It will open the Dawn's Lottery Box.

Item in the middle is the DEFAULT prize you can get when you first open the box. In this example its a Charm Tuner.

At 3rd Step I chose "Go". Now the item in the middle is a Silver Jelly.

Not satisfied with the item at 4th Step. Clicking "Try Again" button to play again at that same box hoping to get other prize. But get a Seal Pot lvl 3.


Weapon Downgrade EnamelArmor Downgrade EnamelLottery prize(token)Universal secret
Pet Kissing CandyPet Sweetheart CandyPet Downgrade MilkPet Downgrade Coffee
Attribute PrankerConstitution PrankerDexterity PrankerStrenght Pranker
Luck PrankerCharm PrankerIntelligence PrankerPet Nutrient
Steel JellyDiamond JellyEmerald JellyPearl Jelly
Silver JelySapphire JellyGold JellyRuby Jelly
Level 1 SealpotLevel 2 SealpotLevel 3 SealpotPower Doll
Life DollMagic DollAdv. Magic DollBronze Seed
Silver SeedGold SeedDiamond SeedGlass Seed
Pearl SeedPet Downgrade JuicePet ModelAttribute Tuner
Luck TunerCharm TunerStrenght TunerDex Tuner
Con TunerInt TunerCaps 1Caps 2
Caps 3Life CoreGlass Jelly
Thank you Nishihara, Moiraine & Laelyne.