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About Pet Fusion
1. What is Pet Fusion
2. The Basics
3. What types of Pet Fusion are Available
4. Mutation

1. What is Pet Fusion

Basically, pet fusion is very simple, simply it's making one pet out of two pets, the level of which at the end will be 1. Though, no matter how easy this may seem, there are some important things to know before you do a fusion. You can fuse pets in every major city (Baghdad, Goldburg, Bluebird, Rainbow City, Emerald City) in the pet shop, for Universe Secret fusion you will need to go to Emerald city.

2. The Basics
There are some very important rules for pet fusion which you have to know before fusing. If you don't, you might end up wasting countless pets, or worse, pet nutrients on making a pet that you can't get. These rules apply to all fusions except the inherit everything option (Life Core/Universe Secret).

When you fuse 2, for example an earth slime and a metal slug, you have the possibility of getting an earth slug and a metal slime aside from getting the parents back. Thus the outcome might be a metal slug, earth slime, metal slime and earth slug.
In short, PET A1 (Species A Element 1) + PET B2 (Species B Element 2) = PET A1, PET A2, PET B1 and PET B2. This however only works for pets up to level 40 found in the wild (lowest level counts).

- In order to change the element of a level 41-60 pet found in the wild you will need the pets you fuse with to be of a certain level. This, however, isn't the pet's level in the wild. You can use trained pets too. The required level is: Paternal Lv + Maternal Lv)/2 ≧ 41
The outcome will be rounded up so when it would be 40.5 it would still count as 41.
- Level 61+ pets found in wild cannot be obtained through this kind of fusion.

(The list of fuse only pets with their levels in wild, and in case where it's not possible to determine their level, their level range can be found Here.)

- You cannot get rare/event pets through this kind of fusion either. (Those pets are identified by the yellow letters in their names.)
- You can always get the exact Paternal and Maternal pets back, no matter if the paternal or maternal pet is rare or the required level isn't met. This rule however doesn't apply to pet crystal and pet model fusion.
- The attributions of pet after fusion will be: (Paternal Attributes + Maternal Attributes)/20 + 2
- HP of pet after fusion: (Paternal HP + Maternal HP)/50 + 55

3. What types of Pet Fusion are available
Once you go to the pet shop and talk to the NPC that fuses pets, you will have to select two pets that you want to fuse: a paternal pet and a maternal pet. It's not of any importance what pet you choose, this is just for keeping track of the pets in the process of the fusion.

Inherit Attribute:
In this type of fusion, you control the element of the pet you will receive after fusion. This is done with the help of crystals of the desired element, and the pet card of the pet for whose element you are fusing.

Inherit Species:
In this type of fusion, you control the species of the pet you will receive after fusion. This is done with the help of a Pet Model, and the pet card of the pet of the desired species.

Inherit Upgradability:
In this type of fusion, you control the upgradability, i.e. the growth of the pet you are fusing. This is achieved by using a Pet Nutrient, the doll and card of the pet with the desired growth.

Inherit everything:
In this type of fusion, you control all of the above. That is, the species, element and the growth of the pet. For this, you need a Life Core.

Just fuse them!
This is the last option while doing the regular type of fusions. In this case, you have no actual control over the outcome of your fusion. Therefore, you don't need any special items for it.

4. Mutation
Normally, when performing fusion, you cannot get more than what you have put into the process, but sometimes, it happens that the pets mutate during fusion and the resulting pet is an entirely different species and element than that was put in.
For example, if we fuse a mini tiger and red beetle, ordinarily, you can get the following results:
-Red Beetle.
-Mini Tiger.
-Wood Beetle.
-Flame Tiger.

However, sometimes, it so happens that the pets mutate while fusion and the result can be a Golden Koala. This is called mutation and the chance of it happening is extremely rare. It happens only by chance and it can take hundreds and thousands of fusions for one mutation to happen; however, it is possible to force a mutation to occur. That will be discussed separately here