King Oz's Competition


King Oz competition is a clan competition in Emerald City, product Warehouse (83:150).

How does it work?
The competition lasts 3 weeks. Each week 2 workskills are chosen to compete in. E.G. mining and woodcutting.
You can focus on both, or just one. After the week 2 US are given out to the winners. Then the second week starts with new workskills.
After the 3th week the process repeats.

-It is really, really, really hard to win. You need multiple chars with extreme high level workskills to even stand a chance.
-You get no money in return. If you don't win, all was in vain.
-The higher level the product, the more experience
-Prize can be claimed at 12:00 gmt on monday
-products can be turned in till 11:00am gmt monday

Thank you Moiraine, Proxyma & ianscouter.