How to set up your market stall

What is Market?
Its a place where players put up stalls selling their stuffs.

Where is the location?
It can be found in Rainbow City, Goldburg, Bluebird. However, for this version the Goldburg Market is the 1 players are vending on. Goldburg Map

Oh..How do I set up my stall?
Talk to Display stand merchant(34:105) in the market. Choose 1st option : Buy a display shelf. Display shelf are sold at 100coins each. In the market you will see long red carpet. It's where your char should be standing on for the shelf to work. Then, simply right click the shelf on your inventory.

Cool..How to put up item for sale?
When your shelf window is up, drag your desired items you wanted to sell. It will then ask you the price you are selling for. *tips* If you are selling a bunch of same items (eg.Pots,dolls) once you set the item price on 1 item, you can drag another item and use the up arrow key. It will display the price of your items without having to type all the 0's and might accidently missed pricing.

I see some other players stall having 4 pages! Why do I only have 1? Is it bug?
No, Traders or Merchant Prince have the specialty to have 4 pages. For other class its just 1.

Aww..some of my items were missing
Don't worry. Talk to Display stand merchant(34:105) in the market. Choose 2nd option : Get my missing stuff. It will costs you 500coins/item and make sure you have enough weight to carry your items too.

Missing? how can items go missing?
It will occur when for example: char carry weight limit is 5000. You put some pots for sale. Then you open your medicine box and put more pots on your stall. Now the weight of the products in your stall exceed your weight limit of 5000. There is a possibility the item will go "missing for a while". The npc will hold it for you, but costs 500 coins/item to get it back. And also, when your item is being held on the npc, you can't set up your stall!
Guide by Nishihara, update by Moiraine