Your First Quest:
(Village Head Quest)

You Start out in Fairyland (after leaving Fairyland school).

Depending on which race you chose, your village head will differ.

Human - Gion Village Head, Jeff
Elf - Greenville Village Head, Pra
Dwarf - Ilium Village Head, Mulim

You may think nothing of the questions asked and the answers you chose. However, the answers actually determine the weapon type as well as the ring type that you will get in the underground village dungeons (this applies to all races).

Question #1 (Ring Type)
Answer #1 - Dex2
Answer #2 - Str2
Answer #3 - Int2
Answer #4 - Con2

Question #2 (Weapon Type)

Answer #1 - Wand
Answer #2 - Axe
Answer #3 - Blade
Answer #4 - Sword

NOTE: The pet egg you get will go into your inventory. Remember to right click to hatch the egg. Click the Animal Icon (bottom left hand corner, just below your chat bar) to see what pet you have gotten. The pet you get is random.
As well as the main Village Head quest there are also "Under Level 10 quests" sent by one of the npc's inside the village head center. These quests have you kill monsters to gain extra exp.
Credits: Information credited to Pipa's Forum's the "questions" corrected by my own experience that they where reversed.