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Author: Bruenor (taken from

Bruenor's Guide

i just put this in another topic but for people that might be interested here is what i did with brue. Now if u plan on tuning a bunch later u can do what u want to with the con and int.

Ok, from a blady's standpoint.I didnt know about tuners until the poker captain was discovered by everybody. So on that note here is what i did with brue. I put con in until i got it to matter the randoms u get just get it to 60 asap. then after that u will be getting random cons. I made the mistake of not putting any points into int and my mp shows the results of not doing it but i finally had to putinto int just so i could tune brue. So by the time i was lvl 71 or 72 i could finally tune.your not going to have 600 mp by the time u are lvl 60 on a warrior unless u put a bunch of points into int which i would not suggest. But maybe add into int till it gets to about 30. and u will get a decent amount of mp when u lvl. I use a mixture of con and int equip just so i get a little more mp since now my hp is pretty good. Currently my hp is 5.4k and mp 11xx at lvl 77. But it is always your final decision on how to make a blady. at lower lvls u will need more str than dex. since u can take a beating so as long as u have 50-60 dex by lvl 40 u should be good. I put 2 str 1 dex after i got my con up to 60. Once i got my str 20 points over my dex i started doing 2 dex 1 str. Now if u are wanting to tune your character make sure u watch your lowest stats and dont let them get below half of your lvl. This is just my advice on making a blady. And i think besides my low mp brue can kick some serious butt now.

Get youyr blade skill up asap. Easiest way to do that is to get a molten pet and use a priest or aol to bless or burn u to do more damage. For warrior skills your weapon skill is determined by the amount of damage u do. so the more damage u do the better % u will gte on it while fighting. and this also goes for MA. And take it from me i know how to train my blade skill (lvl 89 blade skill atm) i am still getting over 50% on fd per hour cause of my method of training while on fd even at my high lvl. Blade skill becomes alot easier to train once u get up to lvl 60 and get your critical hit and blade wave.using combo at low lvl is the easiest way to raise your blade skill but once u get to really high lvl and get blade wave u really dont need to use combo on fd unless u are trying to lvl your combo skill(also lvl 50 combo skill atm).you will only get about 20-30% on fd at low lvl if u arnt using a priest and molten pet on fd. I didnt find this out till i was almost lvl 60. So u will have a good jump on getting your blade skill up really quick since u know this so early on. Well good luk with your blady and MA and hope u enjoy all the advice that i gave.

Now keep in mind this is for new people making blady's not for people that have really high lvl characters and unlimited amount of tuners they can get. Which in that case u can take con up to 100-120 and int up as high as u want to.
sidenote* at lvl 77 i have 149 dex and 181 base str 49 con after tuning completely out.And still getting 12z hp every lvl up.