Rabbit Playground

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Rabbit Playground

2. Murkah the Caravaner NPC - Store Buys & Sells
3. The Duchess'es House NPC's Within -
The Duchess,
Frog Valet x 2
4. Entrance to
Garden of Live Flowers
5. Litan, and Teleporter to North Kitty Forest,

Level Range:
March Hare (Metal)- 31 - 35
Smiling Kitty (Water) - 36 - 40
Golden Monkey - 36 - 38,
Vulture - 31 - 33

Note: To enter Garden of Live Flowers you require a Chocolate pie droped by the march Hare's. Right click the pie to enter the Garden (You must disband from the party).
Note2: To Use the teleporter you can pay cash, or defeat the Daisy Monster in Garden of Live Flowers (You will recieve a Daisy emblem, to gain free access keep the emblem in your inventory)

Drops: Chocolate Pie, Cow Skin, night herb, cotton, grinding sand, shrimp.
Rare Encounter: Water Phoenix - Level 35