Color Changing Your Pets


Note about Pet Discoloring:
1) To guarantee the element of the color painting you need to get a "stabalizer" of the element you wish to keep.
2) The stabalizers are only able to be used by beast lords!!!
3) Each species seems to have different shades of colors when you paint it, below is a chart posted on forums that shows the colors that where attempted on the Spirits.
4) If an element is weak against another element you can not use that combination. IE: Fire pet and Metal pet can not be pet painted.
5) I do not know the results if you paint a pet that was already painted how that would come out, or whether that is even possible at this time if at all.
6) All pets can have different result from discoloring. Example Slimes might be lighter colors than the other, and lions are darker.
7) You can only discolor your pet at the pet shop in Emerald City.
Both pets must be ensnared (inside a capsule) to be discolored.
Talk to Jude inside the shop to discolor.
8) Stabilizer retains the skills of the element pet. If the pet is US-fused, stabilizer will retain that in-born skill. If the pet has learned any other skill (temple or combat skill), stabilizer will retain those skills too.
If you do not use stabilizer, ALL skills (US-fused and others) will be wiped out!


Location of Stabalizers
Cave of Trials B1, Colorful Farmland Cave of Trials B1, Tanlin Plain
Boulder Island, Bouquet Village
Zharpie Island Sunshine Forest, Dreamland 51-60, Cannibal Island Cave of Trials B2 Flower Valley,Boulder Island


Carmina's hard work

Earth + Gold = Light Purple/ Lavender
Earth + Light = Mint Green/ Baby Green
Light + Water = Peach
Light + Wood = Dark Purple
Dark + Wood = Bubblegum Pink
Dark + Water = Bright Yellow
Fire + Earth = Light Green/Sea-Foam Green
All testing has been done without stabilizers. So far, the order in which you put each pet in the 'paint-box' does not effect the outcome (Earth/Metal or Metal/Earth have the same random chances of element attribute). Update- Putting the pet you would like to inheret the element in the paint box before the other pet seems to have a better success rate.
Although element combinations and what color they produce are global, the shades and hues of each of those colors seem to be different from specie to specie (see Earth/Metal Butterfly vs Earth/Metal Lion vs Blue Tiger below - all are Metal and Earth combinations).
Element1: Dark Rat
Element2: Metal Rat (Metal Hamster)
Stabilizer No
Result:Blue Dark Rat
Alternate possibility:Blue Gold Rat
Contributor(s): XxRemyxX

Element1: Metal Tiger
Element2: Earth Tiger
Stabilizer No
Result:Blue Metal Tiger
Alternate possibility: Blue Earth Tiger
Contributor(s): Daisey

Element1: Fire Butterfly (Large Red Butterfly)
Element2: Earth Butterfly
Stabilizer No
Result: Sea-Foam Green Earth Butterfly
Alternate possibility: Sea-Foam Green Fire Butterfly
Contributor(s): XxRemyxX (beastmaster), Carmina

Element1: Earth Pegasus
Element2: Light Pegasus
Stabilizer No
Result: Mint Green Earth pegasus
Alternate possibility: Mint Green Light pegasus
Contributor(s): Carmina

Element1: Fire Rat
Element2: Wood Rat
Stabilizer No
Result: Gold Fire Rat
Alternate possibility: Gold Fire Rat
Contributor(s): XxRemyxX

Element1: Light Rose
Element2: Water Rose
Stabilizer No
Result: Peach Water Rose
Alternate possibility: Peach Light Rose
Contributor(s): Samarah (beastmaster), Carmina

Element1: Light Spider
Element2: Water Spider
Stabilizer No
Result: Peach Water Spider
Alternate possibility: Peach Light Spider
Contributor(s): Xia (beastmaster), Carmina

Element1: Dark Sheep (Black Sheep)
Element2: Wood Sheep (Dread Ram)
Stabilizer No
Result: Bubblegum Pink Dark Sheep
Alternate possibility: Bubblegum Pink Wood Sheep
Contributor(s): XxRemyxX (beastmaster), Carmina

Element1: Wood Owl
Element2: Dark Owl (Night Eagle)
Stabilizer No
Result: Bubblegum Pink Wood Owl
Alternate possibility: Bubblegum Pink Dark Owl
Contributor(s): seira (beastmaster), Carmina

Element1: Wood Butterfly (Leaf Butterfly)
Element2: Light Butterfly (Angel Butterfly)
Stabilizer No
Result: Purple Light Butterfly
Alternate possibility: Purple Wood Butterfly
Contributor(s): Xia (beastmaster), Carmina

Element1: Metal Butterfly
Element2: Earth Butterfly
Stabilizer No
Result: Light Purple Earth Butterfly
Alternate possibility: Light Purple Metal Butterfly
Contributor(s): seira

Element1: Metal Lion
Element2: Earth Lion
Stabilizer No
Result: Light Purple Earth Lion
Alternate possibility: Light Purple Metal Lion
Contributor(s): Edguy

Element1: Light Owl
Element2: Wood Owl
Stabilizer No
Result: Purple Light Owl
Alternate possibility: Purple Wood Owl
Contributor(s): Daisey (beastmaster), Carmina

Element1: Metal Peg
Element2: Earth Peg
Stabilizer No
Result: Purple Metal Peg
Alternate possibility: Purple Metal Peg
Contributor(s): Daisey (beastmaster), Majura(opener and allowing us not to die on Guru and Bath Cata :x), Carmina

Element1: Light Owl
Element2: Fire Owl
Stabilizer No
Result: Yellow Fire Owl
Alternate possibility: Yellow Light Owl
Contributor(s):XxRemyxX (beastmaster), Carmina

Element1: Water Spirit
Element2: Dark Spirit
Stabilizer No
Result: Yellow Dark Spirit
Alternate possibility: Yellow Water Spirit
Contributor(s): Carmina

Updated 21-10-2013, thanks Aliciayeng