About Gambling

There are several forms and locations of gambling, this guide lists and explains them one by one

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Dawn's box
Lucky Draw

Master of Gamble
King of Gamble
God of Gamble
The playground - Casino
The playground - catch the thief

Location: Port Pebbles Bank
A way to get rid of unwanted dolls and cards and a chance to get something better in return (or that one card you do need).

There are 3 magic guys at Port pebbles bank:
If they don't succeed you get half your coins back.

Master of Gamble:
Takes 2 random cards and makes 4 different rubs:
- Normal Card Rub: 50k coins and has the lowest rate of success
- Advanced Card Rub: 150k coins and slightly higher chance of success
- Ultimate Card Rub: 250k coins and increased chance of success and chance for a better card (thats what the NPC says)
- Appointed Card Rub: 2 cards + 1 doll (the card you want to get out of it)) and 500k coins to have a greater chance to get the card of the doll you used.

King of Gamble:
Doesnt need cards or dolls just coins to give you a random card:
- Normal Abraca Card Rub: 100k coins for a low chance for a random card
- Advanced Abraca Card Rub: 300k coins for a slight better chance at success - Ultimate Abraca Card Rub: 500k coins and the risk is highly reduced for success
- Appointed Abraca Card Rub: 1M coins and 1 doll (the card you want to get out of it) for a higher chance of success to get that exact card

God of Gamble:
Takes 1M coins and gives you a random card out of his "collection".

Thats it. But of course that is only what they say, i didnt really test it a lot so I cannot give you an estimated % for the low,high,increased chances.

Thanks to Dedemraz and Keely

Location: The Playground
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The Playground can be entered at NPCC "The Playing Ground Transporter" left from Goldburg Main Teleporter

Fairyland Casino: The Dice Game
Made by Alleria

The casino plays a game of dice. You can bet on the outcome.
After placing a bet of 100, 1.000 10.000, 100.000 or 1.000.000 on 1 or more numbers, three dice are rolled.
Depending on the amount of numbers you guessed right you win back 2, 3 or 5 times your bet.

The outcome of the dice is totally RANDOM, it's possible to have 3 equal numbers as a result.

Chances to win:
Bet MadeNet Return
1 any-136
2 same-272
3 same-408
2 different-32
2 same 1 other-48
3 different-57

As you can see, this dice game behaves exactly like a casino; all bets are losing in the long run. In case you’re wondering what the number behind the minus sign means, read on.

Concept of Net Return
In order to evaluate how much each bet is “winning”, we introduce the concept of “net return”. Suppose one day you’re very free and decide to go to the Playing Ground, and you happen to be very rich. You make the same bet 216 times with the same stake on the same numbers. Your “net return” is the amount you expect to gain on average after multiplying by your stake.

For example, based on the table above, making a bet in 2 different numbers has a net return of -32. This means that if you bet on the same 2 different numbers 216 times with a stake of 1000 coins, you’ll end up losing 32000 coins in the exchange, on average.

Needless to say, a positive net return means the bet is winning in the long run, while a negative one means the bet is losing in the long run. Slightly less obviously, a bet with a greater net return is more attractive (and more winning) than a bet with a smaller net return.

Rules of the Dice Game
For those who are not familiar with the dice game, I’ll state the rules here. The Dealer hosts the dice game (lol). After the dice have finished shaking, you have 30s to place your bet on 1 or more numbers, up to a max of 3. Your stake could be 100, 1,000, 10,000, 100,000 or 1,000,000. You may also place different stakes on different numbers, but there is no reason to do that and for this entire article we assume all the stakes are the same. You may place bets on a number more than once, and doing so essentially increases your stake on that number; you win as many times as you have bets if that number appears, but you’re giving up a bet that you could have made on another number and won if it came out.

Every time a number that you bet appears once, you get 2x of your total stake in that number. If the same number appears twice, you get 3x of your total stake in that number. If the same number appears 3 times, you get 5x of your total stake in that number. Note that your stake is not refunded when you win (lol).

If all the numbers that you bet on did not appear, you don’t get anything and forfeit your stakes in all the numbers that you bet on.

Classifying the Bets
It is intuitive that each bet has its own net return; clearly betting on the same number 3 times yields a different result from betting on 3 different numbers, since the former is simply tripling your stake in 1 number, while betting on 3 different numbers allows for you to win in a large variety of ways.

For simplicity, the bets are classified based on the numbers that the stakes are placed on. The 6 different types of bets are:
• X: 1 of any number
• XX: 2 same numbers
• XY: 2 different numbers
• XXX: 3 same numbers
• XXY: 3 numbers, 2 of which are the same and the 3rd different
• XYZ: 3 different numbers

As mentioned earlier, each different bet has its own net return and hence must be calculated separately to find the net return of each of them.

The Actual Calculations
Bet 1XNet+41XXX
  Total Net-136 

Catch the Thief
To compete in "Catch the thief" you must first buy a ticket at NPC "Fake Ditch" for 1.000.000 coins, or 12 tickets for 10.000.000 coins. Then you can enter the contest.

The game has 6 stages, of increasing numbers of monsters.

The trick is to pick out the thief in each round correctly, thus increasing your possible end-reward with each round. There is no way to tell which monster is the thief.

When you guess right you can go to the next stage, or leave and get a reward ticket.

When you guess wrong, the game ends and you get consolidation ticket. Losing at stage 1 gets you a Prize Stub, at stage 2 a Sixth Prize Stub, etc.

Stubs can be exchanged for prizes and Reward tickets for stubs of at NPC Nell and Cherry

Chances to win
Stage 1 (2 mob): 50%
Stage 2 (3 mob): 33%*50%=16.5%
Stage 3 (4 mob): 25%*16.5%=4.13%
Stage 4 (5 mob): 20%*4.13%=0.83%
Stage 5 (6 mob): 16%*0.83%=0.14%
Stage 6 (7 mob): 14%*0.14%=0.02%

Prizes for Prize Stub:
Store Vip Card, pack of 20
Delivery Ticket, pack of 20
Convenient Buyer card, pack of 20

Prizes for sixth Prize Stub:
Power Doll (6/6)
Magic Doll
Bumper Doll (6/6)
Get Away Doll (6/6)
Weapon Enamel, 1 piece
Armor Upgrade Enamel
Pet Cage, 1 piece
Pet Kiss Candy, 1 piece
Pet Sweetheart Candy, 1 piece
Medical Box
Advanced Magic Doll
Life Doll (10/10)
Adv Life Doll (10/10)
Capsule lvl 3

Prizes for fifth Prize Stub:
Power doll (12/12)
Getaway Doll (12/12)
Life Doll (20/20
Magic Doll (20/20)
Bumper Doll (12/12)
Adanced Magic Doll (20/20)
Adv Life Doll(20/20
Pet Cage, pack of 3
Armor Enamel, pack of 2
Weapon Enamel, pack of 2
Pet Kiss Candy, pack of 3
Pet Sweetheart Candy, pack of 3

Prizes for fourth Prize Stub:
Int tuner
Con tuner
Luck tuner
Charm tuner
Str tuner
Attribute pranker
Capule lvl 4
Cha:Con:Str:Dex Pranker
Attribute tuner

Prizes for third Prize Stub:
Pet downgrade juice
Capsule level 5
Useless old system stabilizers (npc removed)

Prizes for second Prize Stub:
Capsule level 6
Life Core
Pet Downgrade Coffee

Prizes for first Prize Stub:
Universal secret
The molecular stabilize (junk in FL ENG)
Thanks to Endril, Moiraine, Nishihara, Mrgreen & Anxious87