Purple war

An overview of the battle-floor

1.Left armory (General Cecilia), free healing2.Center armory (Captain Barsa)3.Right armory (General Spin), pet heal +spawn when die.4.Dimension Fortress main entrance
30:50, 60:50 and 90:50 are the places parties get together. The mobs spawn around those coords.

Inside the Dimension Fortress

What is Pwar?Purple War means defending Fairyland from invasion by the Dark beasts and their leaders!
I want in!!Now hold on, we can't just let anyone join, that would be unsafe!
You must be lvl 71 or higher and the maximum amount of fighters on the battlefield is 60.
Where is Pwar?You can enter Pwar at Colonel Thomax, in the center of Goldburg (77:294)
When can I start Pwar?Four times a day.

GMT times:
05:30AM, 11:30AM, 05:00PM, 11:59PM

CET Summer:
7:30AM, 01:30PM, 07:00PM 01:59AM

CET Winter:
6:30AM, 12:30PM, 06:00PM 00:59AM

12:30PM, 06:30PM, 00:00AM, 06:59AM

01:30PM, 07:30PM, 01:00AM, 07:59AM

EDT Summer:
01:30AM, 7:30AM, 01:00PM, 07:59PM

EDT Winter:
00:30AM, 6:30AM, 12:00PM, 06:59PM

PDT Summer:
10:30PM, 04:30AM, 10:00AM, 04:59PM

PDT Winter:
09:30PM, 03:30AM, 09:00AM, 03:59PM
What happens if I die in PWar?Well you just lost 1 famepoint and all your hitpoints...But you respawn right wing (unless it got captured, then you get kicked out of Pwar). Heal up and you can rejoin your team at the battleground!
What is the level of the Dark Beasts?5 higher than the highest player in your party
When is Pwar won?When the highest boss is killed (never happens), but not losing is generally considered winning ;-)
When is Pwar lost?When the center wing get's captured.
What can I get from Pwar?Pwar points and fame, depending on how many Dark Beasts or bosses your party killed. Destroying the door also gains you a few points. It depends on how many people "door".
What can I do with that?Trade it for certain items, coins or experience.
How much Dex do i need?To be faster then the water mobs you need:Beastlord
LevelDex GOBIDex Merge


When the battle starts, there are 2 jobs:
1) Help destroying the door (If nobody hits the door it will heal 100hp every 2sec)
2) Fight Dark beasts at the battleground
After the door is broken, the jobs are:
1)Fight dark beasts on the battleground
2)Fight dark beasts inside the fortress
Purple War is completely DEX related.
On the main battleground each Dark Beast has 3 HP. You can only do 1 damage with each succesful hit. However they can do a lot of damage to you and your party. Best tactics are: have a lot of dex, a decent defence pet, attack pet with lot's of dex and nice party members.

Each class attracts a different element of Dark Beast.
E.G. Archmages attract water beasts. Water, as you know, is dex based. Therefore over 400 dex is needed to be quicker then those beasts. This makes Archmages very unpopular in fighting parties.
Schemers of Darkness are also unpopular, because their only mob-attack spell is superburst. Superburst has a 50% dex penalty, which means a SOD needs twice the dex other classes need.

The wings As mentioned above, In the left wing you can heal up for free and in the right wing you can heal your pet.
If 6 Dark Beasts attack the left or right wing, that wing and it's abilities are lost. Also, 4 Dark Beasts now spawn from those wings.
If 10 Dark Beasts attack the center wing, pwar is lost and no group fame is gained.

Inside the fortress the Dark Beasts have 3 hitpoints. The bosses have a lot more HP and do a lot of damage to you and your party.
Here also you need a lot of dex and a considerable amount of hitpoints is advisable. :)

The best party for fighting the bosses is: 4 Beastlords, 1 SOD. Without SOD you can go up to 3rd boss only or you will just be wasting your time fighting bosses. It will take too much time. Best pet for bossing is 4 pet with 3x combo and 1 pet with 350int(depends on party lvl) + weaken + 3x combo.
Another good party for fighting the bosses is: 3 Beastlords, 1 SOD, 1 SS. Ideally all but 1 have a 3x combo pet (Kappa) and 1 has a weaken pet.
A party of 4 Beastlords and 1 random works too.

Beastlords use: Unleash
SOD: Nightmare

Every 10 rounds, a full new party of mobs spawn, till you defeat the boss (and mob). Mobs try to paralyse you.
Fighting the bosses is very very hard and only a select few specialists do it at the moment.

Thanks to Laun, Moiraine, Helreginn, Odette, Chateau, Furnietka, Kiemmy, Nishihara, EverSight, Laelyne, GaLaDRieL