The Milk Maid
Requirement: No Fame Requirement
Rewards: 2000 Exp, 100 Fame
Quest NPC's
1. Talk to Milka [72:18]. Chose Option 1 then when asked Choose option 2 to milk the cow.
2. Speak to the Cow [32:103] by Ahmi's House in Gion.
3. Defeat the Cow then right click cow and milk it then return to Milka.
Open the Peach (listed as Openless peach)
Requirement: Finish the quest "the Peach" from Veggie. For beastmaster/beastlord only. Beastlore 20 or up.
Rewards: A beastegg with peachshape which holds a random pet
Quest NPC's
Talk to Kawana again after you finished "the peach".
She will tell you a story then give you the beastegg with peachshape.
Rightclick to open it and you will notice a new pet in your petlist. The pet is random.