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Version 1.0, 11/10/2009
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Table of Contents
1: Introduction
--- 1.1: What is good about AOL
--- 1.2: How do AOLs train
2: Fundamental
--- 2.1: Leveling AOL
--- 2.2: Stats
--- 2.3: Leveling Skills
3: Temple Faith Points
4: Support your AOL
--- 4.1: Fame Guide
--- 4.2: Finance
--- 4.3: Equipments
5: Pets for AOL
--- 5:1: What you need
--- 5.2: Pwar pet
--- 5.3: Other thoughts
6: Reborning Facts
7: Credits

1. Introduction

AOL is NOT an offensive class, at earlier stage you might not be able to train alone and your first damage spell can't hurt anything. Choosing this class has its own benefits, but as a member of Diviners, patience are absolutely essential if you want to make an awesome AOL.

1.1 What is good about AOL
You are supporting members for the party, healing and buffing the party so the killers can do more damage and to avoid death, even if anyone is dead, you can revive them :D . Basically you are the disciple of the God of Light, so you learn spells from the Light Temple at Western Grassland when your Light Magic skill level up. So, you are good at healing, good at increasing combat ability for your team mates, can revive and can attack as well, when you reach later stage it is almost impossible for anything to hurt you too painfull. Ah, you can teleport anywhere at ease (3 points to set).

Take a glance of the spells you gain throughout your life as AOL:
Lv01 Recovery: (1st healing spell, single target, heals 100-500)
Lv05 Bless: (1st buffing spell, single target)
Lv10 Bridge of Light: (1st TP spell, set at healers)
Lv15 Revive: (1st reviving spell, recovers 10% HP)
Lv15 Regeneration: (1st regen spell, single target)
Lv20 Holy Word: (1st attack spell, single target, hits 100-600)
Lv25 Holy Light: (1st buff spell, increases dodge rate)
Lv30 Guardianship: (Repels all evil curses, single target)
Lv35 Blade in Faith: (2nd buff spell, boost hitrate of whole party)
Lv40 Rainbow Bridge: (2nd TP spell, 3 points to set)
Lv45 Holy Glow: (2nd healing spell, single target, heals 600-1k)
Lv45 Holy Blast: (2nd attack spell, T-shape targets, hits 700-3k)

and these spells can be learnt when you advance to Architect of Light at Lv60+,
Lv50 Miracle: (3rd healing spell, single target, heals 2k-4k)
Lv55 Cherubic Chorus: (Final healing spell, whole party, heals up to 2.5k)
Lv60 Holy Ghost: (Final buffing spell, whole party, boosts DMG/dodge)
Lv60 *Angel Call: (2nd reviving spell, recovers 1k HP)
Lv60* Holy Star: (Final reviving spell, whole party)
Lv65 Rain of Grace: (Final attack spell, hits a row, slightly heals party even miss)
Lv65 Praying Shield: (1st protect spell, whole party, weakens damage from spells)
Lv70 Party Regeneration: (Final regeneration spell, whole party)
* require questing to obtain (refer to Quest on Ironwolves)

People used to think that AOLs are not useful, but if you train yourself well and are hardworking enough to get all spells in hand, you're very welcomed among people.
1.2 How do AOLs train
We are sad to tell you that training alone isnt possible when you're still low level, your first spell Holy Word looks cool but can't be useful. You'd want to get in a party if you love exploring the whole Fairyland, or cage yourself in newbie basement training your skill level to furnish your spells effect. Training isn't too hard nowadays, its still the result of your effort.


Indeed, getting your AOL a high level is very good, but much better if you also level up your skill because for all diviners, high in level but without a good skill level, you can't go far.

2.1 Leveling AOLs
Basically you DO NOT train alone (you don't have powerful attack spells to solo yet). Just ask a friend or a nice stranger to power level you from lvl 1 to lvl 50, you should have no problem surviving past Lv30 if you have enough CON to get u more HP at each lvl up (your HP&MP will be full almost all the time as you level up very fast), but it's still safer to have an AOL among your trainers in case you're murdered.
Being Power leveled is ONLY when you really die a lot and have no other options, do not be over reliant on power leveling, try to work some effort out of yourself.
Due to your low Light Magic level, if you prefer to take time level up slowly and enjoy, it's recommended that you get yourself in a party instead of solo-ing all the way, unless you have a decent combat pet which can hold you through battles. (Hint: Rich? Use CON pots (Millenium Elixer) and INT food (Enchantres Ration), and wear CON sets (equipments which gives considerable CON stats when you're being plvled, you can choose not to add any CON and focus on more necessary stats). Whatever level you are, remember to crounch yourself at newbie basements and spam your Light Magic all the way to atleast Lv45, that's when you can really do damage to mobs with Holy Blast. Congratulation but yet, Lv50 is just a start of your journey, from now on you do not level up automatically and its never free-of-charge anymore. At this point you'd want to have 21k of fame (or more) to pay the minimum level up price, which is 51k from Lv50 to Lv51. Each and every level up onwards requires you an addition of 1k fame to pay the minimum addition of 1k coins, i.e, 22k fame to pay 52k coins to level to Lv52, and so on.

2.2 Stats
An AOL needs DEX and INT, to move faster than mobs and buff your party member, also to have greater spell effect with high intelligence. You certainly want more Dex to move faster and you do not want to have less Int either, nowadays dreamlike equipments with several reinforcements are easy to grab, get one, or make yourself one (Tips on how to reinforce/refine equipments & weapons can be found at Fairyland Wiki website). For AOL, you do not need Charm/Str/Luk, since you won't be worried about having low Int and less MP growth when you get stronger, Con comes to be important. If you are "not that loaded", adding Con to 40 or somewhere around would keep you having HP growth at normal rate. WELL, you would want to be stronger with more HP and perhaps IMBA amount of it to make yourself undead. As mentioned above, wearing Con+ gears and using Con pots when you level helps a lot on your HP gain, but pots' only effective within 15 minutes so don't waste!

2.3 Leveling Skills
Training Light Magic tips:
Buy pots, a lot of pots can save you praying time and speed up your LM leveling process, if you can afford a Fighting Doll or Advanced Fighting Doll is much better. Wear +MP gears and +medicine effect equipments to let you spam more spells before you had to replenish your MP and also save on pots expense (+medicine effect prevent overdosing), find yourself a good movie because it is extremely boring if you do nothing other than spamming Light Spells. AOL is the easiest skill leveling class among diviners since those high MP consuming spells do not kill mobs yet gives considerable skill exp. So, try to keep your Light Magic level close to your character level, cage yourself in newbie basement and spam the most Mp cost spells all the way and eat pot, and do it again, Light Magic can go very fast.
Training Magic Wand:
This skill is not useful for diviners because we barely hit monsters with a wand, however having this skill up seemingly increases the hitrate of your spells. How to train this skill up? Easy, hit with a wand on.


Temple faith are important for diviners, and only Light Temple Faith is most advantageous for AOLs. You may not need too massive amount of Faith Point to be good but having around 30k faith point will help a lot. Faith points boosts the effect of your spells, giving you the attribute of light both in offense and defense if you're not enchanting any pets.

Although its said that, more faith points equals more damage, but once your faith points carry over 80k, it's not obvious the bonus as compared to the starting 30k points. So it is up to you to decide how far you go with temple faith.

TIPS: Wearing LUCK equipments while doing faith point quests and pet using Goodwill helps with the result, MORE LUCK = MORE faith points.


4.1 Fame Guide
Being famous is important or you may want to be rich, paying 100ks to level up isnt a very good idea. Quests help you gain fame slowly but accumulatively you still get decent fame, most quests of 1001 patch offer 3k fame, if you're a quest hunter, go for them.
The alternative of getting fame fast, is through the warehouses. It's common that you notice kingdom's buying things from time to time, either Procurement officer or Construction officers. What you need to do is to check what they are buying, then purchase the goods from Logistic officer and fill up what they need, by selling to procurements you actually gain certain amount of fame (higher lvl of the product means more fame). But at the same time, you lose a great amount of cash (procurement's price is half of Logistic's price), well, why not? Since you're going to get VERY rich at later stage of this game, and its really cheaper comparing to those 100ks leveling fee. (Details of leveling payment and fame requirement list can be found at Ironwolves too)

4.2 Finance
Yes, we're having money talk here. Fairytale is realistic nowadays, money moves u around, money feeds you, money gets you stronger, and penniless=DEATH ;p.
Here's some tips about money making. First choice is to quest, they give you fame, as well as some helpful coins. But for long term, you'd want a workskill or two or more that can earn money for you as well as supporting your journey in FL. The combination of mining and Metalworking are most recommended for beginners as they are easy to explore and level. Make Ivory Charms out of the Gilded golds you make, and the ivory you can buy from warehouses (they are cheap), it could be quite profitable. Well, this is just an example, once you advance into the game you might find out that Purple War can earn you much much more shiny pennies.
The formula of pwar-coins exchange is CharLv x 20 x 4.

4.3 Equipments
You can still survive while being naked, but having good equipments are definitely much better. For beginners you'd want some good robes and boots that give you pretty alright defense, don't bother about a wand or superb gears because you only need them when you get atleast Light Magic Lv45 above.
When you go stronger, you'll find that AOL spells costs way a lot Mana and drains your Mana fast, you might want a regeneration boot, for me it is good after reinforce to Lv4, it recovers 1200 HP/MP every 30seconds, keeping my Mana bar always sufficient to continue spamming Rain of Grace (170MP). Dreamlikes are easy to get nowadays, a dreamlike truth code, dreamlike soulgem laurel which gives 15+ int/dex/con, Dreamlike Aurora Staff which gives 15+ Light Magic effect and all other dreamy gears. Becareful when you're shopping in market, overpricing is just too common today. Ask for more information from your friends or your clannies, invest only on the right equipments.
We notice that AOL need much higher INT to have Rain of Grace hit the whole row without missing too much, morphing a pet into your wand could help on this. Morphing light pet into wand can increase spell damage, whilst water pet (we are referring to water pets with high dex) can give higher spells accuracy.

(If you have reinforce gems, you can reinforce your equipments for big boosts of their stats, facts about reinforcement can be found at Fairyland Wiki)


5.1 What you need
AOL has a lot of spells but mostly are defensive and buffing usage, we are not a attack based class so pets are important to balance that out.
Armor Pet
As most other classes, you'd be advised to grab a Pie Aibo as your basic armor pet, some people would use a wood baby too, the only difference between these two is only an aibo can learn Sacrifice while a baby can learn Vampirism, so at times wood baby is also good as a defensive combat pet (a sandbag) which lasts longer since AOL has a bunch of healing spells to keep both pet and ourselves alive. However at later stage, usually after class change to Architect of Light, you'd want an earth armor pet i.e Earth Mushroom, Earth Slug or an Earth Bomb (aibo). Mobs after Lv50 can cast all kind of advanced spells and at Purple War those mobs with Golden Needle Shoot and Hephaestus can kill you instantly if you're in a wood defense, and since earth pets tend to grow on Luck which gives certain amount of dodge rate, you can dodge more and save on your equipment durability. It is also said that having a light con/con pet can boost your defense since we AOL are having light faith points, but this is not as good since bosses in Kwar or Pwar cast Superburst and will kill you instantly.
Magic Pet
Since you are an AOL, a light int/int pet is most wanted. Either get yourself a LC (life core) to fuse a int/int black sheep with a light pet to make a light int/int pet, or get a light pet with considerable Int to boost your Light Spells effect. It is proven that a light pet with Int 150 gives you more damage on your Light Spells than a dark pet with Int 220, and a light Int pet will add on the power of your spells if you have high Light faith points.
Combat Pet
As mentioned, if you're defensive you could use a wood baby or a pie aibo with xfer HP and Heal and sacrifice, if you're offensive, a fire str pet would be your choice, i.e Flame Tiger, Apolion, Flame Koala, Fire Griffin or Momotaro. AOL has Dmg buffing spells and healing spells so our offensive combat pets may last longer even they usually have low HP and low defense.
Arms Pet
Holy Blast hits the target even if your dex is not as high, but Rain of Grace has extreme miss rate (although it still heals party at misses), you'd want a water dex/dex pet to raise your Hitrate and accuracy, most of the water pets grow on dex/dex so it is not too costly to get one. Refer back to Equipments section about morphing pet into your wand.
Soul Pet
Basically you do not ever need a pet in this slot, and it is not recommended to get a particular int pet just for soul slot, since you get to cast Praying Shield at high LM level to boost your magic defense, soul pet is kind of unnecessary.

5.2 Purple War Pets
This is different from normal Blue Wars or normal combat in wildernesses, purple war is a team work based battle field. AOLs will not be welcomed if you have low dex (i.e, lower than 180), and do not have Rain of Grace. And ofcourse, pets in pwar is different from normal situations, your pet should be something that have wide damage, i.e Metal pets with Golden Needle Shoot, Earth pets with Meteor Shower. However, Golden Carp (lv80+), Coin Skunk(lv75+), Metal Bee(lv71+) or a golden mushroom(lv71+) can be better choices against those mobs with their very good dex, and Golden Needles is a skill which has high accuracy as compared to Meteor Shower of earth pets.
Bossing Pets in purple war
Normally it's any pet with combo and decent dex. Water Kappa is very common among people as it can learn Triple Combo Strike (3x combo) and has a pretty DEX. If necessary, a dark Int pet with Weaken is also useful in pwars to lower Boss' hitrate so they can't hurt you at all. For further information about pwar, refer to Fairyland Wiki.

5.3 Other Thoughts
If you have a decent pet to do the fighting for you, you'll be all good as you can buff and recover lost HP. However there're a lot mysteries about pets, try to do more research and ask for opinions. All pets can be very good depending on how good is the master. :)


Reborning is like resetting your pet, only your level and stats are resetted based on a formula (refer to Fairyland Wiki), nothing else changes. You can reborn, yes. If you're ever unsatisfied of your stats, just reborn and reborn and reborn.
First reborn costs 1 million and addition of 3 each and every of the following reborns. You need to be Lv71 for the first, and 5 levels higher also for each and every of the followings. For more information, ask the Prophets in Temple of Ascendancy, it's accessed from Mountain Climbing Trail, watch for the signboard showing the small hidden path to temple, you won't miss it.
You can also tune stats using attribute tuners. (Note about Attribute Tuners: You cant use attribute tuner to tune your stat if the stat is less than half of your character level.)

Reborn easier with enough pwar fame
If you do not know, pwar fame can be exchanged into experience point (exp). Refer to Fairyland Wiki under Reborning facts, scroll to the bottom to see how many pwar points you need to advance level. This is very handy, with enough pwar points you do not need to redo the whole life of training all over again to get back to the level before reborn.


Thanks to
Fairyland Wiki
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