Frequently asked Questions:

What is the grey kitty?The grey kitty appears at completely random times. The more you play, the more you meet it.

A few facts:
-It runs after 10 rounds, or if you hurt it for 50% of it's HP
-It's level and HP depend on the highest lvl player in your party
-If you survive 10 rounds, you get a lot of coins, also lvl based
-If you KO it, you get a random card as a reward
-It is not possible to catch it
How to equip a carpet or pet cart?-Open you pet menu.
-Select your battle pet.
-At the top right there is an empty square, drag the cart or carpet into it.
-Put the pet in battle mode, voila!
How to make equipment?In the blacksmith is a guy named "Master of Equipment". Bring him the required items and he will make your equipment
How to repair equipment?2 options:
-Repair at the Repairshops in every major city (item is then half durability)
-Buy a repair ticket from the Fairyland mall (Lager website). Note: To be able to use a repair ticket you MUST have the item repaired at least once in the repairshop (advice repair it a couple of times in the repairshop till the durability is quite low, then buy a repair ticket).
What does equipment with +1/+2 etc to a skill do?When equipped, it increases the damage of the skill as if the actual level of the skill is +1/+2 etc.
More experience from combat: 1 means you get 1% more experience.
What happens if you fuse a pet you got by fusing?Example: You made a light str/str pet. Now you want to fuse it to get another pet species, but keep light and str/str..
Sorry to say the result will be the other pet species, but the growth of light is random. When fusing the light counts as random, so your light pet is now count as str/random. The result will be str/random.
Does Dark Sheep have better INT than Night Eagle?No, it depends on their growth (+int per lvl).
Does a mage's "wand skill" increase magical damage?No, only physical damage (hitting). A mage does not want to hit mobs to death (takes forever), so do not invest in this skill.
Does holding a wand/staff increase a mage's magical damage?Yes! see for yourself
What is a good pet for a mage's magic?When you reach lvl 60 and EC lvl 50 > get a fire int int pet. Before that...dark sheep is fine, or maybe an earth pet with int growth (con,luck,int) to increase the damage of "wrath of the land" slightly.
What is a good defence pet?Guardian Angel, Earth Bomb, Wood Baby (rare pet).
What is a good combat pet for damage?"Flame sword" (str str), but it will miss a lot. "Golden lion" (str str con), same problem. It depends a lot on what you want the pet to do, help you with spells like molten, or poison? Get a pet that has INT. Want it to survive a couple of hits? It needs some CON. Want it for max pure damage? Str Str will do fine.
Nice skills for combat pets are: Heal, Full Heal in combination with Transfer HP. Triple Combo, Lala Dance, Sacrifice. Curse, Weaken, Poison, Lethal Poison, Liquefy, Molten, Dance Wave, Silence. Other combinations are also possible, not all are as effective as others.
What is a good pet for an AOD / SOD?As aod >Black Sheep, Night Eagle. As SOD, you can keep it and coffee/soda/cola it, or choose a higher lvl int int dark pet.
Whats is a good pet for an AOL?Till lvl 60, any Light/INT pet will do fine, above that get a Light INT INT pet.(Market or make one)
What is a good pet for on the Weapon?Diviners need no pet on their weapon, it has no effect. Other classes have use of a Str/Str pet on their weapon or a Dex/Dex. For Str/Str it increases the output DMG. Use: Fire, Light or Dark, pref. Light or Dark. For Dex/Dex it increases the Hitrate (using water-dex pet is the easiest option here).
What pet should I put on Soul?Not really necessary if you have enough HP and a good Defence pet, but if you want > the pet with the same element as the ones you are fighting against most. Pretty useless in most high level places, since all elements spawn there.
Where can I use Tool Combo tickets to combine tools?In the Stores of Goldburg, Rainbow City and Bluebird. Talk to the Tool Tinker.
Where can I heal for free?In the PK field.