About Ironwolves

Current Team Ironwolves:
Moiraine: General management, hosting since 2023
Dazza: Development
For help in the past we want to thank:
Xception: For Image editing & webdesign
Exeldro: for hosting until 2023
ICatchPets: For setting up the forum and creating the pet pages
Laelyne: Forum admin until 2020
Nishihara: For his help with high level maps information & various
Endril: For his help with workskill pages & various
Wisteria: For creating the lovely Ironwolves banner
A bit of History:
MeFisher has created and, with help of a lot Fairyland players from all around the world, updated this website with all information you ever wished to know about Fairyland online. At a certain moment, MeFisher quit playing and, after a while, stopped updating the website. Though that did not stop people from visiting this website far after it contained all information about all the patches. When MeFisher had to quit hosting Ironwolves, he made the files available for whoever wanted to use it, or host it. At that point Forsaken decided we will not let his hard work go in vain. We decided not only to host the website, but to make an effort on making it THE website where you can find all the information you ever wanted about Fairyland again too.

Fairyland Iron Wolves - is a Resource site that is dedicated to providing information to better help the gaming experience for all Fairyland Players. We aim at as accurate information as possible, attempting to provide the most information in the broadest possible spectrum.

Any errors, suggestions, misprints, typo's, additional experiences that will or could be relevant to other Fairyland player's gameplay experience, including Guide updates, Multiple guides, character leveling suggestions would be most welcome.

Credits will be assigned as information is provided, if information is not provided or is in question then we reserve the right to remove all credit.
The Ironwolves Team