Beginner's Tutorial
(Taken from Fairyland.My)
This tutorial will teach you the basics of the game including movement, inventory, combat and others.
Tutorial Steps
  1. How to Walk

  • Answer: I Want To Learn then Confirm.
  • Walk a Few Steps by clicking anywhere on the screen.
  • You Will Pass the test and get a Fried Chicken
  • Move onto the mat to proceed to the next section.
  1. How to Interact and Use Items
  • To talk to NPCs (Non Players Characters), just right-click on their feet.
  • Right-click on the little boy to talk to him. He will teach you how to use items.
  • Your inventory (5th button from the left in the command interface) will start flashing. Click on it to open your inventory.

  • Right-click on the bun icon to eat the bun and complete this tutorial. You will see the yellow bar in your status section increase. This indicates your food level and will affect your HP and MP regeneration rate.

  • Now right click on the Professor and he will teach u how to pick up and drop items.
  • To Pick and items, you need to walk next to the item then right-click on it.
  • To drop an item, open your inventory, choose which item you wanted to drop, left-click on it and the click on the spot where you want to drop it.=
  • If you need to split up a stack of items, hold shift while you click on items in your inventory.
  • The Fairyland Professor will then ask you a question: If you are picking up an item, should you right-click or left-click on it?
  • Click on “Right Click” and you will receive a fish fillet. Move down onto the mat to proceed to the next area.
  1. Character Attributes
  • Right-click on the FairyLand girl to proceed. She will teach you about character building and attributes. There are 6 attributes which are explained below:
    • Strength (STR): Determines how much weight one can carry and how much damage one can deal if a hit is made.
    • Dexterity (DEX): Determines how frequently one can attack and how often can one’s attack hit its mark.
    • Intelligence (INT): Determines the effect of spells, the speed of MP regeneration, and the increment of MP with each level up
    • Charm (CHA): Determines the intimacy level of pets and the chances of success in capturing beasts.
    • Constitution (CON): Determines how much HP a character gains as he or she levels up.
    • Luck (LUK): Determines how well one can evade attacks and the value of treasures found in chests and victorious combats.

  • After that, the Fairyland girl will ask you a question: Which is the factor that determines how well you dodge and attack and how fast you can attack.
  • Answer Dexterity and you get a Mint Paste.
  • She will then explain about the Fairy Compendium. For any quest, whenever you promise to help someone, the quest will be recorded in the Fairy Compendium.
  • To Open the Fairy Compendium, press CTRL + ' or the book icon on the upper right corner.
  • A green light before the quest indicates that you have completed the quest while a red light indicates that you haven’t finished the quest.
  • Click on the green light to check for complete quest and the click on the red light to check for incomplete quests.
  • Then you will receive 3 Lesser Healing potions.