Special Items

This section will contain pictures, Name, and a Description of each item that is in game.
Some items such as Pet Accessory items will not be in this list as described farther down but
under their respective pages. Any missing information, or drop locations that are not listed
as of yet on here please do submit as this will contain them all.

Pet Related Items

Work Related Items

Battle Related Items

Gear Related Items

Power Ups

Misc. Items

Token items

Credits for pictures, and info: Noortje, MeFisher, Grolgan, beach, Forums, Pipa, Tulip, Bag, Sidewinder, The Mage, StEvE, MissAPunk, Kiem, Rana,MarK,Starchaser, ciruS, Phenix, Tashah, FalcolnZ, Moiraine

Note that many items (but not all) can also be bought from Lager's Item Mall. At the moment not for every item ingame availability in the mall has been checked. Until the revision of the item pages is complete, you will have to check for yourselves. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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