Introduction to FairyLand Pets

In the world of FairyLand, there are a kind of special creatures called pets. These creatures are inseparable from the inhabitants of FairyLand. They have a unique bond with their human, elven or dwarven masters. Normally these pets roam wild in the countryside of FairyLand's vast world. The higher a pet's level or rank, the more difficult it is to capture and tame a pet. Therefore, a beginner would be wise not to do so at an early stage but to gain a pet through hatching of a pet egg. A pet which has been hatched and is trained by it's master from young will live and grow with him/her until death. Thus is the bond between a pet and its master.

Pets are divided into the gold, wood, water, fire, earth, and light elements. Depending on which element the pet belongs to, and the element of the opposing creature, the effectiveness of combat is affected by up to 50%. For example, a pet with the earth element will not be highly affected by the attacks of a pet of the fire element.

Besides the different elemental attributes, there are difference to the pet's physique, strength, agility and so on such as the main characters have. They may also learn different skills depending on all the factors mentioned.

Although the pets are always more than eager to help their master, the accompanying pet consumes a portion of the master's magic points (MP). If the MP is insufficient to supply the pet's needs, the pet may be compelled to not accompany the master. However, if this occurs too often, the pet may actually run away.


Obtaining Pets

You get your first opportunity at obtaining a pet when you play the tutorial quest. The quest will allow you to get a pet egg which you can then hatch to get a pet. Besides hatching a pet from an egg, you may also obtin pets through other quests, purchasing them from pet stores and capturing them in battles. In FairyLand, besides boss level enemy beasts, you can actually capture all the other pets on the battlefield. Once the pet's life is below a certain level, you will have the option of capturing it. However, when a pet's health has reached low levels, there is a high probability that the pet will run away from combat.  

Besides personally capturing or purchasing a pet, players may also trade pets with each other. Or even conduct their own purchasing. However, the pet obtained from the tutorial quest cannot be sold or traded.


Capturing a pet

First you need a Capsule. They come in different levels. Level 1 Capsules may only capture beasts between level 1 to 20. You can buy Level 1 Capsules in the pet shops in Rainbow City, Bluebird or Goldburg. When you are fighting a single beast, you may attempt to capture it.

Here are tips:

  1. Try placing your capsule in the "Quick List".
  2. The less hitpoints a beast has got, the easier it is to capture.
  3. It helps to have good Charm when capturing a beast.

The lower the level of a beast, the easier it is to capture. Furthermore, you won't exhaust a capsule even when failing to capture. Just keep trying.


Relationships with your pets

The Intimacy level of a beast is very important. It determines whether is a pet would listen to your commands. With a high intimacy level, you'd have more command options for a pet. With a low intimacy level, a pet may choose to ignore your commands or even turn against you!

There are 3 ways to increase intimacy:

1. Keep it fed. Remember the pets need to feed on your MP. Keep an eye on your MP level.
2. Winning in combats will boost a pet's morale.
3. Take it out for a walk now and then. Keep it happy. But make sure it doesn't get out of your sight. If a pet got out of your screen, its intimacy will decrease.

If a pet's intimacy level becomes too low, it may not take part in combat. Or if it does, it may turn against you. Having too many pets at one time is a drain on your MP. If you can't afford a pet, you are advised to give it or sell it away. It is also possible to send it to a Pet's Home. They'll take care of it for you. 

Pet Functions

Allows your pet to follow you and join you in combat.
Arms Allows your pet to enhance your current weapon, increasing the weapon's damage and other attack attributes. For example, a Fire elemental pet may give the weapon fire damage capabilities. Only pets with an intimacy level of 30 and above may use this function.
Armor Allows your pet to enhance your shield and armor defensive capabilities and change it's attributes. For example, a water based pet may lend your armor water resistance properties, making you suffer less damage from water based attacks. Only pets with an intimacy level of 50 and above may use this function.
Magic Allows your pet to enhance your spellcasting and magic abilities. Only pets with an intimacy level of 60 and above may use this function.
Soul Allows your pet to enhance your protection capabilities against magic. It can also change your guard type based on the pet's element. Your pet will only be able to carry out this function for a limited time. Only pets with an intimacy level of 80 and above may use this function.

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