Beastmaster-BeastLord Guide

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Fairyland BM/BL Guide
Written By ICatchPets
Update by Moiraine 2019

The 3 Beastmaster Builts

- The Battle Beastmaster is one of the strongest battle classes at higher level, but you must build it to do so if you want to do damage! It can also catch pets and do ok at Pwar.
- The Purple War Beastmaster is made mainly for Pwar, it still has combat and pet catching potential, specially with token armor and weapon, but it is mainly used to fight at the Pwar battle at lvl 71 and above.
- The Pet Catching Beastmaster can catch pets well and to survive in battle, while ignoring pwar and combat capabilities unless you have token equipment and a good battle pet.

While all the Beastmasters build have potential in catching pets, killing mobs and fighting at pwar, if you focus on one of them you would be incredibly better at it than a Beastmaster with another built, while still doing ok at the other stuff. I highly suggest you to focus on a single built.

Battle Beastmaster

Attribute Distribution:
Add Con until 40 or 50.
Add mostly on Str with some Dex, mostly 2/1 ratio.
After level 50 add all Str

What Skills to Focus:
Animal Training
Optional: Beast Lore and Speed

What Pets To Use:
For Arms: Any Dark Str/Str pet, if you can't afford to make one then a Fire Str/Str is fine.
For Armor: Earth pet with Luck or Con growth with Heal and Transfer HP skills.
For Battle: The ideal would be a Token Fire/Str pet with Heal, Transfer HP, Combo/Tripple Combo skills, but you can use any Fire/Str or Dark Str/Str, however Heal and Transfer HP skills are a must!
For Poison: Any dark pet with Elemental skills is fine, if you want a really good poison pet have one that also learns Heal.

-Playing Battle Beastmaster-

At lower levels you can start training your whip skill and using your pet in combat so it increases animal training, you need this because at level 68 and 80 you learn your most powerful attack skills which fuses with your pet, and the 80 one requires whip to be at least level 50!
If you add alot of Str and get a nice battle pet at first, you should have no problem fighting at parties with people around your level, specially when you get Strengthen which increases the damage of your pet. However eventually you wont be able to easily level up anymore, so you must find someone to level you up for you. Once you get to level 60 you can finally become a Beast Lord! Now you can start getting advanced skills, but your goal would be to get to level 71 so you can go to pwar (Purple War).
There are three things you must aim for before going to Pwar: Get Merge skill, Unleash Skill and get good token gear so you can have at least over 215 Dex and attack before the wood monsters, if you have over 310 Dex you can attack before all but water. Token gear is expensive and not everyone can afford to buy tokens to get them, if you can't get them it's fine, you can always go to Pwar and either door, or leech battles off a party of friends, then you can exchange your points for money to get good gear, or exchange them for EXP to boost you to level 80, which is your ultimate goal.
At level 80 you can learn your strongest skill, God of Beast Impact! It requires level 50 whip but if you fought alot at lower levels you shouldn't have a problem achieving that. Now try to get some level 80 or 75 token gear and you should be one strong Beast Lord!

Purple War Beastmaster

Attribute Distribution:
Use con/int gear to get the necessary hp and mp
Add all points to Dex

What Skills to Focus:
Whip to lvl 50
Optional: Beast Lore, Animal Training

What Pets To Use:
For Armor: Earth Luck pet, with Heal and Transfer HP skills, you wanna try to dodge as much as possible!
For Battle: You should have two battle pets, one Dark/Int pet with Weaken and Triple Combo for fighting against boss and either Earth Dex/Int pet with elemental for Meteor Shower or Metal Dex/Int pet with elemental for Golden Needle Shoot for fighting against the mobs.
For Poison (Optional): Any dark pet with Elemental skills is fine, if you want a really good poison pet have one that also learns Heal.

Pet Catching Beastmaster

Attribute Distribution:
Add Con until 40 or 50.
add mostly dex with some cha (however cha is not REALLY necessary

What Skills to Focus:
Beast lore: Entrap improves the chance of catching the beast by lowering its charm stat.
Expert beast lore: Tame prevents the beast from running away 3 rounds. Note that it will not work on every pet. In my case (Grady lvl 81) my Expert beastlore level was 35 + 50 from whip, but Tame would fail 100% on any pet higher then lvl 71. That makes catching beasts xtremely difficult. They will run long before their hitpoints are down to 1. optional: Animal Training, dodge

What Pets To Use:
For Armor: Earth con/Luck pet, with Heal and Transfer HP skills or Dark con/int pet wityh Heal and Transfer HP skills
For battle: poison pet, any dark one with elemental skills is fine, int/int would be best poison, but he needs to be able to stand a hit or 2 too. Maybe con/int is best