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What is mutation:
Whenever you fuse pets, there is always an extremely small chance that the pet will mutate, this is indicated by 3 question marks in the slot machine. When this happens youíll get a completely random pet from certain updates, so they can be anything from level 61+ fuse only, to rare, event and old token pets that cannot be acquired in any other way. The pets can only be from the Original, Mermaid, Alice in wonderland, Kingís New Clothes and Wizard of Oz updates (wizard of oz needs confirmation). When mutation happens during any other type of fusion except the normal one, the items that you have put into the process will be returned as they were never used and youíll get a completely random pet as a result.

Smart Pet Fusion
Even though mutation only has an extremely small chance of success, which means that in order to get one mutation, you might have to fuse countless number of pets and yet itís possible that you get nothing.There is, however, a way to get a mutation by using two pets only and thatís possible through forced mutation.

What you need to do is eliminate every possible outcome. You can do this by using crystal or pet model fusion. You can find the requirements for crystal and pet model fusion here.

With crystal fusion you can for example use a Runaway Crocodile, a Golden Aibo, an earth crystal and a Runaway Crocodile card. The level of the runaway crocodile being 58 and the golden aibo 11. Because youíre using an earth crystal only earth pets can come out. Thus the only outcomes would be Runaway Crocodile and Earth Bomb. However because of the rules there are no possible outcomes:
-Runaway crocodile, minimum wild level 56 thus the parents level average needs to be 41 or higher, (58+11)/2 = 34.5 which is below 41 thus impossible.
-Earth Bomb, minimum wild level 51 thus the parents level average needs to be 41 or higher, (58+11)/2 = 34.5 which is below 41 thus impossible.

Once you try to fuse these pets you will get either one of these dialogues every time (depending on what pets/rules you use).
Pet Merge : (Pet Fuse) Pet Merge : (Pet Fuse)

Repeat this process with the same pets and items until the the slot machine will pop up, and once this happens youíll get a mutation for sure. The crystal and card will be returned and youíll have your mutated pet.
Please be aware that this can take from 30 minutes to several hours. In rare cases it can take up to 8 hours.