Valley of Fear

The Black Gem
Requirement: Level 4
Rewards: 3000 exp, 2000 coins
Quest NPC's
1. Talk to Mysterious Old Man [33.60] (Option 1)
2. Talk to Raile [74:162] in Illium.
3. Talk to Greedy Hutch [65.205]. (In Hertz House)
4. Talk to Mysterious Old Man again.
< You will be traveling between the Oldman and Greedy Hutch about 4-5 times>(he asks for these one per trip. Fine Coral, Fine Amber,
Fine Saphire, Super Ruby)
5. Talk to Greedy Hutch again and he will finally give you the black gem
6. Talk to Mysterious Old Man and give him the Black Gem
7. Talk to Greedy Hutch again
Parthenos for corrections, xthepersonx for level update

Patrol Mission
Requirement: Level 5
Rewards: If you fight the skeleton:
3500 exp, 50 fame, 500 coins
If you do not fight the skeleton:
2500 exp, 25 rep, no coins
Quest NPC's

Note: If you can't initiate a battle with Robin and the Skeleton do it on your final round from Fife to Babo.
1. Talk to Deputy Joe [24:248] (Option 1)
2. Talk to Sevo [23:25] at the north exit.
3. Talk to Fife [21:371] at the south exit.
4. Find Abdula [7:335] and the Skeleton [8:334].
5. Kill the skeleton to help Abdula. talk to Abdula again.
6. Proceed to Sevo again.
7. Go to Fife again.
8. Go back to Deputy Joe.
Update about the not fighting skeleton from Parthenos, and Lastwarrior for corrections

Capone the Robber
Requirement: Level 10
Rewards: First Battle: 50 Fame, 1000 Coins Second Battle: 50 Fame, 2000 Coins Third Battle: 100 Fame, 4000 Coins
Quest NPC's

1. Speak with Captain Ron [13.251] (Option 1)
2. Defeat Robin the Thief [11.138] (Lv.12)
3. Return to Captain Ron.
4. Defeat Zorro [94.80] in Puppet Hill. (Lv. 17)
5. Return to Captain Ron again.
6. Defeat Capone in Genie Desert [32.30] (Lv.25)
7. Return to Captain Ron.
Myste, Mustafa for corrections and checking.

Handful of Trouble
Requirement: None
Rewards: 3000 exp, 1500 coins
Quest NPC's

1. Johnny[23.235] deliver 2 Fine Cow skin
2. Talk to Rosalind in Goldburg Tavern [57.292]
3. Find Halberg [80.18] in Puppet Hill.
4. Talk to Laudef [66.142] in Ilium.
5. Go back to Johnny

Insomnolence Maur
Requirement: Patrol Quest, Level 23, 5000 Fame,
1 Honey, 1 Pepermint, 7 Life Herb (When bringing moss back to Nore)
Rewards: Level 2 Capsule, 100 Fame
Quest NPC's
1. Start quest by going to the guard house in Valley of Fear [11:255] (Option 1)
2.Talk to Maur (Must be night time for him to appear)
3.Talk to Healer Nore in Illium Healer.
4. Go to Sleepy Lake and fight beasts to find Stygian Moss. ( I find the Water Skeletons drop the moss)
5.Get 1 Honey and 1 Peppermint and talk to Healer Nore. (Wait a couple of in game hours) (2 mins irl)
6. Find 7 Life Herbs (Choose option 1)
7. Return to Maur.
Corrections from: Dashami

Requirement: 1) Black Gem Quest,
2) The Limited Edition Quest
Rewards: Level 2 Capsule, 300 fame
Quest NPC's
1. Talk to Mysterious Old Man [33:60](Choose Option 2) Give him Perfect Opal From Limited Edition.
2. The Mysterious Old Man will teleport you to the mysterious room.
3. Kill the 2 bosses (in the same fight). (Level 50 Bosses that can use Vampirisim on you. Kill the Dark dog first!, Light dog only heals.
Darkie - 5k HP Snowy - 4.5k HP )
4. After killing the dogs, talk to them.
5. Open the boxes to get 2 quest items.
6. Talk to the dogs to get teleported to the Valley of Fear.
7. Talk to Mysterious Old Man and recieve a Cap 2 and
300 fame.
He will tell you to take the scroll to Hermit Will [30:38] in the Smiling Forest.
Thx for updates Anlear
Note: Each person in group who wishes to complete the quest must take a turn leading and killing the Dogs.

* Credit goes to Ced, Grolgan, Myste, Jins for helping me find mistakes and adding info I missed.