Graf's Honor
Requirements: Dwarf
Rewards: Newbie weapon, ring and pet egg
Quest NPC's
1. Talk to Village head (Mulim) then go right side and talk to the Guard to go down to the Under ground chamber
2. Get the 3 box (newbie weapon, ring ,and pet egg )
3. After you get those item ,go back to Mulim and you can go out from the house

More Digging
Requirements: Dwarf
Rewards: 3 lesser healing potion
Quest NPC's
1. Talk to Mulim and he want you to help Yarr (40:183) out side of the Town center
2. Yarr wants you to send a pick axe to Raile (74:162)
3. Bring the pickaxe to Raile to complete the quest.

The Apology
Requirements: Dwarf
Rewards: Small Round Helm
Quest NPC's
1. Talk to Erwin inside the Town Center ,he wants you to check if Becona is still angry or not
2. Choose option 1. Go find Bicona at her own house (24:104)
3. Report to Erwin and your quest is complete.

Mulim's Request
Requirements: Dwarf
Rewards: 500 exp point , 5 lesser healing potion
Quest NPC's
1. Talk to Luke inside Town Center, pick a important box from him
2. Choose Option 1. Send the Box send the important box to his granddaughter Kaitra at The Healer
3. Report back to Luke and the quest is complete.

The Shoes
Requirements: Dwarf
Rewards: Soft Leather Shoes
Quest NPC's
1. Talk to Village Head Mulim (Choose Option 1)
2. Send a shoe to his son Catol (23:318) at Valley of Fear
3. Report to Mulim and the quest is complete.

Working Yarr
Requirements: Dwarf
Rewards: 50 coins /100 coins
Quest NPC's
1. Talk to Village Head Mulim
2. Go find Yarr (Choose Option 1)
3. He will ask you if you have learnt any work skill
4. If you don't have any work skill go learn one. (He asks if you don't have workskill you can learn one and i'll give you a reward: (Option1 = A reward? I'll do it.)
5. You will then be asked some questions (IF you already had a work skill) after you answer all the quest complete.

Kafanny Needs Help
Requirements: Working Yarr (thus only for Dwarf)
Rewards: 2500 coins
Quest NPC's
1. Talk to Kafanny (42,141)(Choose Option 1) she need you go find her Blue Crystal at puppet Hill (Level Range 11-15)
2. Go to puppet hill hunt monster (any of those monster have got a chance to drop the crystal )
3. Return the Blue Crystal to Kafanny and the quest is complete.
She makes a reference to challenge Jonessy at this point however you can challenge Jonessy prior to her telling you. As long as you are level 15

Help Fengshui
Requirements: None
Rewards: Teleport service to Goldburg
Quest NPC's
1. Speak to Fengshui at (20:120)
2. Bring Fengshui the Item he want , you will have the teleport service to Goldburg City
PS: * 10 lvl below is free, start from lvl 11 start need pay price (level X 10)
* if you don't have the items he is asking for escape (X) (the talk window not the game window) and talk to him again he changes the item he requests.

Requirements: None
Rewards: 1000 exp point , 20 reputation
Quest NPC's
1.Randa in The Tavern (47:262) need 3 sheep wool (Choose Option 1 Twice)
2. Collect 3 sheep wool to her and your quest is complete . (Gion/Greenville Farm shop sells them cheap)

Requirements: None
Rewards: 500 exp point ,50 reputation
Quest NPC's
1. Speak to Kendia (58:192) (Choose Option 1) wants you go to The Jeweler to find Liom(20:216) to get magic gem
2. Go back tell Kendia and the quest is complete.

Requirements: Fame Required??? (Greater then 10)
Rewards: 500 coins, 20 reputation
Quest NPC's
1. Talk to Guard Dedera (43:37)(Choose Option 1) he wants you to find Guard Kairade(40:292) (South Entrance
2. After you finish talking to Kairade ,go back to tell Dedera and the quest is complete.

Requirements: Level 16+
Rewards: 2000 coins ,100 reputation
Quest NPC's
1.Talk to Jonessy (6:292) (Lvl 20) (Option 1)
2.Defeat Jonessy and the quest is complete.

Requirements: Level 16 ,3000 fame above
Rewards: Sweet Kiss , 200 Fame
Quest NPC's

1. Talk to Jeeb (52:186)outside of the blacksmith (Option 1)
2. Go to the Tavern ( 47:252) find Baham and bring Boiled Bass to him
3. Go bluebird find Yoo (44:328)
4. Go rainbow city find Greson in The Tavern(171:344), then go back find Jeeb and the quest is complete.

Requirements: The Missing Writer Quest
Rewards: 50 Fame, Perfect Opal
Quest NPC's
1. Talk to Xiaoco (36:253) in Ilium. (Option 2)
2. Choose option to find grandfather.
3. Talk to Abdula (7:334) in Valley Of Fear.
4. Get either 3 Red Wines (Level 60 Brewing)(Option 3) or Rosey Ink(Option 1)and talk to Greason in Rainbow City Tavern (171:344)
5. Wait 7 Days then talk to Greason.
6. He will ask you a riddle, choose Option 1 (Man)
7. Talk to Abdula (Receive 50 Fame)
8. Talk to Xiaoco (Receive a Perfect Opal, Quest Item)
I started the Limited Edition quest right after the missing writter quest, if not right away then you need 4k fame.

Requirements: 10000 Fame, Level 25
Rewards: Level 2 Capsule, 800 Fame
Quest NPC's
1. Talk to Denni (15:86) In Ilium. (Option 2)
2. She will ask for a random pet each time, Capture that pet and leave it in a cap.
3. Talk to Denni.

Note: All pets asked of can be captured in a level 2 cap.

Thanks Jenny for the update to the level requirement