Sleepy Town

Requirement: 3k Fame?
Access to Sleepy Town (Map from Northern Grasslands)
Able to kill a level 40 monster
Rewards: Level 3 Capsule, 1000 Fame
Quest NPC's
1. Talk to Thomas near entrance of Sleepy town (25:48) (walking around). (Option 1)
2. Head into unknown dungeon (A house)(17:40)
3. Find and then fight the Rock Monster [Level: 40] With random number of level 40 rock monsters 653 hp's (47:204)
4. Speak with Sophia to complete quest.
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Heart of Rock
Requirement: 1. Complete the Sleeping Sophia Quest
2.Completed Return to the Abandoned Village Quest (In greenville)
3. Level 30 or above
Rewards: 500 points of reputation, 1000 coins and a Level 3 capsule.
Quest NPC's

1. In the Abandoned Village, tell Thomas that you know are going to wake Sophia up.
2. Look for a broken house in the abandoned village. Go in to enter the Underground Maze.
3. Find a Rock Monster deep within the maze and he tells you that he, along with Sophia, has been cursed by a witch who lives in the Genie’s Desert.
4. In the Genie’s Desert, talk to witch Lira (64:33) and she tells you that the curse was placed by her predecessor. She has a scroll that can dispel the curse she doesn’t understand it. Then she tells you to ask for help in the Temple of Metal(55:109).
5. Talk to Metalli in the Temple of Metal (Goldburg Lake, 55:109). She agrees to help if you bring her the ten dishes she named. Get her the dishes and she will teach you how to use the scroll. She also tells you that
the scroll can only be used once.

You have 24 in game hours to complete this portion if you do not get the food to her in time she changes what she wants.

6. Go back to the Underground Maze to look for the Rock Monster. He wants you to use the scroll on Sophia instead. Click on Sophia to wake her up. Tell her what has happened.
7. When Sophia heard that the Rock Monster is her love Matt she decides to stay with him in the cave. However when her tear touches Matt, the curse on him is dispelled.
8. Talk to Matt(the Rock Monster) and get the rewards.
Note: You may not enter the Abandoned Village without the right map. If in a party, only the leader needs the map.
Food she has asked for so far:
Assorted Buns,
Hunters Delight,
Boiled Bass,
Bass Rice (Submited by FashionFreak)
It is random which food she will ask for but is always "10" of one food type. Use these as a guidelines for planing, if you happen to get asked for a food that I haven't listed yet please email me to add it to the list as I'm going by friends who had to take food in.
Note: You can as well purchase the food from the Logistcs lady on server 4 in any major town's warehouse.

Sleeping Sophia Part 2

Reference to Greenville quest page
Return to the abandoned village