Hope of Greenville
Requirement: Elf
Rewards: Newbie weapon, Ring, random pet egg, and access to outside world.
Quest NPC's
1. Talk to village head (Pra) to begin the quest.
2. Go towards the right side of the room and talk to the Guard to go down to the underground chamber
3. Get the three boxes which contain a newbie weapon, a ring ,and a pet egg.
4. After getting these items, return to Pra and you can go out from the house.

Who's afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?
Requirement: Elf only , Complete Hope Of Greenville quest
Rewards: 3 Lesser Healing Potion
Quest NPC's
1. Talk to Pra ,then go to find Red Ridinghood(43,135) (Option 1)
2. Help her to send a bread to granny living in south from greenville(31,357 )
3. After you send the bread to granny your Quest is complete

Return Of The Big Bad Wolf
Requirement: Elf only , Complete who's afraid the big bad wolf
Rewards: 1000 coin , 10 Assorted Buns
Quest NPC's
1. Help Red Ridinghood again for send the cake to her granny
(Option 2)
2. Talk to her granny you will battle with a level 10 big bad wolf
3. After you win the battle go back tell Red Ridinghood and the Quest is complete

Warm Hat
Requirement: Elf only , complete who's afraid the big bad wolf
Rewards: A hat
Quest NPC's
1. Talk to Village Head (Pra) (Option 1)
2. He want you to to send a hat to Luki in smiling forest(52:204)
3. Give Luki the hat your Quest is complete.
Thanks for pointing out my mistake ShadowmanEv2

Tony's Test
Requirement: Complete Warm Hat
Rewards: 50 coin or 100 coin
Quest NPC's
1. Talk to Pra again
2. He want you to findTony (69.230) outside the fish shop
3. Tony will ask you want to get a test or not. you choose yes it will start
4. He will ask you about you go learn any work skill (please answer honest)
5. If you have didn't have any work skill go learn any work skill then talk too Tony
6. Tony will ask you some question about work skill
7. After you answer all the Quest is complete.
(please answer honest) (Option 1 = Yes)(Option 2 = No)
4. If you don't have any work skill go learn one. (He asks if you don't have workskill you can learn one and i'll give you a reward: (Option1 = A reward? I'll do it.)
5. You will then be asked some questions (IF you already had a work skill) after you answer all the quest complete. (Not sure which answer gives 100 coins here though) (if it's helpful to others gives 50 coins)

Around The Block
Requirement: None
Rewards: Telport Services
Quest NPC's
1. Meet Billy at (20:120)
2. Bring Billy the Item he want , you will have the teleport service to Bluebird City
PS: * 10 lvl below is free, start from lvl 11 start need pay price (level X 10)
* If you don 1 collect those item don answer him , then ask him again the item he want will change

Requirement: 30 fame or above
Rewards: 3 Assorted Buns
Quest NPC's
1.Talk to Roy(48:184) then go find Wilbur (49:277) at out side the Blacksmith (Choose Option 2)
2.after talk to Wilbur go back to tell Roy and the Quest is complete.
Note: You should save the assorted buns as a number of quests require it.

Norma's Silver Cup
Requirement: 30 fame
Rewards: An Amethyst
Quest NPC's

1. Talk to Norma in Jason's House (60.256) (Choose Option 1)
2. Then go to Tarven (89.203) talk to Jelly after that talk to Edda
3. Go to Fish's Shop to find Dex to take the Silver Cup. He will also give you 4 rare bass to deliver.
4. Return the Silver Cup to Norma and the Quest is complete.

Glass Necklace
Requirement: None
Rewards: 3 fried chicken , 500 coins
Quest NPC's
1. Talk to Derrick (67:181) at outside meat shop (Choose Option 2)
2. He want you to help him get find his lost Necklace at outside village (any of those monster also got chance to drop)
3. Return the necklace to Derrick complete the quest.

Vulture And Stones
Requirement: None
Rewards: A Necklace
Quest NPC's
1. Talk to Thirsty Vulture (70:62) at out north of the village (Choose Option 3)
2. Tell it to use stone to drink the water
3. Then hunt some stone around the Thirty Vulture
4. Only the black sheep drop the stone each sheep only drop 1 stone
5. Collect 10 stone give to thirsty Vulture and the Quest is complete.

Eve's Revenge
Requirement: Complete Tony's Test (If Elf, otherwise no Requirement)
Rewards: 2500 coins
Quest NPC's
1. Talk to Eve [38:197]. (Choose Option 1)
2. Talk to Connor [21.59] at Pea Lake.
2. Return to Eve. (Choose Option 1)
3. Give the letter to Elizabeth [27:57] at Red Hood.
4. Return to Eve again.

Requirement: Level 5 above
Rewards: 2000 points of exp , 20 reputation
Note: "can" give you 500 coins but not sure under what situation that is
Quest NPC's
1. Ted(54:244) want you send item to his Friend Sam (52:327) at Gion (Choose Option 1)
2. After sending the item to Sam, return and tell Ted to complete the quest.
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Fresh Mutton
Requirement: None
Rewards: 300 coins
Quest NPC's
1. Talk to Betty and she ask you to Bring fresh mutton to her (Choose Option 1)
2. Go out of the village hunt for her (only black sheep got drop Fresh Mutton)
3. Bring the Fresh Mutton and your Quest is complete.

Requirement: Level 5
Rewards: 1000 coins , 20 reputation
Quest NPC's
1. Talk to Thoma (62:168) and give Thoma 3 Carps and the Quest is complete.
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Requirement: Level 8 or higher
Rewards: 3 Mind Soothes and 50 Fame
Quest NPC's
1. Talk to Alvin (56:206) in Greenville. (Choose Option 1)
2. Talk to Georgina (33:185) in Smiling Forest.
3. Talk to Georgina again to receive letter. (Wait a few minutes for the letter)
4. Talk to Alvin.

Return to the Abandoned Village
Requirement: Must complete Sleeping Sophia Quest First.
May only be attempted once (???)
Rewards: 100 points of reputation and 500 coins.
Quest NPC's
1. At Greenville Town Center (85:166), Pra asks you to talk to the blind old man who seems to be troubling over something.
2. The blind old man can be found by the fountain (62:189). He tells you he is from the Abandoned Village and asks you to send his regards to Thomas in that village.
3. At the Abandoned Village, talk to Thomas(25:48)(walking around) and he asks you to tell the blind old man that he is fine.
4. Report to the blind old man and he will tell you the story of the Abandoned Village. (Option 1)
5. Report back to Pra to complete the quest.