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Requirements: None
Rewards: 50 fame
Quest NPC's

1. Talk to Mitchell at 21:209
2. Choose "Let's hear about your problem first."(Option1) (Option1 a second time)
3. Find out villagers opinion (except Orley)
- Bob (35:186)
- Hilda (16:151)
- Kafka (13:34)
- Potter (22:82)
4. Return to Mitchell to complete the quest

The old silver plate
Requirement: None
Rewards: 2 Fairy Dew
Quest NPC's
1. Talk to Gyin at 18:182
2. Choose "Don't worry, I'll get it back for you." (Option 1)
3. Hunt for monkey at Pea Lake
4. Return Old Silver Plate to Gyin to complete the quest

Requirement: 1000 coins to spend
Rewards: 2000 coins, 100 fame, 2 Sweetkiss
Quest NPC's
1. Talk to Hilda at 16:151
2. Choose "Sure, what is it?" (Option 1)
3. Go to Smiling Forest and talk to Dessa at 53:98
4. Choose "Deal, I want it." to pay 1,000 coins for the peach.(option 1)
5. Return Smiling Peach to Hilda
6. Choose "I'll do it." (Option 1)
7. Come back in a day(Approx. 5 - 10 mins in real world)
8. Deliver medicine to Ricky at Greenville(27:188)(Hospital) to complete the quest
I some how started Smile of an Angel before completing the next village head.
NOTE: If you wait too long (over 24 hours you will be told you took too long and only get 10 fame)
No previous quest required: (Update from Ivi)

Requirement: Complete "Eve's Revenge" Quest (thus only for elves)
Rewards: 2000 coins, 100 fame
Quest NPC's
1. Talk to Elizabeth at 27:57
2. Choose Teach Connor a lesson? I'm in! (Option 1)
3. Hunt for Frogs in Rosen Lake for Rose Essence
4. Return to Elizabeth & give her Rose Essence to complete the quest

Requirement: Level 30, The Next Village Head Quest
Rewards: 500 Fame, 10,000 Exp
Quest NPC's
1. Speak to Potter (23:83) In RedHood. (Option 1)
2. Fight Monsters in Snow White for 8 Pages of Clan Honor Book.
3. Speak to Potter.
Note: After quest he mentions to speak to him again in a few days. (24 IRL Hours later)
Corrections by Tashah

Requirement: The Shredded Clan Book Quest
Rewards: 100 Flowers = 500 Fame, 5,000 Exp
99 Flowers = 600 Fame, 5,000 Exp
Quest NPC's
1. Talk to Potter [23:83](Option 2) - Potter asks you to find Leroy in BlueBird.
2. Talk to Fray [128:173] (Leroy's Alias)(Option 2)
3. Bring Flowers to Fray, More the Better (Option 1) (Bring 99)
4. Receive Fame from Fray and wait a few min .
5 . Talk to Fray.
6 . Deliver letter to Potter and recieve 5,000 Exp.