Alice in Wonderland Quests

Find Alice
Requirement: 250 -300 Fame and Level 15
Start Find Alice Quest.
5 Peppermint, 5 Peaches , 4 Fruit wines, 2 Vinegar
Teleport dust and 100 Fame
Quest NPC's

1. Start this quest at Redhood. Npc Patricia (at the entrance) is looking for her sister, Alice.
2. Talk to Duncan, Pea Lake (13, 106). He will ask you to talk to Earth Burrower (near Garden of Dreams entrance)
3. Talk to the Earth Burrower and you hear that Alice has gone to the Western Lost Woods.
4. Go to West Woods No Name (bring 10 peaches and 10 apples to get past the rabbit), find Nichole the Owl (68,97). This owl will ask you to help the drowning Dodo bird (just south of Nichole)
5. Talk to the Dodo bird and he will ask you to get him a Pineapple Juice from an Earth Burrower, Dreams Garden (13,55)
6. Find the Earth Burrower( Cona - In garden of dreams top left corner ) and he will tell that he requires some ingredients to make it. Bring him: Peach x5, Peppermint x5, Fruit Wine x4, Vinegar x2.
7. After getting the Pineapple Juice, bring it back to the drowning Dodo bird (be sure that you have an empty slot before talking to the Dodo bird.
Corrections: Kia, Ginafae

Hole on the Tree
Requirement: None
Entry to Chamber of Doors
Option 1 500 coins
Option 2 No Extra Rewards
Quest NPC's
1. Talk to the Pink Rabbit, Dreams Garden (13, 272) (Option 1 twice)
2. He will ask for 10 apples & 5 peaches to allow entry.
3. Give the Pink Rabbit his apples & peaches and you will have 2 choices. (Choose option 2)Whichever you chose will get you entry into the Chamber of Doors. (The next time, all you have to do is right click the red bunny and ask for entry)

Help the Rabbit
Requirement: Lv 20 Completed "Find Alice" (see #1 Quest)
Rewards: 5,000 Experience, 150 Fame
Quest NPC's
1. Talk to the Late Rabbit, Western Lost Woods. He will tell you that he is late and requires help in retrieve his White Gloves or his Fan (depends on your luck) (Option 1)
2. Fight Golden Daisy for the White Gloves or Hydrotiger for the Fan.
3. Give the required item to the Late Rabbit. He will then tell you that he will inform Alice that his sister is looking for her.
4. Return to Redhood and inform Npc, Patricia. She will ask you to talk to the Late Rabbit again (which will begin your #4 Quest).
Late Rabbit does not have a fixed point. Can be found at these locations (85,212), (86,320), (53,292), (21,293), (88,71)
If you choose "you didn't want to know about alice (option 2) he makes you tell him how many "knows" did he say (answer is 3)

The Worm and The Bird
Requirement: Lv 25 Completed "The busy Late Rabbit" (see #3 Quest)
Rewards: 5,000 Experience, 50 Fame
Quest NPC's
1. Talk to the Late Rabbit, Western Lost Woods. He will ask you to look for the Green Worm.
2. Find the Green Worm, Kam, Western Lost Woods (10, 347) (Bottom Left Corner)
3. Talk to the Green Worm, and he will turn you into an Alice pet (you will stay as this pet for 10 in-game days. If you chose #1 option, you turn into a green worm. Chose #2 option and you will turn into a Gold Daisy).
4. Walk around and encounter the White Bird, Lv 30( with 4k hp's)(you may need to fight a few battles before the White Bird decides to talk).
5. The White Bird will ask for Rice x14 & Shrimp x18 (if you are a Green Worm) or Poplar x5, Golden Herb x7 & Cotton x9 (if you are a Gold Daisy).
6. Obtain the correct materials and look for the White Bird again. He will take the materials after the battle. (Option 1) if you have material he wants. Option 2 for try later.
Note: If after the first transformation, you did not managed to talk to the White Bird and find out what to obtain, the next transformation will be the other pet.

The Tea Party
Requirement: Level 30, Completed The Worm and the Bird
Rewards: Potions x5, Garden of Dreams teleporter to East No Name
Quest NPC's
1. Find the March Hare, Eastern Lost Woods (52,90) and ask him for news of Alice
2. He will then launch into a conversation with the Mad Hatter (51, 88 ).
3. The Mad Hatter will ask for a hat (the original writer of this quest states that his was a Iron Mask while mine was Leather Helm, other options are: valor helm and magic crown)
(As of current patches you can purchase the required helmet (except the magic crown) from the npc's in Port Pebbles)
4. Get the hat or helmet required and give to the Mad Hatter. He will then ask you to help the March Hare
5. The March Hare will ask you to guess a number from 1 - 50 (you have 4 tries). If you did not mentioned to guess after 4 tries, the March Hare will give you another 5 tries. (It seems like that the more tries you take, the rewarded potion will be of a poorer level).
6. After you have guessed the correct number, the March Hare will reveal to you the location of the teleport point (which will take you to Dreams Garden and vice versa).
Note: Hat required is random, can be Valor Helm, Magic Crown, etc
If you say you have the hat/helm when you don't have it, you will lose 20 fame.

Run Away Dormouse
Requirement: Completed The Tea Party (Level?)
Rewards: 10,000 exp
Quest NPC's
1. Talk to Mad Hatter.
2. The Mad Hatter will ask you to help him retrieve the Dormouse.
3. Walk around East of Wood With No Name at night to encounter a Dormouse, lvl 40 (5k Life) (It may take a few chances for the dialogue to appear).
4. After getting the dialogue the Dormouse will complain about animal abuse and ask for proof about how anxious the Mad Hatter is.
5. Report back to the Mad Hatter and recieve a painting to give to the Dormouse, defeat him again for him to speak with you..
6. Report back to the Mad Hatter and tell him the Dormouse is on his way home.

The Duchess
Requirement: Level 40, completed The Teaparty
Rewards: 50k exp 35k Cash
Quest NPC's

1. Talk to The Duchess (28:38) in Rabbit Playground (Option 1)
2. Battle 1 - 2-4 Frog Valet's Level 45 with 24,500hps
3. Fight some cook dude (lvl 50, 105k hp) (random whether you have to fight the cook or jumps to step 4)
4. Talk to The Duchess again to fight her:
Option 1: I'll be careful
Option 2: Who's afraid of who
Both options in end still give 50k exp and 35k cash
Lvl 55 & random elemensts, Duchess has 15k hp with a mob of 1-3 Frog Valets with 24,500 hp's
5. Talk to her again and she will ask you a riddle

Note: The riddle is random, answering wrong may start and extra battle. However I get the one that the answer is "Birds of a feather" as the answer alot.
The original author also says that there have been players who had to fight more than 3 fights, players who ran from the fights as well as players who did not have to fight and yet they all completed the quests.
NOTE: Cheeky ran away from the cook battle and right away was given the question resulting in the answer "birds of a feather" as the answer o.O
Thank you Daisey for the observe of the hp's. as well as My Beastmaster for updates

The Cheshire Cat
Requirement: Complted The Dutchess Quest and bring a Cap 1
Rewards: 100,000 Exp
Quest NPC's

1 The Dutchess tells you to go into South Kitty forest to look for her kitty
2. Find the cat in South Kitty Forest (18:207)
3. The Cheshire Cat will then want to play some games with you.
The 3 games:
1. Rock Paper Scissors (random)
2. Make the cat have the last Fish
3. Simon Says (you use the ctrl + , emoticons)

Choose Option 1 (twice)
Game 1: Option 1 to start.
1) Scissors.)
2) Rock.
3) Paper.

Game 2: Starts the Bass gam
Cat starts taking 1 fish I choose options in the following order:
Chose Option 3, Option 3 then Option 1 to "win"
(This pattern might not work for everyone, you must calculate it yourself)

Game 3: - Simon Says (Option 1 to start) You need a partner for this part as soon as you hit Option 1 the game starts.Read Notes below for tips.

Game 3 takes a while to finish I believe it is 20 succesfull "simon says". The cat will then say he likes you and that it'll go back to The Dutchess. It asks you to put it into a lvl 1 cap cause he's lost.
4. After putting the cat into the cap, report back to The Dutchess

Note: It don't matter if you lose the first two games. You need someone in your party for game #3.
Note2: No more then 2 people in the group when you do the third game with the chesire cat. If multiple people in the group needs to do the quest wait till one person is done before the next person starts. If you are both doing the quest at the same time the person who finishes first will cause the second person to restart from the begning. (It happened to me - MeFisher)
Note3: When 2 groups /2 people are completing the quest when person 1 finishes and person 2 goes to start the "chesire cat"(smiling kitty) will dissapear. Right click all the cats around until one starts talking to you "This is the new chesire cat for you at this time.

Dye for Roses
Requirement: Completed "The Cheshire Cat" quest
Rewards: 100,000 Exp
Quest NPC's
1. Talk to Dick, Poker Infantry (66:217) in Garden of Roses. He asks you to get him 20 red dye.
2. Talk to Karl, South Kitty Forest (8:92), he tells you to wait 24hrs (game time) to start bidding on the dyes.
3. After 24hrs you must come back between 8-11AM (game time) to bid for the dyes. When you win they will be stored inside the barrows next to karl and can be retreived at any time.
4. Bring back the dye to Dick and you will get a prison key
Note: You can only bid on the red dye once a day (in game time). The amount of red dyes you get to bid on is random. To win you have to bid at least 11k per die he advertises, but if you want insurance bid 5-10k over that amount. Real players can also bid on the dye, so if someone is standing next to you he can bid higher than you and win.

The Royal Escape

Requirement: Level 50 and Complete: The Dye for Roses Quest
1x Greater Stimulant, 1x Beer, 1x Bass Rice, 20x Silk Coccoons
Rewards: 200,000 Exp
Quest NPC's

(Note: Anytime you must enter the Barracks or the Dungeon, you must be alone, you can rejoin your party outside castle to go back in and fight the Queen or Mahjong)
1. Head to the Queen Of Hearts Palace
2. Talk too Two of Diamonds, select "Lead the way" and he will take you to the Barracks.
3. Head to the left and down, stand in front of the door and rick click the key to go to the Dungeon.
4. Speak with Alice (Just walk into the room on the far right)
5. Go back up to the palace and on the right side

6. Speak with the queen of hearts,
There are 2 battles, One the prince of Mahjong, and the Second one is the Queen of Hearts.
(Note: Each person whom needs to finish the quest has to Kill both of them. (IE: group of 4, you have to disband and regroup for all 4 players)

7. Once the queen is defeated speak with her and she teleports you to the dungeon,
8. Speak with alice,
9. Speak with the guard outside the dungeon.
10. Speak with the queen of hearts again.
11. Speak with the Prince of Mahjong
12. Gather the following: 1x Greater Stimulant, 1x Beer, 1x Bass Rice, 20x Silk Coccoons,
Give them to Tweedledum & Tweedledee in The Chamber Of Doors B1 (70:38)
13. Go fight war rabbits for war rabbit droppings from North Kitty Forest, or fight Wildcats for a Wildcat whisker from South Kitty Forest.
14. Return to tweedledee and tweedledum, Give Them the ingridents you will recieve a potion,
15. Return to the Queen Of Hearts Castle
16. Speak with the Card Soldier guard infront of the palace.
17. Enter the Dungeon,
18. Give the Potion to Alice, You are teleported out of the dungeon,
19. Speak with Patricia

Note: Once you have completed this last quest you are then able to enter the Queen of Hearts Palace to fight her and the Poker Card Captain for Rare items including Attribute Tuners, Diamond / Gold Seeds (these apparently don't drop anymore).
Fixed by ICatchPets and Moiraine