Momotaro Quests:

Irasimataro's Disappearance
Requirement: None
Rewards: 1500 fame, 100k exp and a magic box.
Quest NPC's
1. Talk to Kojirou (48:128) in Momohana Village.
2. Talk to the Mysterious Old Man (52:70) in Momohana Village.
3. Talk to Big Turtle (45:361) in Momohana Village, help him. You will get into a fight, but the attackers will flee.
4. Go to Dragon Palace B3 and find the princess (42:74).
5. Talk to the princess and she will ask you for a toybase (random). Bring her this toybase.
6. Talk to the Mysterious Old Man (52:70) in Momohana Village.
7. Talk to Kojirou (48:128) in Momohana Village.
8. Find the Tengu (130:141) in Tora Plane.
9. Talk to Oni General in Oni Palace B3 (at the end near the door).
10. Talk to Kojirou (48:128) in Momohana Village.
NOTE: When you take the pet toy (toy base only, no other parts needed) to the Princess, she teleports you to a room and makes you play games with her (forcefully). Supposedly regardless of what you pick, she will curse you and turn you into a duck and take off half your MP or HP (the so called Intermittent Biological Faculty Disorder).
The curse can only be lifted by the Tengu, so do this part only if you're willing to finish the both quests. Or live with the curse...
Thanks to Jins, Gigant, Blingbling, Moiraine, Nevje, Helreginn, Anxious87

Hero Momotaro
Requirement: Finished Irasimataro's Disappearance quest and The Old Tree quest.
Rewards: Momotaru Title, 5000 Fame, 300,000 exp, 60,000 coins, Single Stat Pranker, Single Stat Tuner and a Health Card.
Quest NPC's
1: Talk to Old Hamado (87:148) in Momohana Village.
2. Talk to the peach tree (90:148). It's the tree behind Old Hamado.
3. Talk to Old Hamado (87:148).
4. Right click the tree and there will be 2 options:
-a) Talk to it using the song you learned from Old Tree quest.
-b) Bring 20 Spirit Juniper (level 160 woodcutting);"
5. Go to aoba hill and look for the 3 celestial beasts.
- Starved monkey (23:382). Get him 5 majestic rice.
- Greedy dog (11:25). Get him 1 fried pork.
- Heavy hearted chicken (62:179) (talk twice to her)
Bring 5 blood circulator, 3 units of lily, 1 unit of dragon bone (said to drop in Grasha), 1 unit of sea bells (drops in AR, and underwater places)
6. Go back to the Peach Tree
7. Go to the Oni at the end of Oni Palace B3 and use the peach BEFORE clicking him.
8. Go to the next room and talk to Oni General, you will fight against him (level 100, HP ???) 9. Talk to the Oni General after defeating him.
10. Go to the back of the room and click the door. Then open the 3 treasure boxes to get:
-left chest: Health Card;
-middle chest: Fan of Tengu;
-right chest: 10,000 coins
11. Go back to Tengu on Tora Plain and give him the fan, he will undo your curse.
12. Go back to Old Hamado (he will give u the momotaro title + 50k coins).
13. Go back to Oni General (he gives u a pranker and a single stat tuner).
Thanks to GiganT

Princess of the Dragon Palace and her Love
Requirement: Finished Hero Momotaro quest.
Rewards: Princess Doll, 3k fame, 500k exp.
Quest NPC's
1: Talk to the Mysterious Old Man (52:70) in Momohana Village.
2. Talk to Big Turtle (45:361) in Momohana Village
3. Get 2 lily beef and go back to Dragon Palace B3. Use the beef to lure the guards away.
4. Go to the princess inside, she asks u to get a Phoenix Tear (Lv. 160) for her
5. Give the princess a Phoenix Tear.
6. Go back to the Mysterious Old Man.
7. Go back to the princess.
8. Go to dragon palace B2 and talk to the Sheik of Carp (41:74).
9. If you pick the first theme (romantic), then he will ask u to bring him 99 lily's.
10. Give him 99 lily's.
11. Go back to the princes and get rewarded with 500k exp, 3k fame and a princess doll.
Thanks to Helreginn
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Myth of The Ninja
Requirement: Finished Princess of the Dragon Palace and her Love quest.
Rewards: 500,000 Exp, 5,000 fame, 200,000 coins & mysterious box
Quest NPC's
1: Talk to the princess, and then go talk to Sheik of Carp (41:74) and see if he's doing okay.
2. Sheik of Carp ask you to go visit Big Turtle (45:361)
3. Big Turtle ask you to go to Kirihari Isle to look for a flower
4. Find the "ninja" (88,191), talk to him and then fight
5. Talk, and go to Oni Palace, and ask the Oni General
6. Go to Tora Plane, tengu (130:141). THen you have to solo Tengu
7. After defeat him, you get the scoll, and return it to the ninja
8. Wait 3 hours, fight with that ninja
9. After defeating him, you get the flower
10. Return to Dragon Palce B2, Sheik of Carp
11. Talk to the princess, and you're done
Thanks to Helreginn