Defend Gion
Requirement: Human
Rewards: Newbie weapon, Ring, pet egg, and access to outside world.
Quest NPC's
1. Talk to village head (Jeff) to begin the quest.
2. Go towards the right side of the room and talk to the Guard to go down to the underground chamber
3. Get the three boxes which contain a Newbie weapon, a ring ,and a pet egg.
4. After getting these items, return to Jeff at the village center and you can go out from the house.

The Mysterious Red Apple
Requirement: Human
Rewards: Three lesser healing potions
Quest NPC's
1. Talk to village head Jeff to begin the quest. (Choose Option 1)
2. Talk to the strange old man (29:279) a little south of the carpenter (Choose Option 2)
3. Help him send the apple to old woman (84:49)
4. Report back to Jeff at the village center and the quest is complete

The Gloves
Requirement: Human, The Mysterious Red Apple Quest, Be level 5 or above
Rewards: Gloves
Quest NPC's
1. Jeff will ask you to send a pair of gloves to his friend Vins
2. go to Northern Grassland (55:41) find Vins. Give him the gloves (They are his after all!)
3. Vins says he already has a pair and will give you another pair of gloves to take back to Jeff
4. Return the way you went and report back to Jeff at the village center to complete the quest and keep the extra gloves.

Bern's Granddaughter
Requirement: Human, The Gloves Quest
Rewards: 100 coins
Quest NPC's
1. Talk to Bern (49:215) (Choose Option 1)
2. Go north and talk to Goldie (52:165). You can choose either option. Option 2 makes you walk back and forth one more time though.
3. Goldie argues that you should learn a workskill (only if you don't have one)
4.Go back to Bern to finish the quest.

To The City of Rainbow
Requirement: None
Rewards: Teleport service to Rainbow City
Quest NPC's
1. Talk to Moore(18:48) at northwest of the village by the teleport.
2. Bring Moore the random item he requests, you will now have the teleport service to Rainbow City.
Note: if you are below lvl 10, transportation is free, starting from lvl 11 you will need to pay the fee of (lvl x 10)
* if you do not want to collect the particular item he wants, don't answer him, then ask him again later. The item he wants will change.

Requirement: Fame 30
Rewards: 500 exp point, 3 assorted buns
Quest NPC's
1. Talk with Fanny (56:186) near the fountain pool (Choose Option 1)
2. Go north of the village and find Rob (49:53)
3. Head back and talk to Fanny and the quest is done.
(Save the Assorted Buns for quests, there are a number that require them)

Requirement: None
Rewards: 500 exp point, 10 reputation
Quest NPC's
1. Meet Stein (35:198) outside house of head villager and help him pass some words to Kirk (35:375) (Choose Option 1)
2. Go south-west from the south door of the village and you will meet Kirk.
3. After telling Kirk, go back to Stein and the quest is done.

Requirement: None
Rewards: 300 exp point, 10 reputation
Quest NPC's
1. Help Angie (48:275) to begin quest. (Choose Option 1)
2. Head north until you find Mark (46:167), and you will get a peach.
3. Take the peach to Angie and the quest is done.

Al's Bull
Requirement: level 3 above
Rewards: win the battle 500 coins / lose the battle 300 coins
Quest NPC's
1. Talk with Al (48:187), (by Fountain )and he will ask you to check for the wild bull (Choose Option 1)
2. Outside north-west of the village you can meet the wild bull (level 4) in battle.
3. After the battle, return to Al and the quest is done.

Sepp's Secret
Requirement: Human must complete Bern's Grand daughter quest , fame 50; other races none
Rewards: 2500 coins
Quest NPC's
1. Speak with Bern (49:215), then go to Sepp (30:259). He wants you to send a letter for him, agree to take it. (Choose Option 1)
2. Go to the southern grassland. Find Mage Hillary (65:77) right outside the Temple Of Fire.
3. Send Mage Hillary's reply letter back to Sepp, and you get the info about Frog Swamp
4. Level 16 and above can go into the Frog Swamp by talking to the Guard (94:372)

Requirement: None
Rewards: 500 exp point, 100 coins
Quest NPC's
1. Talk to Katz (67:190), and bring the bamboo rice to Lars (15:27) (Choose Option 1)
2. After you give the bamboo rice to Lars, return to Katz to complete the quest.

Requirement: None
Rewards: 2000 exp point, 50 reputation
Quest NPC's
1. Receive Amy's request (52:108) (Choose Option 1)
2. Acquire 2 Ginger (Harvesting level 1) , 1 Shell Herb (Harvesting level 10) and 1 Honey (Harvesting level 25) then give these to Amy and the quest is done.

Requirement: None
Rewards: 1000 exp point, 30 reputation
Quest NPC's
1. Help Claire (65:195) and send a letter and a birthday gift to her sister Nicky (Choose Option 1)
2. Nicky (30:115) can be found in the Northern Grasslands outside of the Temple of Earth.
3. After sending the letter, report back to Claire and the quest is done.

Mother's Request
Requirement: Level 4 above
Rewards: 2000 exp point, 500 coins
Quest NPC's
1. Receive quest from Linda (42:103) near the farm (Choose Option 1)
2. Go Northeast in the Northern Grassland to meet Roos (88:23)
3. After talking to Roos, report back to Linda and the quest is done.

Requirement: Fame 50 above
Rewards: 700 exp point, 30 reputation
Quest NPC's
1. Sepp (30:259) asks you to search for the owner (Choose Option 1)
2. Go out the South door of the village to find Kirk (35:375)
3. Return to Sepp and your quest is done.
Thank you Mustafa for corrections by Riteo

Special Bread
Requirement: Fame 50+
Rewards: 5 Assorted Buns
Quest NPC's
1. Help Fro (48:213) near the center of the village (Choose Option 1)
2. Go in to The Deli and speak with a Old Woman to take the bread
3. Go back to Fro and your quest is done.


Requirement: Fame 30 above
Rewards: 1000 coins, 50 reputation
Quest NPC's
1. Ken(32:103) needs your help. Talk to him. (Choose Option 1)
2. Collect 2 meat and an assorted bun. Give them to him and the quest is complete.
pork actualy = meat (bad translation again)

What's Troubling Deeca?
Requirement: 50 Fame
Rewards: 1000 coins or 15 healing potion
Quest NPC's
1. Start at the Tavern (43:142) and speak with Deeca(11:37)
2. Go to Agnes (69:283)(Choose Option 1) and then Cloudie (43:107) (Choose Option 1)
3. Return to Deeca and he'll ask you to choose the reward you want and the quest is done.
NOTE: for Female Characters you'll need to find and talk to Seth (62:241) only can talk to Agnes and Cloudie.

The Old Tree
Requirement: No Requirements
Rewards: 2000 exp point, 50 reputation
Quest NPC's

1. Talk to the tree (15:21) behind Lars near the entrance to Northern Grasslands.
2. Follow the options choose 2 -> 1 -> 1, go talk to the village head.
3. Then go speak with Garbon to the upper right of the village head, choose the option 1.
4. Head on over to Rainbow City find Sandy (306:486)(Near the sell shop up to right a bit green house), pay 500 coins to learn the song (Option 1) then go back to the original tree.
5. After singing to the tree, go back to the village head
6. Head to Calira's House (88:507) in Rainbow City(One house west of pet shop) and talk to Joeli
7. Return to the old tree and the quest is finally done.
Thanks for update Asher

Requirement: Fried Chicken Quest,Bamboo Rice Quest, 3000 Fame
Rewards: Get Cap 1 and 100 Points Fame
Quest NPC's

1. Talk to Fanny (56:186) in Gion (Choose Option 2)
2. Chose option: Sure! Helping is the source of happiness
3. Talk to Katz (67:190) (Option 2)
4. Get 10 Rattan
5. Give Katz 10 Rattan, then Wait 5 min.
6. Talk to Lars (15:27)
7. Talk to Katz
8. Talk to Fanny
9. Talk to Rob (49:53)
10. Talk to Fanny
11. Talk to Katz (Choose 6) (Note I forget what "option it is)
12. Talk to Larz
13. Talk to Katz
14. Talk to Rob
15. Talk to Katz
16. Talk to Larz
17. Talk to Rob
18. Talk to Larz
19. Talk to Katz

Requirement: Lvl.25, Amy's Request Quest, Absentminded Quest
Rewards: 100 Fame, 2000 Exp, 2000 Coins
Quest NPC's
1. Talk to Amy [52:108]. (Option 2 ) then (Option 1)
Option 1 that's so funny - you loose 10 fame. (continues on to talk to roy)
Option 2 Maybe he's trying to tell you something -(choose this one)
2. Talk to Roy [48:184] in Greenville.
3. Talk to Amy [52:108] again. (Option 1)
4. Kill the Evil Vulture King [28:88] (Lv.40) in Western Grassland. (3000HP) With 4 level 18 Evil Vultures (191HP's each)(Talk to vulture again after battle and get the seaweed paste)
5. Return to Amy
6. Talk to Roy.
Thanks Jennie for updates and corrections

Requirement: Lvl 50 brewing (recommended) , or 80k gold
Rewards: 2000 exp point, 30 reputation
Quest NPC's

1. You'll find a lost puppy named Bobo (74:224) (Choose Option 1)
2. Ask for some information from Melanie (69:257) south of Bobo
3. Head to The Tavern (171:344) in Rainbow City to find Wevan. Choose option one when speaking to him twice .
4. Go talk to The Tavern Boss Wett, and he will want 6 bottles of white wine (Brewing level 50) or 80,000 coins. Once he receives one of these the quest is done.

Requirement: Level 40 Farming (required to start)
Rewards: 2000 exp point, 50 reputation
Quest NPC's
1. Bernard (41:137) near The Tavern, needs you to bring him five Bamboo shoots (Option 2)
2. After he gets the 5 Bamboo shoots your quest is done.

The Treasure Chest
Requirement: Finish Bamboo Shoot Quest, Hunters Delight
Rewards: Key
Quest NPC's
1. Talk to Bernard and he will tell you a secret
2. Give a Hunter's Delight to the guard in south east Frog Swamp for entrance to the mysterious cave (Option 1)
3. Defeat the frog soul (69:274) (1,800HP) with 7ish buddies Level 23-25) in the mysterious cave
4. Use the key to open the door and you will see 8 treasure boxes.
Note: The Higher your level when you do this quest the better your rewards at level 43 I recieved 2 cap 2's, 2 cut topaz, and 8k cash