WMO's Music

These are all my own tracks. You may download these and listen to them. Making use of these tracks, or parts of them, for any other purpose is not allowed. All tracks (c)1996-2097 M.J. Broersen a.k.a. The Weird Mixing Object (WMO).

files are in ogg vorbis format. Winamp can play this.

Trance / oldstyle / lounge / other Fantasy
A wasp's flight African Savannah
Back 2 base Ancient times
Cell Antidote 
Daydreaming Dark spheres
Deluge of sound re-edited april 2004 Dreaming of adventure
Disco '99 Experiencing the dreamwave

First Contact


Gotto dance Goblin Factory (voice: WMO) under constr.
Happiness Hiding from the thunder (voice: WMO) re-edited September 2005
Hydrogenic industry High on the Mountain
Inside a Supernova Holy Choir
Imagine Land of Magic
Let the music Guide you Life of an Impala
Message from Computer Looking for the Elvenking (voice: WMO) re-edited april 2004
Message to Humanity (voice: WMO) Magic Waterfall
My feelings for you Snowy Plains
Peace on Earth Sound of the Amazone
Progressed Spiritual
Real love Splendid
Sadness and despair The city called Atlantis (voice: WMO) re-edited april 2004
space travelling Walking through the Woods > under constr.
The biggest thing Wind blowing through the Sunny Air
The journey
The other world
What do you want?
X treme