Wizard Of OZ

Colorful Farmland - Light Scarecrow in Dreamland
Requirement: None
Rewards: 10k EXP
Quest NPC's

1) Speak with Bibi, Kaka and the Northern Witch in Bouquet village (29:160).
2) Speak with Light Scarecrow in Colorful Farmland (66:96) (Option1) Twice,
3) Speak with Grandpa Duncan (46:240) (Option 1)Three times. (You are asked to fight Wood Crows, and bring back an ebony wood as proof) 10 ebony per 1 straw. OR buy ebony from Logisics lady OR woodcut it yourself you will need a total of (200) Ebony to bring back. click option 1 repeatedly till you have a 20 pile of straw
4) Bring the 20 stack of straw to the Light Scarecrow (66:96) Choose Option 1 Quest Complete.
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Silver Robot Disjointed
Requirement: Completed Colorful Farmland - Light Scarecrow in Dreamland
Rewards: 1500 fame and 15000 experience
Quest NPC's
1) In sunshine forest at (34:370) Near the very bottom on the left hand side, Right click the pile repeatedly until you get a prompt asking "Yes" to enter the hidden path, this will take you to a new area known as "Somewhere deep in the forest".
2) speak with the robot head o.o . he tells you the flying monkeys ripped him apart and droped his head here. Go to Boquet Village fight Gold Wing Monkey's for the drops Silver Robot's Right Arm, Left Arm, Right Leg, Left Leg and Body. and then return to him.
3) Talk to Grandpa Argo in the repair shop in Emerald City to get the robot repaired.
4)Argo tells you to bring: 4 iron ingot, 3 steel ingot, 1 steel band.
5)Get the ingredients and take them to him.
6)Go to the Robot head
7) The silver robot tells you he is unable to move and needs his oil. he tells you to go and get it for him
8) Go to the house in Sunshine Forest (54:73 northwest part of the forest)
9) Take the oil from the barrel inside the house (27:43)
10) Bring the oil to the silver robot and the quest is done. you receive 1500 fame and 15000 experience. The silver robot asks you to help dorothy and the lion next
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Rescue Timid Lion
Requirement: Completed Silver Robot Disjointed Quest
Rewards: Cap 3, 20,000 coins and a health card.
Quest NPC's
1) Talk to Cute little kitty in Wiki Maze B2.(39:88
2) Defeat Leopard lvl 70 with 60k HP.
3) Talk to Leopard.
4) Talk to Cute Little Kitty (If in party, everyone has to do step 1-4).
5) Enter secret door in Wiki Maze B2 at (65:16) (If in party, everyone has to go into the maze seperately).
6) Take the top left teleporter.
7) Again, take the top left teleporter.
8) Take the bottom teleporter.
9) Go to the right and talk to Dorothy. Choose option 1 "I can give it a try!".
10) Take the teleporter on the right side.
11) Talk to Sissy Lion cursed by Dummy Spell.
12) Fight Sissy Lion lvl 80 with 80k hp.
13) Talk to Dorothy again to receive four keys.(Everyone in party has to do step 10 to 13.)
14) Head back to Witch Wiki's House and open the 4 chests with the keys you got.
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Defeat Witch Wiki
Requirement: Rescue Timid Lion, 1 Lilly Beef, 1 Dragon Breath, 1 Silk Cloth, 1 Rainbow Wood, 1 Silver Ore, 1 Rhino Horn, 1 Divine Herb, 1 Pearl, 1 Flower, 1 Transformation Potion (any kind), 1 Vinegar, 1 Cat's-eye and 1 Emerald.
Rewards: Random Dorothy Doll, Horoscope Title of choice, 300k Exp and 3k Fame
Quest NPC's
1) Enter Emerald City Palace and talk to Guard Richard (35:220), he will ask for 1 Lilly Beef, 1 Dragon Breath and one Silk Cloth.
2) Talk to Guard Richard when you gathered the items.
3) Talk to King Oz (36:154), (if in party, disband party before talking to him, after you talked to him your send out of the room).
4) Talk to Guard Shirax (60:141).
5) Talk to Guard Walder, (16:141) and pay 1000 coins for a secret key.
6) Go down into Emerald City Palace B1 (left side).
7) Use the secret key on the door at (19:39).
8) Take the stairs at (7:117).
9) Follow the carpets to the opposite side of the map (you will walk behind The Black Kong), and then follow the hall upwards.
10) Talk to King Oz at (28:31).
11) Head to Bouquet Village and talk to the Northern Witch (30:155), and get a blessed kiss from her.
12) Walk to the door (entrance can be found at Tanlin Plain at 42:374 (behind the mountains there, entrance a bit to the left)) and right click the Blessed Kiss.
13) Talk to Witch Tanlin (14:120), she will ask for 1 Rainbow Wood, 1 Silver Ore, 1 Rhino Horn, 1 Divine Herb, 1 Pearl, 1 Flower, 1 Transformation Potion (any kind), 1 Vinegar, 1 Cat's-eye and 1 Emerald.
14) When you have all the material talk to her again, and you will be transformed into Dorothy. You now have 3 hours until transformation wears of and have to redo it.
15) Head back to Wiki Maze B2 go to (65:16) and enter the secret door.
16) Take the top left teleporter.
17) Again, take the top left teleporter.
18) Take the bottom teleporter.
19) Take the teleporter on the right side.
20) Talk to Wich Witchshrieks (77:216) and fight her lvl 90 with 200k hp.
She has the following spells:
456, Superburst, Lifedraw, hit with a broom (evil!)
Tactics seem odd. while we had pets out and my party was still alive she kept using 456, but when I was the last one standing all she did was SB back at me.
21) Open the 2 chests after the battle and use the teleporter.
22) Talk to Dorothy and receive a random Dorothy Doll.
23) Return to Witch Tanlin's Abode in Tanlin Plain (42:374), use the blessed kiss to enter the door.
24) Talk to Witch Tanlin and receive a Horoscope Stone
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