Ticklocy Priest Level 60 Quest

Sword Sage Quest:


Air Sword

Requirements: Lv 65
Location: Soldiers Guild, Goldburg
Details: Increases damage. Uses 35 mp

- Talk to Ticklocy, Soldiers’ guild, Goldburg (6,50) and you will learn Airsword


Requirement: Level 70, Learnt Air Sword, Level 60 sword (Obsidian Sword, for Ticklocy)
Location: Soldiers Guild, Goldburg
Detail: Increases damage, Non elemental. Uses 40mp

- Talk to Ticklocy, Soldiers guild, Goldburg (6,50). He will ask for a pk. You will need to defeat him twice (one on one) to win out of 3 fights.
- Ticklocy will then ask for a sword (level 60, can be made).
- Give this sword to Ticklocy and he will tell you to go to Coconut Island and look for Panea (40,128) & Panpan (41,128).
- When you find the Npcs, you will notice that Panea is in shock from seeing a dragon and will require a Dragon gallbladder from a Karla dragon.
- Wander around till you encounter a karla and kill it for the gallbladder.
- Give the gallbladder to Panea and he will recover and give you a dragon pearl.
- Bring this pearl back to Ticklocy and you will learn Draco.

~quest ends~


Credit: Pipa's Forums
Thanks too Tashah for Screen Caps.