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IRL to Game time
IRL Game Time
58 seconds 1 hour
29 minutes 1 Day
11 hours and 36 minutes 1 Month
23 hours and 12 minutes = 2 months
Thanks Julian, Moiraine

Faith Point Quests
Fame QuestsCapsule quests

Towns, Villages, & Cities
Bluebird Gion Goldburg Greenville
Ilium Port Pebbles Rainbow City Redhood

Candy Mountain Frog Swamp Goldburg Lake
Moonglow Northern Grassland Pea Lake
Pineapple Hill Puppet Hill Rosen Lake
Smiling Forest Sleepy Town Swan Lake
Western Grassland Valley of Fear 

Patch Quests
Little Mermaid Alice In Wonderland 1001 Nights
Wizard of Oz Beauty and the Beast Thumbelina
Momotaro Candy House The King's
New Clothes

Class Level 60+ Quests
AOD AOL Archmage Beastlord
Berserker Blade Master Kungfu Swordsage

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