Puppet Hill

Requirement: None
Rewards: 1200 Fame, Level 25 Shield
Quest NPC's

1. Talk to Toast The Dog [26:51]
2. Talk to healer in Noire in Illium
3. Go talk to Hilda in Redhood [16:150]
4. Bring 10 peppermint to Hilda
5. Return in 1 (game-time) day
6. Take medicine back to Toast. (Option 1)
7. Go speak with hermit Will in the Smiling Forest [30:37]
8. He needs a magic crab shell from Rosen Lake (near the Water Temple)
9. Bring the magic crab shell back to Will and he will give you a scroll, he also tells you to go report to Toast.
10. Toast tells you to go defeat the Puppet King in North Puppet Cave [40:57]
11. Go to the end of the maze and fight the level 30 with 2400 Hp's Puppet King. His minions are Level 25 Wood Puppets. He is immune to physical from you, but a poison pet, or combo pet works wonders.
12. After defeating the puppet king return to Toast to complete the quest.

Note: if more then one person is doing the quest at the same time, you must have each person disband from party. and right click their scroll and rejoin inside the cave
Note: If the leader of the party defeats the Puppet King all members complete that section of the quest.
Is he Fire element or Dark element? Hmm.
It appears that a combo pet deals wonderful damage to him and the "immune physical" might only apply to actual character damage, Thanks Shadowblaze and Asher for pointing out the pets combo damage.

Thanks to Xception for updates