Priest Level 60 Quest



Force of Nature

Requirement: Divine Guardianship lv 65
Location: Temple of Wood
Details: Uses 50mp to increase one character's attack by 15%

- Obtain Divine Guardianship lv 65. Go to the Temple of Wood and find the Sage. He will ask you to find his disciple and asks you to look for the Hermit Halley.
- Find Halley at the bottom left corner, outside the Temple of Wood. He will tell you that the Sage's disciple has gone to Bluebird with Pecy.
- Find Pecy, Bluebird, north of the right teleporter (156, 151). He will tell you that the Sage's disciple was injured in a fight with a light owl and is now in a coma. He will also tell you that Muly, Rainbow City can revive him.
- Find Muly at the bottom most left hand corner house (81, 525). She will tell you that she is unable to help but her Master, Elizabeth of Redhood, will have a way.
- Find Elizabeth, Redhood (27, 57). She will ask for 9 Malachites.
- Give Elizabeth the 9 Malachites and she will tell you the ingredients needed. (11 life herbs, 9 rhino horns, 7 Angel's Prayer). Give her these ingredients and she will ask you to wait 3 in game days (around 1-1/2 hours)
- Bring the potion back to the Sage, Temple of Wood, and he will request that you defeat the wood cow. Defeat it and you will learn Nature Rage.

~quest ends~

Credits: Pipa's Forums, Myste, Corrections Ursul