Clever Werewolf
Requirement: Lvl 15(?)
Rewards: 200 fame, Malachite
Quest NPC's
1. Talk to Clever Werewolf [12:74] (Option 2 when given the chance)
2. Talk to Old Lion [8:35] in Slime Maze 1
3. Return to the Clever Werewolf [12:74]
4. Go and Fight the Old Lion [8:35] [Lvl:20]
5. Return the lion whisker to the Clever Werewolf and the quest is done.
Submition: Bring 10 beef, choose "No" (Option 1) the first time you can recieve 30 extra fame before starting the regular quest.
IF YOU DO NOT bring him the beef you loose fame. Makesure to bring the beef ahead of time, you will have too find someone whom can hunt it so choosing to do this "trick" is dependant on having the beef in your inventory first.
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Ghost Town
Requirement: None
Rewards: Map of Sleepy Town
Quest NPC's
1. Talk to Vins in his house(55:41). (Option 2)
2. He will give you three options,
He asks 10k coins for the map (Choose "deal" and you will get it for 5k!)
Choose "I can't afford it" and get it for 8k (if you have 8k on you. If you don't you have to get him some medicine)
Choose "keep dreaming" and you won't get it 3'rd) You choose not to pay and won't get the map
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