King's New Clothes

The King On Diet
Requirement: None Listed
Rewards: 10k Exp 10k Coins and 5 Antidote
Quest NPC's

1. Speak to the Old Minister (195:514) in Rainbow City
2. Go to RBC Healer - Doctor Hard.
3. Go to Garden of Dreams Find Ms Clown and Miss Ugly Speak with Ms Clown. at 8:117
4. You start a battle with a level 40 monster with (12,000 HP)
5. Once you defeate Miss Ugly go back to Doctor Hard,
He tells you to go to an old lady in rosen lake in a house surrounded by roses: (Granny May Flower: 32:258) Tells you to fight poli's for their flags,
6. Kill the Five Colored Poli's
Fire - Hachoo
Water - Goldburg Lake
Wood - Pea Lake
Earth - South Grassland
Metal - Goldburg Surburia
7. Talk to Granny Mayflower and recieve diet pill (Choose option ?)
8. Go back to the Old Minister and choose option 1
Discovered by Goldie, Completed Quest info from Jasper

Prepare for the ball
Requirements: Finish The king on a diet
5 copper Ingot, 5 Iron Ingot, 5 Cedar, 5 Teak, 5 Deer Skin, and 5 Sable Fur; 5 Silk Cloth, 15 Fine Woolen Cloth, 5 Tiger Skin, 2 Cat's eye, 1 Yellow Eel Soup.
Rewards: 10,000 coins, 10,000 exp, and 1 Glove Doll(If you do the whole quest in 4 RL hours. If not, you only get 3k coins and 3k exp.
Quest NPC's
1. talk to Royal Tailor at Rainbow City (249:590)
2. Talk to Master Stone at Bluebird (146:141)
3. Collect 5 copper Ingot, 5 Iron Ingot, 5 Cedar, 5 Teak, 5 Deer Skin, and 5 Sable Fur and bring to Master Stone
4. Then bring them to Royal Tailor, (Yes, really, do exactly what the Master Stone has taught u)
5. Collect 5 Silk Cloth, 15 Fine Woolen Cloth, 5 Tiger Skin, 2 Cat's eye, 1 Yellow Eel Soup and bring them to the Royal Tailor.
6. ?
Thanks to Chen, Brandy & Tashah.


The King's new clothes
Requirement: Prepare for the ball. Note: need to wait 4 hours (10 ingame days) after finishing prepare for the ball.
Rewards: 50k Exp, 10k Coins, 1k Fame (Option 1)
1 Exp Doll, 200k Exp, 20k Coins, 2k Fame (Option 2, below 80 points)
1 Super Exp Doll, 300k Exp, 30k Coins, 3k Fame (Option 3, 80 points)
Quest NPC's
1. Speak to Royal Tailor (249:590) at Rainbow City
2. Talk to old minister (198:512)
3. Talk to Guard Gend (202:504) for entry to castle
4. Talk to Guard Huss (7:102)
5. Talk to Guard Larfa (23:120)
6. Look for Daniel the royal chef
(Royal Chef does not have a fixed point. He can be found at these locations: >Northern Grassland (18,18)
>Dwarf Hill (23,157)
>Rosen Lake (50,241)
>Red Hood (27,34))
7. The Royal Chef will tells you he wants 10 yellow fish (to make things easier, prepare it beforehand to save time looking for him again)
8. Go back to Guard Huss and you can enter the King's room
9. Talk to King with no name
10. Go back to Royal Tailor
11. He will ask for : 1 Guardian Angel's Wind, 10 Smart Griffin's Feather, 1 Yellow Eel Soup, 1 Flower, and wait for 3days in game time
12. 3 days later, go back to the tailor to collect the garment and go back to the King
13. The King will say the Queen does not allow him to wear that and you will be given 2 options:
Option 1: Pick any existing clothing (leads to rewards 1)
Option 2: Help the King pick out new clothes (leads to rewards 2 or 3) (for this option, the King will ask u to pick a new set of outfit for him from head to toe, its kinda like a points system)
PS: to get 80 points pick the following choices:
Head - Stockings
Top - Nude colour tight fitting shirt
Bottom - Superman Underwear
Shoes - Manly/Macho Clogs
14. Go back to the tailor, he will ask u to hunt for items depending on your score.
80 points - Earth Succubus Tuxedo (ancient ruins B10), 1 Vintage Sorghum
below 80 points - Fire Succubus Tuxedo (ancient ruins B7,8), 1 Vintage Shaoxing Wine
15. Bring the items back to the Royal Tailor, and he will hand you a box
16. Talk to the king he will give you your rewards. (>80 pts - reward 3, <80 pts - reward 2)
Thanks to Isabellaa, Brandy, Antevorte & Helreginn