Frog Swamp

Requirement: Guard requires level 15 Snowy requires level 13 or a little less?
Rewards: 500 Fame
Quest NPC's
1. Talk to Snowy [13:25]. (Option 1)
2. Defeat any Frogs for her ball. (Tree or Water Frog)
3. Return the ball to Snowy.
Correction by Lemon

Requirement: The Lost Ball in Pineapple hill, Fame of 10000 or above
Divine Herb Deluxe, 3 Muntjac Meat, 3 Old Ginger,
5 Sorghum, 2 Turtles, and 10 Moon Herb
Rewards: 10,000 exp, 4000 coins, and 200 points of reputation
Quest NPC's
1. Talk to Snowy (Option 1) (Option 1)[13:25]. Snowy’s father is becoming forgetful because of old age. She asks you to bring her a Divine Herb Deluxe, 3 Muntjac Meat, 3 Old Ginger, 5 Sorghum, and 10 Moon Herb, 2 turtles within a month’s time.

2. Bring Snowy the ingredients within a month’s game time. She will ask you to come back afterwards while she take the ingredients to the healer.
(Gain 50 fame after waiting awhile)
(Wait 10 mins IRL time Snowy will speak with you, )
(Choose Option 2) (Option 1)

3. When you talk to Snowy a while later, she tells you that the healer thinks that the Divine Herb Deluxe is not strong enough. She wants you to ask for an Enhanced Divine Herb Deluxe from Telbert.

4. At Pineapple Hill, Telbert (20,217) (Option 1)tells you that he will give you the Enhanced Divine Herb Deluxe in exchange for Snowy’s Golden Ball.

5. Tell Snowy what Telbert wants. She will tell you the story of the Protectors, and the legend of the golden and silver balls. Tell Snowy that her father is more important than a legend and she will give you the golden ball. (Option 1)

6. Exchange the golden ball for the Enhanced Divine Herb Deluxe with Telbert at Pineapple Hill. Take the herb to Snowy.
(Wait 10 mins IRL time before Snowy will speak with you again)

7. Talk to Snowy again after a while and she tells you that the formula worked for her father. She also asks you to keep an eye on Telbert lest he has malevolent designs with the golden ball.

8. After giving you a reward, Snowy asks you to talk to her father Jeff, who is the village head of Gion. Talk to Jeff at the Gion Town Center to complete the quest.
Thanks to Grolgan for the missing ingridents.

Requirment: The Protectors, 10000 fame.
Rewards: 40000 exp, 500 points of reputation, and 10 Enhanced Divine Herb Deluxe
Quest NPC's

After you complete the Protectors Quest go directly back to Snowy to start the next part with no delay. HOWEVER DO NOT RIGHT CLICK THE SCROLL unless you are going to complete the quest as it drains / you lose mp points till you dispell the curse. (one person lost hp's, I lost MP and another had mp draining.

1. Talk to Snowy and she attacks you for no apparent reason. After defeating her you will find a Golden Scroll on her.
(Snowy is level 35 with 4200 HP's and possibly water element or random element with a bunch of level 30 monsters with her)

2. Click on the scroll and a curse will fall upon you. Find Telbert at Pineapple Hill immediately.

3. Telbert tells you that the curse of the golden and silver balls has fallen upon him. He asks you to find Jeff’s brother Jefka for help.

4. Jefka can be found in Ilium. He will sell you a vital information for 10,000 coins. Pay him for the information.

5. Return to Telbert to see that he is in pain. He tells you that he has a strange scroll that says: someone must be sacrificed in the Slime Cave.

6. Pay the Slime Cave a visit. You can find it at the Northern Grassland. At B1 you see a Grunt of the Golden God(41:142)
(5 level 37-40 Grunts with 3700-4000HP's and a few random monsters. Talk to him and a combat ensues. Defeat them and he tells you the scheme of the Lieutenant of Silver Demon, and that the lieutenant who can be found in the Rat Cave is the key to dispelling the curse.

7. The Rat Cave is in the Valley of Fear. Enter B1 to find the Grunt of the Silver Demon(5 level 35-45 Grunts with 3500-4500HP's and a few other monsters). Defeat him to challenge the Lieutenant of Silver Demon(Level 35-45 Grunts and (Choose Option 1 to start fight with the demon) Silver Lieutenant demon is Level 60 with 8000hp's) . Defeat him and the curse on Snowy, Telbert and yourself will be dispelled.

8. Talk to Snowy to find that she is fine now. She asks you to see if Telbert is okay. Talk to Telbert to hear that he has repented his ways. Quest complete.

Requirement: The Curse
Rewards: 10000 exp and 300 points of reputation.
Quest NPC's
You must wait 12 hours IRL Time / 1 month game time before speaking with snowy again for the final quest.
1. Talk to Snowy after dispelling the curse on her. She tells you that the Lieutenant of the Golden God is planning to conquer the world. According to Snowy, the lieutenant used to be a lesser god under the God of Metal. The god imprisoned him in the golden ball for a crime but be was released when Telbert merged it with the silver ball.
2. Ask Snowy to help you in defeating the lieutenant. She will agree if you give her 10 Enhanced Divine Herb Deluxe, which her father needs. (You will be offered 10k for the 10 divine delux herbs and when you decline you get 160 fame ) She gives you an Enhanced Golden Ball and tells you to seal the lieutenant in it.
3. Find the Lieutenant of the Golden God(Level 60 with 15k hp's and a bunch of Level 30 slime kings with 4800hp's) in the Slime Cave and capture him with the ball. Report to Snowy to complete the quest.
Note: this quest is stated that it can only be atempted once. get a powerfull group together to help you.

Once you complete the above quest Snowy has you
solve a random number puzzel (x,x,x,x), (1,2,3,4)
No 2 numbers duplicate.

This is just a sugestion. From my understanding you recieve a "gift" depending on how quickly you guess the number. My "method" allows it to be solved but not easily or quickly.

xAxB (A=Correct) (B = Wrong spot)

Your goal: using 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0 to create a 4 digit number in a specific order that is random.

I am going to do this based on the "chance" that the below is the scenario it will not always be I hope this gives enough understanding.

The number:(for demonstartion purposes) 9862

1) 1,2,3,4 (0a, 1b) (1b means 1 is in the wrong location)
2) 1,3,4,5 (0a,0b) (this says that there are None in this number)
3) 2,3,4,5 (0A,1B)
4) 3,2,4,5 (0A,1B)
5) 3,1,2,5 (0A, 1B)
6) 3,1,5,2(1A, 0B) This shows that the "2" is in the correct place.
7) 1,3,4,6 (0A, 1B)
8) 6, 1,3,4 (0A,1B)
9) 1,6,3,4 (0A, 1B)
10)1,3,6,4 (1A,0B) (That means the sequence is (X,X6,2)
11)1,3,4,7 (0A, 0B)
12)1,3,4,8 (0A,1B)
13) 8,1,3,4 (0A,1B)
14) 1,8,3,4(1A,0B) (X,8,6,2)
15)1,3,4,9 (0A,1B)
16) 9,1,3,4)(1A,0B)
17) 9,8,6,2 (Done)

Thanks StarCatcher for verifying when this "game" started.

Hunter's Delight
Requirment: Hunter's Delight
Entrance to Mysterious Cave
Quest NPC's
1. Go to the guard at the southeast corner of the map.
2. Give him a Hunter's Delight.
Note: You'll need to provide the guard with a Hunter's Delight every time you enter one for each party member.