Sky of Greenville
Requirment: None
Rewards: Teleport Service
Quest NPC's
1. Talk with Akrul (96:643) (Choose Option 1)
2. Agree to send the letter to Zeda (50:616)
3. After speaking with Zeda, return to Akrul and then the quest is done.
Note: lvl 10 and below is free, starting at lvl 11 you must pay price (current level X 10)
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Requirment: 500 fame or more
Rewards: 100 fame & fresh flowers
Quest NPC's
1. Promise the Strange Turtle (78:570) that you'll help him. (Choose Option 1 both times)
2. Go to the Rice Bunny (54:617) and accept his challenge (Option2) (Option 6/bottom) (Option 3/Bottom)
3. The test is pretty easy, but here are the answers:
Question 1 = 1, Question 2 = fairyland, Question 3 = blue cat
4. Return to the Strange Turtle and the quest is now completed.
Note: Save the flowers from this quest for athe quest in smiling forest
If you get the last question wrong you only get 100 Fame (Submited by PMCountry

Requirment: None
Rewards: 500exp 50 fame
Quest NPC's
1. Talk to Aire (55:632) (Choose Option 2)
2.Gather 5 Sheep Skin (bought at any butcher shop)
3. Return to her
Subited by : Drace

Requirment: None
Rewards: 1 Emerald Ring
Quest NPC's
1. Help Ross (44:469)(Option 1) get the info of blue rose from Zeda (50:616)
2. After get info from Zeda , go to Rosen Lake and get random battles.
3. Any of the monsters have a chance to drop the blue rose seed. Location and creature that drops it are completely random so have patience.
4. Once you get the seed drop, bring the seed to Ross and you complete the quest.
Verfied that Slugs droped Rose seed for StarChaser and Parthenos

Requirment: The Blue Rose, 6000 Fame
Rewards: Rosey Ink, 200 Fame
Quest NPC's
1. Talk to Ross (43:469) In BlueBird (Option 1)
2. Talk to Zeda (50:616)
3. Talk to Hilda (16:151) in Redhood (She tells you the blue roses have SARS)
4. Talk to Ross
5. Talk to Zeda,
6. Talk to Hilda (16:151) in Redhood (Option 1)
She will ask you to collect the following materials
Jade Fruit
Apple Cider
Steel Axe
A Celestine
7 . Talk To Hilda and give her the materials
Wait 3 Days Time
8 . Talk to Hilda and recieve 3 bottles of Miracle Potion
9 . Talk to Zeda and Recieve Rose Ink (Can be used in Limited Edition, Or can be Sold)
10 . Talk to Ross and Recieve 200 Fame

Requirment: Level 15 above
Rewards: 50000 exp, 200 reputation
Quest NPC's

1. Very top North-West corner of Bluebird Suburbia is a house (9:23). Inside is Angie. Speak with her. (Option 1)
2. Go find Willis (183:630) in Bluebird Suburbia and pay 1000 coins to learn sign language. (Option 1)
3. You then have to wait 18 Real Time minutes, speak with Willis again and receive a second lesson to complete your training.
4. Go back to Angie's house (9:23) and speak with her again. Option 1
Option 1 a second time when prompted.
5. Inside the Bluebird city walls towards the northwest, find a house (40:145) and talk to the guard. You must pay up 3,000 coin for him to allow you access. (Option 1 twice)
6. After you go in to the house talk to Keynes and choose the option: [help him find the Minister] (Option 1 twice)
7. Talk to the Minister (Sook) (99:363) in Bluebird (Option 2)
8. Go southeast in the palace and find Iss (113:454).
9. Go back and speak with Angie again.
10. Go to the Snow White Forest and speak with the witch (23:50) (Option 2)
11. Go to frog swamp and fight until you find the White Tiger, defeat it and receive a white tiger skin drop. (If in a group make sure the person doing the quest KILLS the tiger)
12. Bring the white tiger skin back to the witch in Snow White Forest and you will get the "bluebird stone".
13. Bring the bluebird stone to Angie, she'll then tell you to go speak with Iss. After that, talk to Kaynes and the quest is completed.
Note: 50,000 experience is a lot so make sure you have more then 50,000 experience left to the next level since experience does not carry over to the next level.

Requirment: Level 15, 2700 Fame (1500 coins to spend)
Rewards: 6000 Coins and 400 Fame if you buy it, 300 Fame if you don't.
Quest NPC's

Note: You may not buy the Fire Crab dolls they must state that they're Quest Items. The Cat's Eye and Coral must be cut.
1. Talk to Marten (49:393) by the West Teleport.
2. Talk to Giza (Take east teleporter and walk north) in his house (163:298). (Option 1)
3. Talk to Kidy inside Giza's house. (Option 1 twice) (Option 2)
4. Go to Southern Grassland and fight Fire Crabs until you receive two dolls.
5. Return to Kidy with the dolls. (Option 1)
6. Get one cut Cat's Eye and one cut Coral.
7. Go to Ilium and talk to Liom at the Jeweler's (20:216). (WITH the cut gems, he won't talk to you otherwise) (He'll charge 1200)
8. You'll be asked if you'd like to buy the more expensive gems for 300 Coins. (If you buy you'll get 6000 coins and 400 fame. If you don't buy it you will only receive 300 fame.) (Option 1 twice) (Total 1500 cash given to him)
9. Return to Kidy, give her the doll and receive your rewards.
Thank you Cheryl, and Anlear for updates

Requirment: 10000 Fame, Maiden's Prayer Quest
(Learning Sign Language) , 20 Fairy Dews
Rewards: 200 Fame
Quest NPC's
1. Talk to Andrew [61:166]. (Take city tp to top of map, head left just below Warehouse 1) (Option 1 twice when prompted)
2. Enter Dark Cave [6:374] (Right click "Map to the Cave" in your inventory).
3. Talk to Mysterious Girl
4. Give her 20 Fairy Dews (Lv.50 Harvesting).

Requirment: Wild Swan Quest
Rewards: 1000 Fame, 10000 Exp
Quest NPC's
Note: You must wait about 1 game month (12 hr's irl) after finishing the Wild Swan Quest before talking to Mysterious Girl.
1. Enter the Dark Cave in Bluebird Suburbia[3:373]
2. Talk to Mysterious Girl [25:33]. (Choose Option 1)
3. Enter Dark Cave [6:372]
4. Fight monsters in Dark Cave Level 1 to obtain a Gold Plated Key.
5. Go to [15:366] and use the Key to gain entrance to level 2.
6. Fight monsters in Dark Cave Level 2 to obtain a Book of Magic.
7. Go to [9:180] and use the Book to gain entrance to level 3.
8. Go to [43:111] to fight Evil Spirit (Lv.70).
Thank you to Mauses for Corrections.
Special Note: If you are a beast master you may not want to complete this quest. You will loose the book, key as soon as you complete. and the map from Andrew if you choose (I believe) Option 2 when you speak with the Mysterious Girl in the cave. (It is listed in chinese). (This means that you will never be able to get back into the cave unless you have a friend that has not completed the quest)